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Tenshi Ja Nai!

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Guest PecanPie02

(i'm No Angel!) yup.. another one of those cross-dressing mangas...Credits go to TRUSTY ol' WIKIPEDIA...

Tenshi Ja Nai (天使じゃない, I'm no Angel?) is a manga series by Takako Shigematsu. It should not be confused with a similarly titled manga series by Ai Yazawa, Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai. (wow.. real short.. summary.. actually its not even a summary =____=")

okie fine i'll give it my own summary (thanks for nothing wiki..hmph.. ><")
Hikaru goes to a boarding high school.. and her roomate is Izumi.. shes real famous and popular... but soon Hikaru finds out Izumi's secret.. that she is a he~~ (OMG...*dramatic song plays in the background..) at first he threatens her not to tell anyone.. because he is a famous celeb.. so she agrees and she doesnt even intend to tell anyone... tho.. but anyways.... she and izumi soon fall in love (later.. heh..) Spoiler.. after things dnt go to well with her first love (her teacher..) and oh gosh.. i have such a bad memory..

Volumes: 8 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1512Published by: Go! Comi
well,,, you guys should try it,, hehe its really good~.. hope you liked my... GREAT summary *sarcastic... =___="

well heres the character bio (lol.. from wiki.. )


Hikaru Takabayashi
Her parents are being transferred to France and she does not want to go. Her mother agrees to let her stay if she goes to an all girls boarding high school, her mother's alma mater. Hikaru went wanting a quiet life, having been bullied at her other schools. She is a kind, loyal girl, extremely strong as at one point she carries Izumi Kido away from a mob of fans.

Izumi Kido
Apparently a very beautiful girl working as a model/actress, she is a boy in secret. When he realizes his secret has been discovered by Hikaru he very aggressively blackmails her into keeping that secret. They eventually come to a friendlier arrangement. He desperately needs lots of money to pay his father's medical bills and is dismayed that he fell into this sort of career that just barely enables him to make that kind of money. When blackmail is no longer satisfactory he makes Hikaru his sub-manager and go-fer.

Yasukuni Inukai
He is Izumi's manager and works at the school as a janitor to protect his secret. He is Izumi's best friend, and, depending on the circumstances, eventually a good friend to Hikaru too. Because the dorms are pet-free he keeps Hikaru's little dog.

Yuichi Akizuki
He is Izumi's agent. He is quite intent on finding Hikaru bits as an extra, etc., in the Izumi's work, despite Hikaru's strong desire to hide in the background.

Tsukasa Ayase
Music teacher at the high school and grandson of the head-mistress. A relationship develops with Hikaru and she falls in love with him. He has similar feelings for her, until events in volumes 5 and 6 tear him away from the school.

Hayata Kurobe
A Kansai manzai (comedy duo) team member. He and Izumi are frequently cast in the same productions. In volume 4, he accidentally saw Izumi coming on to Hikaru, mistakenly thinking that Izumi was a lesbian. Nevertheless, he fell in love hard for Izumi and Izumi, Hikaru and Yasukuni have to work hard to exclude Kurobe from Izumi's private life.

or if my wonderful *uhum summary and great ol' wiki is not good enough for you, you can try Go!COMIC's site..


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Guest PecanPie02

LOL..never heard of that manga but ill be sure to check it out!! and see how similar they are LOl...


okie i read the summary on wiki.. that manga does sound interesting too..

maybe i sortave summarized it poorly but.. i think the major ideas are kinda similar but not the entire (small details and stuff...weelll hopefully.. o_O..)

well now thanks to you i have another manga series to read~~ hehh thanks ><

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