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Ahn Chil Hyun 안칠현 (aka Kangta 강타)


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Kangta Shows Acting Chops in ′Happy Ending′

2012-04-24 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Ko Hong Ju | Translation Credit : Ju Ahn Lee

Kangta, who previously displayed his competitive nature through the survival audition program, The Voice of Korea, attracted the attention of the public with his cute appeal in a drama that transcended his age.

Kangta played the role of Gu Seung Jae, a prudent and cheerful architect, in the April 23 broadcast of jTBC’s new drama Happy Ending.

Kangta’s stable acting received rave reviews and made it hard to believe that this was his first drama comeback in more than seven years. In the second episode, Kangta revealed a different charm and further increased the expectations of the audience.


In the aforementioned scene, Seung Jae (Kangta) was seen having a birthday party in his architecture office. He was surrounded by his colleagues with a huge grin on his face and a yellow party hat on his head.

In particular, Kangta′s bashful expression as he rearranged his party hat caught the eyes of the viewers. However, it was rumored that Kangta showcased his outstanding concentration and natural acting ability once the film started rolling.

An official from the production team said, “Although Kangta was practically a rookie actor, he was polite, humble and considerate towards the staff and colleagues, and helped create a nice atmosphere on the set. In addition, his understanding of the drama and his character role was impressive. I believe Kangta will be able to bring his character to life as he continues to play the role of Gu Seung Jae.”

Happy Ending is a comedy about the dysfunctional family Kim Doo Soo (Choi Min Soo), who learns to appreciate his family members after getting diagnosed with a terminally ill disease.

Kangta and Kim So Eun’s interesting love line will also be revealed in the first episode.

Photo credit: Logos Film

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Kangta goes shopping with his team from ‘Voice Korea’

by webe - 27 April 2012 | Allkpop


A picture of Kangta going shopping with his team from Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘ has been revealed.

Kangta uploaded a photo and tweeted on April 26th, “Preparations for the 2nd round live broadcast of Voice Korea is complete, even our wardrobe! We are at Dongdaemun, it is 2:30AM, Team Kangta! Sae Hee, Hyuk Soo, Keun Suk, and Na Hyun fighting~.”

In the photo, you can see Kangta’s team members from ‘Voice Korea’ surrounding him. They are all smiling with Keun Suk and Na Hyun holding up a ‘V’ for victory while Sae Hee and Hyuk look like they are ready for bed. Still, they are all holding shopping bags full of goodies, and seem to have had a great time.

What is especially heartwarming is that you can sense that the team truly cares and looks out for each other.

Baek Ji Young, who saw Kangta’s tweet, responded with a hint of envy writing, “You even went to buy clothes? Kangta is the greatest coach! Everyone must be so happy. See you all on Friday!”

Followers who saw Kangta’s message commented, “Such a cool coach,” “Wow, hwaiting,” and “I am envious. And at such an hour…”

Source: TV Report via Naver + Kangta’s Twitter

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Kangta Reveals There Were Only Five SM Employees During H.O.T Days

2012-04-30 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Nancy Lee

SM Entertainment may be a multi-billion won company now, but former H.O.T. member Kangta spoke candidly about the agency’s humble beginnings, revealing that there were only five employees at SM during H.O.T’s heyday.

Kangta attended the showcase for SM’s upcoming film I AM, held at the Yeongdeungpong Starium CGV in Seoul, on April 30, where he shared some interesting facts about the agency.


“During my trainee days, there were four office employees, counting Lee Soo Man,” said Kangta. “After we [H.O.T.] came in, the number of employees increased by one and became five.”

The former H.O.T member continued, “The training environment was poor. We rehearsed in a residential area, and we did it without a mirror in the morning and with one in the evening. I think our juniors’ skill levels are outstanding because they trained in a good environment.”

This is hard to imagine about a company that has since gone on to place its artists on world-renown stages like New York City’s Madison Square Garden, but fans can expect to learn more about SM and its artists’ back stories when the film I AM hits theaters in May.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

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miss this other KT thread for ages! a loss is a total loss and so this goes out to one **** who flown out all 25 grand of my KT files out the window. been stashing back kt files from 25 grand down to 750+ of pix once again! *ppfffhoosshh* -...-"




for my KT girls, good to be back once in awhile here...


more pix on 1st Official KT Thread --> http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/27308832/#Comment_27308832

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