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Ahn Chil Hyun 안칠현 (aka Kangta 강타)


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oh happy you're so funny!! 65pco9.jpg65pco9.jpg65pco9.jpg65pco9.jpg65pco9.jpg

sure your fingers were cringing your camera when you saw that on shop. :P

I also do that on Cloud in shops as well... :lol:

their packaging of the DVDs were so nice! o.o no wonder its expensive in yesasia. -__-;;

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Oooh, I love the second picture. That's definitely a SMOLDERING look. My house feels super warm now :P

No more hiding and waiting Mr. Hyun!! fm2j9d.jpg

Come out and Sing for the world now!!!!!! 21awvh5.jpg

& lookie now girls! I just thought of working on Mr. Hyun's New album porn cover project coming up! fm2j9d.jpgfva4k6.jpg


squeal for me or squeal for Hyun now!!!! s4qibd.jpg nyahahaha

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Guest jinko jinko

Kangta is coming to LAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sept 4,2010 SMTOWN Concert...I almost had a heart attack!!! I'm so looking foward to seeing him!! yeah!! check out the link below for more information.


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Guest punchmydreams

hello KANGTA lovers!

-who is attending SMTOWN LIVE in LA?!

-where are you sitting?!

-shall we try to make a kangta t-shirt?!

-shall we find light sticks and balloons?!

i was thinking about doing it just for myself but it would be great to get everyone else who is going specifically for KANGTA to have the same cheering items! i just hope it's not to late to start orders and what-nots!

Im all for KANGTA! (but of course i LOVE SM FAM!)

PM ME~! =]

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Guest adikkeluangman

KangTa cast as an emperor in a new Chinese drama


Singer KangTa has been cast as the leading male role for a historical Chinese drama named ‘Di Jin‘.

Produced by Shanghai Dongjin Cultural Communication Co., the drama is originally based off a novel of the same name, illustrating a fierce struggle of war, love, and revenge between two imperial families.

Taiwanese director Jin Ao Xun will be producing the drama alongside co-directors Lan Zhi Wei and Hei Long. Meanwhile, KangTa will be working alongside actress Shi Yan Fei as the leading female role, and be supported by Zheng Yi Tong, Zhang Qian, and Korean actress Lee Tae Ran.

Pictures from the recording on May 26th were revealed to the Korean press, and reportedly, 20 different media outlets were present at the scene to report on the cast.


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Kangta successfully concludes first filming for the drama ‘Happy Ending’

by webe - Apr 11, 2012 | Allkpop


Hallyu star and original idol Kangta successfully finished his first filming for the new JTBC drama ‘Happy Ending.’

Kangta is returning to the Korean small screen after a seven year absence and had his first filming session for ‘Happy Ending.’ Kangta plays Koo Seung Jae, a very thorough architect who does a lot of community service work.

According to a staff member of the drama, Kangta came well prepared and worked passionately. At the beginning it seemed that he was a bit nervous but as the filming went on, he really took on the role and became Koo Seung Jae. Throughout the filming he would go back and look at the script and speak with director Kwak Young Bum for more advice on what the director wants from him.

A staff member said, “Kangta is better than I expected. He follows instructions very well and has passion in his acting. Just as how he exceeded our expectations, we hope that you all look forward to his performance.”

‘Happy Ending’ will air its first episode on April 23rd, and stars Kangta, Choi Min Soo, Shim Hye Jin, Park Jung Chul, Lee Seung Yeon and Soh Yoo Jin. Drama lovers are also looking forward to the collaboration between famous writer Kim Yoon Jung, who worked on ‘KAIST‘, and director Kwak Young Bum.

‘Happy Ending’ is a drama about Kim Doo Soo (Choi Min Soo), who has been told that he is terminally ill, making amends with his family. ‘Happy Ending’ will air on April 23rd at 8:45 pm KST.

Source: Ikan Sports via Nate News

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Kangta to star in his own cooking show, ‘Kangta’s Pasta e Basta’

by carolicity | 21 April 2012 | Allkpop


Kangta will be revealing his cooking skills on his own show ‘Kangta’s Pasta e Basta‘ this coming week!

Olive Channel will be airing ‘Kangta’s Pasta e Basta’ which is a show focusing on, you guessed it, pasta! Kangta, who reportedly has much interest in Italian cooking, will be showing off eight different pastas that he has personally come up with himself.

The first guest on the show will be Kangta’s fellow coach on ‘Voice Korea’, singer Baek Ji Young. For the diva, who likes crab, Kangta will be preparing a special pasta dish with crab meat, along with a pickled side dish to go along with the entree.

Kangta commented, “I frequently make pasta and enjoy sharing good food with people I know. I will showcase various Kangta style pastas.”

A staff member from the show praised, “Kangta’s knowledge in cooking is deep as he will even buy Italian cooking books to study. We were surprised by his impressive cooking skills.”

‘Kangta’s Pasta e Basta’ will air its pilot episode on April 26th at 8 PM KST.

Source + Photo: Newsis via Nate

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