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  1. I have read several posts about what the critics and detractors think or have written about Arthdal Chronicles and frankly, I do not care.  If a drama catches my attention, then I watch it.  It does not matter if the actors are "famous" or unknown, if they act well and make me invested in the character they are playing, I will stick with the drama.  If the drama changes direction and the becomes unbelievable, then I will stopping watching it.  Arthdal Chronicles is a fantasy and; therefore, the norms can be stretched and bent.  I can see some inconsistencies, if the story was following history as we know it; however, since it is not following history, but an era as a backdrop; then I do not have any problems.  Fantasy genres are about, suspending what is logical and real and using our imagination to believe the other worldly.  Therefore, I have a few sincere words for the detractors and critics... don't watch.  I am sure there are other dramas that are airing that will appeal to you.  


    It is my hope that we limit our comments about what others think and use this space to analyze, surmise, and summarize our thoughts and opinions about Arthdal Chronicles.  I always enjoy, whether I am in agreement or not, everyone's insights, analyses, gifs, and banter.  You are what makes me come to this post back again and again. 

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  2. On 6/9/2019 at 9:31 AM, leek said:

    There is also a factor of genre preference. I think it's more on the genre why this did not meet expectations on the ratings. People expected this to be at par with Mr Sunshine and Goblin. 


     I agree with you.  I've watched the first few episodes and was drawn in immediately.  The writing, so far is top notched and the cinematography is fantastic.  The drama looks and feels as if much time and effort was put into the production.  The fact that this drama is being featured on Netflix will draw a large audience.   

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  3. 13 hours ago, Aziraphale said:

    I will forever rue that the drama never gave Ryan's adoptive parents the credit they deserve. For me, they've done more for Ryan than anyone else in the world, and this should have been properly acknowledged. Ryan does speak of them fondly, and Deok-mi's mother did mention a few times that Ryan must have been raised by outstanding parents, but those just aren't enough. It has to be said though that Ryan's fluency in Korean is a bit unrealistic given that he's never stepped foot in Korea after being adopted - while his adoptive mother probably spoke to him in Korean, surely his adoptive father didn't. To reach that level of fluency requires more than just that. But well, we can probably handwave that away and say that he can do anything because he's Ryan Gold B)

    I agree with you.  RG does talk about his adopted parents fondly; therefore, I would have hoped that since DM and RG went back to NYC, they would have spared 2 to 3 minutes of screen time showing  DM meeting his adoptive parents or having dinner with them.  That would have tied the story up with a nice bow.

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  4. I watched the final episode last night but will watch again :D.   This drama was wrapped up nicely.  Everything was resolved as far as I am concerned.  We didn't get a wedding; however, the last scene more then made up for that.  


    Again I must express my thanks to the writer, director and production team.  This drama did not have all the stereotypical plots that make me cringe when I am watching most K-dramas.  The characters were written as mature adults who knew how to handle difficult situations, and communicate with each other.  Once they became committed to each other, they decided to face all hardships together.  In real life, that is what people who love each other do.  Thank you to all the actors in the drama.  Everyone stepped up to the plate and gave a great performance.   I also loved the outfits,  DM (Park Min Young)  wore some very professional, fashion forward outfits. I loved it when the wardrobe department coordinated DM 's and RG's (Kim Jae Wook)  outfits ... very stunning and effective in showing their chemistry.  Speaking of chemistry, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook's chemistry was off the chains.  They portrayed their characters flawlessly.  I was impressed with all of the actors performances.  The cast deserve a standing ovation. 


    The icing on the cake was to be able to share this drama with all of you.  You shared your thoughts and your insights. Sometimes I disagreed but I had fun reading your posts, sometimes I smiled other times I laughed.  I hope to meet you all again on the Soompi Forum and I hope it is another mature adult drama, that makes us swoon.  Until then, be well.  If you find a great drama, please let me know.


    Thanks all

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  5. 15 hours ago, Kasmic said:

    Maybe she did try to find Ryan's mother but failed and had no other option... or maybe Ryan reminded her too much of her own lil son and she couldn't bear the heartbreak :cold_sweat:.  I need to watch the sub eps to understand it more 

    I agree with you, I think the heartbreak of losing her own son and almost losing her daughter was too much to carry at that time.  I only wish that they would have had her take him to the orphanage  very early in the morning as opposed to late at night.  Ryan is also not too upset because, had DM's mother kept him, DM would probably see him as a brother instead of a lover.  


    As I was thinking about Ryan's personality and the way he handles situations.  He behavior is not only shaped by his maturity, but by his loving adopted parents and by his adopted country.   I love RG's gentle loving nature and his thoughtfulness and the respect he has for women.  It is a reminder of how we, as women, should be treated by all men.   Someone had stated earlier that they were happy to see that RG did not grab DM by the arm and pull her away when she was hiding behind EC.  There are jerks in every country; however, most men do not pull on women in that way in America.   Yes,  there are abusive men in America, there are misogynistic men in America; however, it is not interwoven in our cultural for men to treat women in a disrespectful way and most women would not allow that behavior.    


    I cannot wait until tonight; however, I am also sad that this is the final episode and wish this drama was 20 episodes instead of 16.  

    Kudos to the writer, director, production crew, and of course, all of the actors.  It was everyone's effort that made this drama such a joy to watch.  I cannot believe it, this is  the second K Rom-com drama this year without all the mother drama and asinine lets break-up without talking and getting an understanding first drama.  The characters were mature, loving and believable.  I loved the way they talked to each other and shared their feelings, and vulnerabilities.  One of the great scenes was when DM was women enough to ask RG why he did not want to be in a fake relationship with her.  She was a strong enough woman to put her heart out there to get an answer as opposed to us spending several episodes with her acting out... very mature behavior.  I could go on and on about this drama and all the scenes I loved such as when RG cried on DM's shoulder.   This drama has become one of my top 10 K rom-com of all times.   I would recommend this drama to anyone looking to watch K Dramas for the first time.  

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  6. @luvcrabbieshinhwa


    I loved your post.  I could not agree with you more.  I enjoyed this drama because the couple acted as normal adults would.  I hope other writers take a page out of this writer's book.  This is how an adult relationship should look.  


    ... the skinships... I know many people who watch this drama complain it's too fluffy, cringe-worthy, too much, etc... BUT THIS DRAMA IS A ROMCOM...IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FLUFFEEYYYY. And for me, the leads did not overdo it. They did what normal couples do and still within boundaries for their status as employee and boss if they're at the gallery... (GOD IF YOU KNOW THE PDA LEVEL OF ACTUAL KOREAN COUPLES IN PUBLIC SPACES...THAT IS CRINGE-WORTHY). They're over 30s anyway...what do you expect? Spazzing over holding hands and kiss only once a month? =)))))))

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again, what couple over thirty only hold hands and act as if they don't know what intimate relations are?  I remember as an adult, (not yet 30) when love as new, I just had to touch him or be touched by the him.  I remember my boyfriend, even when he was driving had to touch me, we just needed to touch and feel connected.   

    • Overall plot and conflict

    Some might argue that the plot is thin and predictable and resolved too easily and quickly. To some extent, I agree. Ryan's psychological trauma is kinda huge...but it resolves so quickly with an astonishing level of understanding and mere apology from Ryan himself. We still don't know what actually happened and how many time have passed since her accident so that Lee Sol couldn't find Ryan...how much effort did she even put to find him. 


    I think Ryan could forgave his mother once he understood why she left him.  He was adopted by loving parents and did not have a hard life.  Perhaps his life was better, because he was adopted.  When Ryan was left at the playground, (although it is clear that his mother loved him and would have never abandoned him), his mother was struggling to put food on the table.  Ryan could also feel that she was sincere in searching for him.  As an adult, why be angry when you find out the reason the person did not show up was because they were in a serious accident.  If anything you feel relief that that person is still alive. 

    This writer nailed the script.  I have such high praise for the writer.  


    Thank you again for your post.  It expressed everything I was feeling about this drama.  Great insight.


    I just thought about it, both of them will go to the USA, DM will probably study, however, RG must to introduce her to his adopted parents, before there is a wedding.

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  7. On 5/23/2019 at 12:57 PM, jeonghyang said:

    Where's the naked BED Love-Making Session JUSTICE? 134.gif

    I agree with you; however, we have to use our imagination.  This is after they completed the act and showered together... Therefore, we get the bed scene with uncomfortable shirts on.  Who sleeps like that?  I don't wear anything that uncomfortable even when I am alone.


    I have had so many smiles and laughs reading your posts.  Great posts guys,  Although I am waiting impatiently for Wednesday to come, I don't want it to come to quickly because Thursday is the last episode and I am going to miss this couple.

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  8. I love DM's Mom, she is so refreshing.  It was funny when she wanted to know why DM was home alone when she has a boyfriend and started to tell her what they should be doing...but stopped.  LOL.   I guess her mother thought, a man that looks that good, is talented, has money and is into you...do I need to tell you what to do with him?:D  DM's father was funny in this episode also.  I laughed so hard when he started looking behind him and running down the street. He looked as if someone was going to attack him and we later find out that it was Cindy...so funny.   I love all the characters in this drama.  When the drama is over I will miss the characters of RG and DM; however, I will miss the other characters also,


    I will wait until after tonight's episode to comment on RG finding his mother and confronting her.

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  9. 19 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

    No, I have not written any analysis about these paintings so far. I can only say that the painter wanted to show how colorful soap bubbles are. If you pay attention to the soap bubbles, you will notice that they also function as mirrors. There are some reflections in those... but a transformed reflection. This created world full of colors is linked to happiness and cheerfulness, yet the opposite happened. Moreover, soap bubbles are often used by children hence we can say that these paintings reflect innocence and childhood. This explains why CSA has associated these to happy memories. On the other hand, it was as if the painter had lost herself in this colorful world full of soap bubbles making her forget the reality. She had a son by her side. No wonder, if LS quit painting and decided to get rid of these paintings. She never wanted to lose herself in the paintings.

    Thank you.  I always look forward to your insight and especially your analysis of paintings and poetry.  You are correct, if you think about it the paintings are happy and show a childlike innocence.  As children we all loved to blow bubbles and were in awe of the rainbow of colors within the bubbles.  Again thank you.

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  10. 20 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

    Maybe CSA was adopted and met his mother through the orphanage, when she looked for her own lost child. Moreover, she might have painted there too. What the gallery did at the orphanage during this week, could have happened in the past with CSA. The thing is that LS seems to be a single mother. CSA has never mentioned his father either. Furthermore, he was happy to give toys to the orphanage. So CSA could be an adopted son... as if LS was trying to redeem herself for losing her son RG.

    I like the point you've made about CSA being adopted.  As always your analysis is well thought out and insightful.

    Correct me if I am wrong.  You think that LS mother, because he lost her son, adopted CSA and gave him her son's name?   

    One point; I do not know about DM's mother leaving RG at the orphanage, she appears to be a person who would have taken him in, at least for the night.  I understand that the woman who left him at the orphanage said that she was not his mother and she had a pony tail that looks very much like DM's mother; however, I cannot see her just leaving him at night at the door of the orphanage.  

    @bebebisous33I have not had the time to read this entire thread because it is moving very quickly.  Did you give an 

    analysis of LS's paintings?

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  11. 23 hours ago, Lalalaby said:

    I have the impression that Heo Yoon Tae might not be his real name. Notice that DM looked for HYT's name in the missing children list and nothing happened. What if Heo yoon Tae is the real name of his brother, CSA? Many think that CSA is RG's half-brother but what if he is his real brother? My theory is that CSA was one of the children from SDM's memories. In my opinion, SDM could have been hurt in an accident, just like CSA... therefore DM's mother pushed RG away.  

    Furthermore RG doesn't really remember his past, he has even forgotten his mother's face. So he definitely had a trauma. Maybe he witnessed the car accident and felt guilty.

    @bebebisous33   &  @Lalalaby Good theory.  However, I am confused when you say, "real brother" as opposed to half brother?  My grandmother had two sets of children, she was married twice, none of them act or feel as if they are not "real siblings"  Do you mean you think they have the same mother and father?  If so, I understand. 


    Is it your theory that it was DM's mother who pushed RG away? 

    Who left him at the orphanage?  According to DM's memory she was playing with someone at the orphanage. 

    Were they both,  RG and SA, at the orphanage?    Do you think that RG and SA are that close in age?   SA knows his mother, remember she came to visit him  at his apartment.  RG's think his mother left him at the orphanage and she forcefully removed his hand from hers; therefore, RG does not like letting go of anyone's hand because when he does, he feels abandoned.  It is my impression that SA and RG do not know that they are brothers.  RG was adopted by a couple in the United States, I do not think his mother knows what happened to him and that is why she was in the chapel, perhaps she continuously pray for his safety and happiness.  

    I think that much of RG's trauma comes from being separated from his mother which is why when he saw her paintings, he was traumatized he could not paint any longer.  


    However, I do not discount your theory; because we never know where the story will lead us.  Who knows, your theory might be right on all points.  

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  12. On 5/16/2019 at 11:23 AM, bliss1004 said:

    The last kiss in this cooking scene i found it a bit too short and rush for the editor to cut this scene short..why so fast???? I wonder what's happening?:phew: are their adlib is too much and the director had to cut it out :w00t: 

    Remember they held dinner (decided not to eat yet); therefore, it was implied that something else happened between the short kiss and the next scene with  them sitting at the table eating.  I get the implication; however, I wished that the transition was a littler smoother.  Maybe one of them should have taken the other's hand or moved slightly, after the kiss, as if leaving the kitchen area, the next scene would have flowed better.  I got all of the implied stuff and was happy. I love the fact that this is an adult romance and they act as couples over 30 would act.  


    New thought


    I do not know who to attribute the insight to; however, whoever it was was spot on.  Earlier on I read someone's post in which they stated that they thought that CSA and RG were brothers.  Great insight. 

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  13. On 5/9/2019 at 1:11 PM, hallyus said:

    I think for further it should be DM's turn now to understand more about RG because I see that RG is very much vulnerable just like in today's ep when he saw EG went to DM's house, then he made a call but DM turned off her phone, and lastly made sure to go to DM's house at a proper time: 7 o'clock, he just shown us that he doesn't want to be ended up alone and he knows how terrible it is for being left alone.

    Episode 10 was really sweet.  It portrayed new love, and how giddy one can be when one first fall in love...so cute.   I agree with must of your insight; however, I just want to make one correction.  DM did not turn off her cell phone, EG did.  


    New thought


    I am an American and I do not fully understand how Korean's think, just as they do not fully understand how we think.  I say this to say that there are always those who feel sorry for the second lead and I don't quite get it.  I have pulled for the second lead in times where the first lead was being a Richard Simmons; however, in this case, the first lead has it all; talent, money, maturity, consideration for others, charisma, and is a sexy hunk of a man. 

    Should DM fall for EG just because they grew up together?  Should RG fall for DI just because he has known her for 10 years?  Someone explain this second lead, (no matter how immature, conniving, and petty they are), to me.  Yes, I do feel bad for EG, because he waited too late to confess.  However, I do not feel sorry for him because, he waited to late to confess.  If he really cared for DM as he says he does, he would want to see her happy.  DM would not be happy with EG, he is like a brother to her.  I do not feel sorry for DI at all.  She comes to Korea, thinking that because she came, and has known him previously that RG is supposed to fall for her.  I was hoping that the writer would make DI more mature, since all of these characters are in their thirties.  DI knew when she told DM that RG wanted to end the fake relationship it was because he wanted a real one with DM.  Therefore, why should I feel sorry for her.  As I stated earlier, it must be a cultural difference that has some rooting for the second leads even when they are without merit.


    I cannot wait for episode 11.  I am already feeling sad seeing RG crying.  I hope whatever it is DM can help him and soothe his fears/worries. 


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  14. I am glad I watched last night's episode (#9).  All the actors did a great job.  You could feel the tension at the gallery because of RG and DM.  I loved the lunch scene in the restaurant.  It was hilarious, yet heart-wrenching to watch because everyone knew the two of them were hurting, but were at a lost as to what to do about it.  Cindy was cute; when RG asked her why she did not let everyone know he was not cheating on DM.  She said why should she he threaten to sue her.:)

    For the first time, I really felt bad for EG.  He really loves her, but she sees him as the brother she never had.  EG hurts when DM hurts, but this time she did not share with him as apparently she did in the past.  This made him realize, DM really cares for RG.  I hope the writer let's the character of EG come to accept his loss and wish DM well and let her know he is there for her always.  

    The confession scene was perfect.  Both of them nailed their parts. I cried when she cried, I sighed when they kissed.  I loved it.  :blush:

    Episode nine was well written and directed.  I chuckled, laughed, was sad, cried, and sighed.  I hope tonight's episode is just as good.

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  15. On 5/3/2019 at 3:34 PM, s00ki said:

    I think,  before the workshop, DI knows DM likes RG, but was not bothered because, at that time, DI didn't know RG likes DM.  Once DI realise RG's feelings, she acted fast. DI striking a conversation with EG outside the restaurant was already the start of her dirty scheme. (So sorry, I have to say the actress is so bad, I can't read much of her wooden expressions. Her acting is so bad that I am not convinced she likes RG).  


    EG, however, is a clueless simpleton.  No way he knows about DI liking RG.  Even if he did know, no way he'll scheme to use DI to sabotage the relationship.  All he did was marking territory, like a puppy urinating all over the garden.   Annoying? Yes.  Dirty? No.  


    Yes, very interesting to see opposing interpretation and reactions.  I was taken aback to read so many dislikes/hatred on what EG did.  

    I love this post because my interpretation is different from yours.


    DI knew RG did not like her when she, paraphrasing, said she needed him to be more than a mentor and critique her work and RG told her he could help her with he work, but could not offer her anything more.  To me it was clear, I will help you as a friend, but that is all.  It was not hard to interpret.; "I am not into you, in that way."  The chemistry between DM and RG was so strong that the furniture maker thought that they were a couple.   Sometimes, others can see the attraction before the two individuals involved.  If he could see it, everyone else could see it also, including EG.


    EG, might have blurted out "innocently" (which I doubt, noting his behavior) that it was fake relationship; however, if he did not think that the two were attracted to each other, it would have been no need for him to embarrass himself as well as DM.  I give you that EG might not have known that DI liked RG; however, EG does not know DI well enough to "innocently" blurt out DM's business to her.  I do not think he is a simpleton, or as clueless as we think, there is a method to his madness.  I also think he had a inking that DI liked RG.  If he did not feel things were heating up with DM and RG, he would never ran to the furniture factory the way he did.  When EG told DI about the fake relationship, he was also giving her the signal that RG was free, in the hope that somehow, RG would stop liking DM and turn his attention to DI and DM , heartbroken would come to him.    If EG do not get his act together, he will also lose DM as a friend.  



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  16. 18 minutes ago, cind3r3lla said:

    I think DM most effected when she heard that CDI knows that they are fake dating. She seems suprised and in her mind, the only one who could told CDI is Ryan. She didnt imagine that CDI heard it from EG. So she got upset because she thinks that Ryan told CDI that they are fake dating and wants to end the fake relationship because Ryan likes CDI and dont want CDI to misunderstand, or else Ryan wouldnt told CDI that. So she thinks that Ryan did not have the same feeling as her. Thats why she wants to end it. Not because CDI likes RG. She only thinks about RG's feeling and if he didnt like her, whats the point of continuing fake dating anyway. 


    But i agree with u, she should have listen what Ryan has to say first. I mean, even if its true that Ryan want to end the fake relationship, lets hear it from Ryan's mouth, right?

    You are correct in your assessment, DM would never imagine that it was  EG would who told DI about the fake dating; however, RG is the one who told DI that he wanted to end the fake dating and why.  Therefore, she knew he wanted to date DM for real when she made it appear to DM that RG wanted to end the fake relationship and inferred it was because he liked her, (DI). It was underhanded, lowdown, and sneaky; especially when DM just helped her put her house together...just plain rotten behavior.  


    You are also correct that DM was feeling insecure about RG's feelings for her.  I get that, I really do; however, DM and RG are great at communicating  with each other. DM should have asked him, casually, about DI and their friendship.  RG is a straight shooter, he would have either told DM the truth or that it was none of her business. I think, had she asked, because DI is also an artist, she would have gotten an honest answer.


    Great post.


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  17. I have not had time to read the responses to the last two episodes; therefore, I hope that I am not expressing an opinion that has already been expressed.  


    I was so disappointed at the end of episode # 8.  I was hoping against hope that Da In would be as mature as character Jo Hye In was in Encounter or character Song Hae Rin in Romance, is a Bonus book.  But I was wrong and now there will be wasted, as far as I am concerned, episode(s) of misunderstanding between RG and DM.  These characters are supposed to be mature, (in their 30's.)  I know, I know, fangirling is not mature.  These characters have completed college, own their own business, or have successful careers, and still artist DI In has to stoop to this level, oh come on.  As adults EG and DI should know by now, just because you come between two people does not guarantee that the person you like will suddenly fall for you.  I am also sick of the "oh I am so humble" attitude.  Just because some girl says, I like him, you are going to move aside and put away your feelings.  My response, as DM, would have been to say sweetly, "well I like him too."  Why should DM move aside because DI likes RG?  Really?  In the real world, DM would have waited until he told her he wanted to end the fake relationship. RG had already told her not until Cindy left the gallery; therefore, why take to heart the word of someone who has told you she likes him.  Where are these women brain cells when I comes to men?  Did their brain cells take a leave of absence? 


    There are other plot lines this writer could have explored that would have interested me.  For instance, why can't RG paint any longer.  Why was he abandoned.   What about a story line where DM helps RG through his trauma and they both start painting again and perhaps showcasing their art in a major gallery.   The show could have also taken the opportunity to introduce us to a few major Asian, as well as new international artists.  


    As I stated at the beginning of my post, I am disappointed.  I am disappointed that the writer felt he/she had to write the artist DI character, in such a pathetic way, especially when she already knows that RG is not romantically interested in her, in order to move the story forward.

    I am thinking about skipping the next few episodes.  :heartbreak:

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  18. On 4/28/2019 at 2:18 PM, tinymel said:

    OOooo... jumping into the 'thumb kiss' debate, I don't think he kissed his thumb... but because of the speed of the kiss his hand just happens to be super close to her mouth... specifically his mound of venus (hehehe) the fleshy part of your thumb is what we can see.

    I am with you.  I think his thumb was positioned over a small portion of her lips; however, if you look closely, his lip is touching her lip.  If his lips are touching her entire lips, I do not know, but from my viewpoint, it is a kiss.

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  19. On 4/25/2019 at 11:15 AM, classyviews said:

    Yes I too am worried

    I am not sure what conflicts they can bring, but here are a few ideas.

    If Cindy exposes them to be a fake couple it might not be bad, but DM reputation might take a hit if it's known she is RTM. 

    Or they might bring a scandal against Si An and show DM and Ryan solving it together or the whole family things with the painting and their mother. 

    Frankly, I am at a loss too but I sincerely hope the drama tackles whatever conflict that comes properly with understanding.

    If they bring amnesia or noble idocity breakup and such nonsense then I will be truly unhappy. You do not want a Angry fanfirl ( my emotions are on a high today ; LOL :joy:


    If they take time to actually explore DM true feelings for Ryan slowly as she is first and foremost a fangirl and might herself feel like she is betraying Si An; then I am okay with that storyline.

    Dear drama gods please help us all! 



    PS forgot about the new girl (possible ex girlfriend) 

    Hope she is not a MAJOR conflict and is dealt with properly

    I am enjoying this drama to much to worry about the next ten episodes, they will be great.

    Since I watched "Romance is a Bonus Book", which did not have any, love triangles, major misunderstandings, the crazy mother or mother-in-law, or sandals, but was an excellent drama, I know this dramas does not need any major events to make it good.  If this drama educates or reminds the public of the beauty in art and the deep emotions that are often revealed by the artist, then I am satisfied, especially since we already have the amazing chemistry between the leads.  

    I do not think that RG is interested in the woman that was introduced in episode five, because I think he already know where his heart is leading him.  From the scene I watched between the two, she seemed mature enough not to act childish...but who knows.


    I love the fan girl angle, it is hilarious.  We have avid fans here in the states; however, almost none of them rise to the level of fangirling in Asia.  Wow!  I am so amazed at the level that fans will go. It is to the extend that "idols" must date in secret or they will seriously upset their fans.   


    So far, I am enjoying the script, the clothes DM and RG wears, and of course the off-the-charts chemistry between the two.

    My point is, the drama can show, everyday life without the disruptive love triangle, angry mother, or the couple having a major misunderstanding that separates them for several episodes, and still be great.  Everyday can be refreshing.    If this drama highlights the importance that art plays in our lives, DM finding love in the real world, and RD working through his issues and becoming a great artist again, I will call this drama a success.


     @bebebisous33 I recommend this drama, if you are not watching it already.  I know you excellent at interpreting art.  I am sure your insight would be welcomed here and raise the conversation to the next level.


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  20. On 4/19/2019 at 12:28 PM, maribella said:

    Well this guy is good looking too but I saw him as a priest in The guest. I cannot get that picture out of my mind. This actress is so lucky, she was in secretary Kim with a great looking guy too. 

    I was thinking the same thing as I was watching this drama. She was fortunate to work with Lee Min Ho, Park So Joon and now Kim Jae-Wook.  Park Min Young is a good actress and she is able to bring her A game regardless of the drama or lead actor.

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  21. On 2/16/2019 at 10:01 AM, Don Yu said:


    Do the majority on this forum don't understand nor are Chinese?

    Chinese historical dramas are enjoyed around the world.  I know that I do not speak any Chinese; therefore, for me to watch, the drama must be sub-titled in English.  I understand it is a huge undertaking, but I think it is well worth it.  By watching these dramas, I have become more familiar with the culture and history of China and other countries.  Human history is amazing, and the easiest way to learn about other cultures is to watch dramas depicting their past. I realize that writers do not always stick to history therefore, I've researched the backgrounds of several dynasties or characters because I watched a historical drama.  


    I would like to see this drama, hopefully someone will see the value of translating it into English. 

  22. I am sorry guys that I cannot watch this drama with you.  The first two episodes were great; however, Vicki has the other episodes locked for at least a year, by then, I doubt if I remember to go back to watch the show.  What a pity.

    I do have a membership, but not the deluxe membership and I am not inclined, at this time,  to put out the extra money each month.  It is the same for Item.  I do not trust many other streaming sites; therefore, I have to deal with what is.  


    Happy watching all.

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