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  1. please sign the petition. http://click.email.ipetitions.com/c/eJxdkEuKwzAQRE8j72z0ixwvtMhM8DVMW59IjCUZScbk9qMMBIZALbpeQ1NdWtpRM006LykmE8H4Qq7kwvlABsJmNt6F-JomRun3FXFsAvht8LupvvoUy6BS6JxUlgoLTGtKAbgx3HJCVz0Ku04a27XbpKt1L4jdEJ2bzvP8uNLg2_8be5tyD7k6DVuvXE7Rq82UvhgobUsRm48alpKOrAxi9798iIoXDEb7I3xABWEH_4hvvFQH8Wd5pqPLUqcINT1aEbz9-gSX0ivaL3S2YS4
  2. base on the article, season 2 is in dec 2019? .......gosh, it’s a long wait for us if indeed June 2020
  3. Season 2 SPOILER ..... The Xabara of Momo tribe is surprised to find a man and his shield on a beach here will be a war between Arthdal kingdom and Ago tribal union. Eunsome and Saya come across each other in the battlefield. That shield has the same finger shape pattern as the mysterious invaders who destroyed Lemus, the Taealha tribe’s homeland. Tanya is caring of wounded Saya. When he comes to consciousness, Tanya is surprised to find that he is not Saya but Eunseom. Tanya is caring of wounded Saya. When he comes to consciousness, Tanya is surprised to find that he is not Saya but Eunseom. Tanya is hurriedly going to somewhere, riding a black horse which looks like Kanmoru. The legend of Arth will be continued. p.s. OK. This pictures came from the ending of Arthdal Chronicles episode 18. (tvN)
  4. I don’t know how to post an IG screen shot. Try to search in iG. bodashiri It is official. Studio dragon which is producing Arthdal Chronicleson tvN already signed a 3 season contract deal with Netflix. That means we will have total 54 episodes (18 episodes x 3 seasons = 54 episodes). source Korean news article.
  5. If you have Instagram , there’s an announcement made, this is just season 1, season 2 starts in June 2020. Thats the schedule in Netflix .
  6. They finished season 1. There’s season 2 coming in 2020. They haven’t started filming but they will soon according to Korean herald.
  7. Article from Korean herald .... Money today (Korean economy newspaper)’s article on Studio Dragon’s stock price September 14, 2019 이어 “아스달연대기는 이미 시즌3까지 넷플릭스와 계약이 체결되어 있어 흥행유무가 판매매출에 미치는 영향은 제한적“이라며 “아스달연대기의 높은 제작비 (시즌1 기준 500~550억원 추정)가 부각되나, 시즌1의 수익성은 BEP(손익분기점)로 추정돼 실적에 미치는 영향은 크지 않은데다가 광고단가는 파트3에서도 여전히 2070만원으로 최고 수준을 유지하고 있다"고 강조했다. ”The Arthdal Chronicles has already signed a 3 season contract with Netflix, so the impact of TV ratings on sales is limited.“ Despite its high production budget (approximately 42~46 million US dollars for entire season 1), the profitability of Season 1 is estimated to be a break-even point (BEP), so the impact on earnings is not significant. In addition, the unit price of advertisement is still at the highest level in part 3 of the Arthdal Chronicles, at KRW 20.7 million (about 17,410 US dollars). https://www.edaily.co.kr/news/read?newsId=01436646622618152&mediaCodeNo=258 Edaily’s interview with President Jang of KPJ (the drama production company of the Arthdal Chronicles) September 8, 2019 카리카가 극에서 차지하는 비중도 점차 늘어날 전망이다. 장 대표는 “카리카는 은섬(송중기 분)의 은혜를 입고, 은섬의 세력에 규합이 되어 조력하는 존재로 극에서 활약할 예정”이라며 “실제 극에 등장하는 비중보다 더 많은 비밀을 품고 있는 인물이다. 이번 Part3에서도 매 회 등장하겠지만 시즌 2가 방영되면 카리카가 차지하는 극의 비중이 지금보다 훨씬 커질 것”이라고 전했다. 아울러 “모모족과 아스, 연맹장 타곤(장동건 분) 사이에 얽힌 비밀을 풀 열쇠가 카리카에 달려 있다”며 “앞으로도 활약 기대해달라”고 덧붙였다. Karika(the Xabara of Momo tribe)’s scenes in the drama are expected to increase gradually. President Jang said, “Karika will act as a supporter who is united with the forces of Eunseom (played by Song Joong-ki). She has more secrets. Of course, she will appear in every episode of Part 3 (of season 1), but when Season 2 begins to air, Karika’s role in the drama will be much bigger than it is now.” “The key to unlocking the secrets between Momo, Arth, and union leader Targon (played Jang Dong-gun) depends on Karika. ” he added. They finished filming just season 1 (until episode 18.)
  8. Yap, I don’t think it will end tomorrow. Season 1 will end tomorrow but season 2 will be next year. Hard to wait! But , it gives us something to look forward to. SJK and Xabara have chemistry though. If the article in Naver is correct, we will see them a lot in season 2 cause Xabara will be Eunsom closest ally.
  9. Thanks , I requested already. Try to encourage others to request as well, there’s power in numbers you know.....
  10. So, tomorrow’s episode will be focusing on the carrot boy that lost his magic horse So many characters and little screen time given to the main lead, frustrating
  11. Just done watching ep 15. There’s no way that the series will be over in 3 episodes. I’m certain that there will be season 2.
  12. Actually, the rating in Korea is steady. So, that will be ok. I think Netflix gained more subscribers that’s why there’s a possibility of season just like kingdom.
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