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  1. Guys, I know we are sad not seeing them in the award night (I was), but please don’t fight. We don’t know PMY and PSJ personally. We never saw confirmations that either or both of them could attend. PMY held the trophy in her hands next to the APAN guy; she had prior scheduled commitments (maybe abroad). What commitment - we don’t know and no one should blame her. PSJ wasn’t holding a trophy in the video but remember guys he really wanted to have Top Excellence award - meaning there might have been an emergency or he was never 100% sure if he could attend due to filming. There are so many wars on IG Twitter Facebook now, also the other ship took the opportunity to bash/ridicule PMY real hard and even tagged them (that IG fake account may be from them). Shippers please be strong. PMY FM is coming. Fans of both or either of them: please spread positive vibes! PPC are respectable artists and I think they will return our love in some ways.
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