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  1. Guys, I know we are sad not seeing them in the award night (I was), but please don’t fight. We don’t know PMY and PSJ personally. We never saw confirmations that either or both of them could attend. PMY held the trophy in her hands next to the APAN guy; she had prior scheduled commitments (maybe abroad). What commitment - we don’t know and no one should blame her. PSJ wasn’t holding a trophy in the video but remember guys he really wanted to have Top Excellence award - meaning there might have been an emergency or he was never 100% sure if he could attend due to filming. There are so many wars on IG Twitter Facebook now, also the other ship took the opportunity to bash/ridicule PMY real hard and even tagged them (that IG fake account may be from them). Shippers please be strong. PMY FM is coming. Fans of both or either of them: please spread positive vibes! PPC are respectable artists and I think they will return our love in some ways.
  2. thanks a lot for translating - lovely to follow the story even after the drama ended
  3. I found these photos on Instagram so thanks to the owners (I forgot to save my screenshots when I was voting). 1. For iphone users, Go to app store and download STARPLE, then Open the app and Click Sign up 2. Create username, Click Check availability for username, Put your email, Click Check availability for email Create your password Then Click Terms of use, Click View, then Click Privacy, Click View 3. Go to your email, follow the link to validate your account Open the app, Now you can vote (52 votes/day limit)
  4. I just voted for PSJ simply because he’s 2nd now, tomorrow I’ll vote for PMY For iphone users, go to app store and download Starple then Click Sign up Create username, put your email, password, Click Check availability for username, Check availability email then Click Terms of use, Click Privacy now you are good! Click Start Go to your email, follow the link to validate your account Open the app Now you can vote (52 votes/day limit)
  5. PMY is in Amsterdam; she just posted a photo near the canal. Yesterday she was in Van Gogh museum. That explains why she flew early before scheduled photoshoot. I love how the couple complement each other in interests and hobbies: arts, travelling, foreign languages, fashion... Very admirable and lovable!
  6. @hyperfangirl01My South Korean friends back in uni said it's very common practice esp. in Seoul for teenagers/young people to have something changed on their face/body. Lee Da Hae and Park Ming Young are two talented actress and both admitted minor changes on their faces in the past. Both are super talented and honest (which is very rare in K showbiz). What I hate is the media and some bad people just can't get over it and keep relating PS with their names (If you watch Lee Da Hae's recent "Good witch" drama you'll see how versatile/good she is just like our PMY). I bet there are loads of other actors/actresses/idols worldwide who went through PS but don't admit it. Not meaning to hurt anyone/anyone's idols but I'd rather watch and support smart and talented actors/actresses with these minor changes, than watch dramas with some pretty idols who can't act well. I'm pretty sure the bashing comments on PMY's airport photos are mostly from teenagers who have the time to comment and like comments and feel alive with the number of "likes" they have. Agreed that we all should spread positiveness as being hated is sometimes unavoidable when you are a celebrity. We normal human beings have people who don't like us; PSJ/PMY are public figures. However I do hope these mean people will one day grow up and regret wasting their youth hurting innocent people. What goes around comes around.
  7. @baniibanixD I believe each of us has our own story of PPC. The dating period theories may be different and we have our own reasons. What is clear now is they are spending time together and are probably dating now (two watermelons in stylist's IG) After Phuket we can discuss what's the next possibility of seeing them together, awards ? I'm sure we'd love to see them looking fabulous, holding hands, walking on red carpet, receiving awards and complimenting each other. With those knowledgeable about Korean drama awards, what are the possibilities? Maybe we can vote for them when nominations are announced? SSC in the 2 award ceremonies were magical. I hope we PPC shippers will be able to see these moments some day.
  8. @parkparkloveu yes I also think they at least knew each other through their previous stylist/MAMA 2016. In AAA 2017 yes the moving chair video seems strange. I think PSJ moved it to hide PMY revealing “assets” from the cameramen close by. That either means PSJ was being a gentleman or he wanted to get PMY’s attention or they were more than acquaintances at that time. and AAA 2017 times of odd behaviours from both of them might have been one of the reasons for someone randomly commenting they were dating in Jan 2018. 2017 with 2 dramas, 1 movie and 100 days of CF for PSJ (and PMY with MEC and QOSD) may mean it was too difficult to date. Besides, PSJ spoonfed KJW /shared the same spoon and held hands with KJW in FFMY BTS and wrote "I Love you Aera" when exchange last scripts with her, and held her hand again in KBS 31/12/2017. I believe these 2 didn’t date and believe him denying dating KJW, but also think he wouldn’t do those gestures if he was in a relationship with someone else. That led me to think that WWWSK was the time when PPC really got to like/love/know/understand each other more (whatever their status was). I am so happy that they WANT be together (Phuket), and with the blue hearts being used recently by PSJ boss and the 2 crews /PMY, the people close to them are happy and supportive. I’m staying in this ship ‘till I hear their wedding news (and even after that :)) ) Although shipping them takes a lot of time and makes my brain hurt HAHA, but they are MEANT FOR EACH OTHER! @pmyfighting4verthey are already top of their acting so no need to deliberately spread rumours, and actually in Korea knetz don't like these (not like other countries)
  9. @pmyfighting4ver I can understand why you think so. It's hard to believe in the 3-year dating story if the only connection is a photo of PMY saying "Hi" and PSJ posting a photo with caption "Hi" back in 2015. The looks and low-key "flirting" during the press con and Viki interview reminded me of the first stage of getting to know/liking each other between me and my now husband. It was their sweet wedding scene which looked so real and PSJ's hug for PMY in the final BTS that made me become a real shipper . However I don't think the dating Rumours were out purposely. Here's why - The drama already attracted huge interest; I asked my Chinese colleague "Hey, have you watched this Korean drama..." I didn't get to finish the sentence and she said "Secretary Kim?". If you follow MY/PSJ's careers, the last thing they want is dating rumours to overshadow their acting/co-stars' performance during the filming. They of course always have dating rumours with their partners because of the good chemistry created. - On Insta stories PMY stylist posting video of their van on the street at 4:14am on 19th July (I was so impressed by their hard work so I took a screenshot). They were probably on their way from Daegu to Seoul for PMY's Compagna photoshoot (they filmed in Daegu/Seomun market on 18th July). Part of her caption said "Haters gonna hate". At that time I didn't understand this. In recent interviews, PMY said the rumours started a week before the finale and she "tried to laugh it off" (but later the rumours got more serious and she was very upset. PSJ mentioned he called everyone after hearing about the rumours). From there I think dating rumours kind of started before 19th July, and officially appear on the news a week later. Who started the rumours, we don't know. A combination of IG collages? hot bed scene in ep 13 (18th July)? media contacting them, people asking the staff/co-stars? (If you know Korean, please pm me I'll send you the screenshot - there's some Korean in it which I don't understand). Having been through dating, falling in love and now married makes me "kind of" a rational shipper but I love PPC with all my heart (although after shipping them I'm not rational at all :)) saving lots of their photos in my phone, talking to my friends about them....). I, like most of us here, have been on fire for the past 2 days without photos of their faces in Phuket, however this makes me believe they are SPECIAL to each other. Let's wait patiently for their good news in the near future! @anthurium_52702Pyo Ye Jin's interview is so sweet; I felt her words are very genuine. She has been travelling in Canada at least since 4th Aug (this long trip was planned before Phuket reward is announced I guess). Hwang Bo Ra - busy with Movie Vagabond (first script in June - there was a post in her IG) - there's a soompi thread for this movie Kang Ki Young - busy MBC drama (script reading already in June) http://asianwiki.com/Terius_Behind_Me Kim Ye Won already said earlier she can't join the trip due to schedule. Lee Yoo Joon is married and has a son so I think it's hard for him to spend a week in Phuket away from his family. Chansung - musical "Smoke" (the staff went to see his musical), Kang Hong Suk - musical?. All in all, if Ji Ah, Se Ra and President Park can't join (3 closest characters to Miso and Youngjoon), I felt the others would follow suit. Or like MillyR said, some of them simply want to spend time with friends and family (I share the same feelings as I don't meet my colleagues during the weekends - I work long hours so 5 days/week are enough). I hope they all can meet each other soon, maybe a house party ? I like them all a lot and wish the best for them.
  10. Yes I agree that something about the trip will be posted when they leave Phuket. The way I interpret that PSJ IG post is “Focus on my upcoming movie not my private life; I don’t owe the media/knetz/stalkers any answers”. Anything he posts now will just spark more bad comments on Nate so it’s better for him and the crew just to leave it until the end of the trip. Way to go Vice Chairman! I really love this because it means they can spend quality time with the people they care for, rather than having to worry abouth what may happen. Life’s too short! #youonlyliveonce
  11. It's a shame many supporting casts couldn't join the trip; there are about 150+ people in the production so surely it was hard to arrange schedule. I miss the drama + the cast so much so rewatched a lot of my favourite scenes. https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/416636-drama-2018-what-is-wrong-with-secretary-kim-김비서가-왜-그럴까/?page=225 RESPECT for PSJ and PMY, esp. PSJ, for coming to Phuket despite the rumours. PSJ is really the MAN ! Let's hope for some beautiful photos! When the dating rumours started after the wrap party, I couldn't help but feel so sorry for PPC (and the production), and very annoyed at knetz. Reading the Nate malicious comments today, I still feel annoyed. Looking back, they are not worth talking about any more. If I know Korean, I would say something like this to these haters: "Hey two-faced Nate people, when you spend your time bashing PSJ and PMY, they have worked days and nights to bring millions of fans laughters, love and memories. You loved watching WWWSK and complimented their acting, and look what you're doing now?!?. They deserve this reward trip after days of filming for 20+ hours/each day. I hope you'll eat your bitterness alone, as I declare you IRRELEVANT"
  12. I have been rewatching the drama/my favourite scenes after it ended. I searched for the whole casts on google/wikipedia to know more about them. I also watched 2pm's Heartbeat song (esp. Chansung's performance) as I don't much about K-pop. This is the first time I really had a hard time moving on from a drama and also the first time I genuinely love every actor/actress in one. Some of my favourite scenes: - The company dinner at pork galbi place + karaoke (they simply had a great time here; no wonder they got along so well and from their post-drama interviews I can feel each of time enjoyed the filming a lot) - The drunken scenes (LYJ + father in law, LYJ + KMS + KJA + BSR, drunken Young-joon + Miso): this is really acting without acting; they are all so loveable ! - The company outing/retreat + game - LYJ and his BFF - All the scenes of the supporting couples and the child actors' scenes - The 2 families' scenes before the wedding and of course all the scenes of our gorgeous and talented lead couple esp. the proposal and the wedding which mean nearly all the scenes in the whole drama :)) Looking forward to seeing photos of their Phucket reward trip!
  13. It’s hard to shoot F&W collection in the middle of summer in London. The photo that PSJ posted looked like he was on Blackfriars Bridge (there are around 40 bridges in London so it’s quite hard to tell). https://yandex.ru/collections/card/58a6c196215a84009807dd2b/ I LOVE the idea of them posting photos near the rivers Thames (London) and Seine (Paris). They are DESTINED to LOVE !!!
  14. I woke up and saw videos n photos “PSJ going to LONDON” :)) Grazia and Ziozia, thanks for having them in Europe !!! They are destined to love haha!!! (even the reporters said so). Yes 2 hour train on Eurostar between Central London and Central Paris; the train ride is lovely
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