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  1. Yes, i mean the bun, the "style" looks like hers, correct me if i'm wrong And also her laugh looks the same..
  2. But if you see the last IG story of the stylist of pmy you can clearly hear the voice of pmy and at the end of the video also seems that the framed girl is her! Maybe i'm wrong....
  3. She's his personal nurse, that pass the whole day to give massages and cuddles to our captain psj For love she's ready to sacrifice one day of vacation! Our lovely pmy
  4. https://twitter.com/i/status/1027888795566231552 Guys her reaction is so cuteeeee She's so shy and at the end of the video she take a long sigh as to say pmy not excite too much you ! Try to control your feelings!
  5. https://www.vlive.tv/video/83011 After all the denies from pmy and psj they begin the paparazzates! No words, please just leave them alone!! I don't know what this people say but they look disrespectful!!!!!!!!!
  6. I could seem strange and i don't know why i feel in this way.... but I have a feeling that there's a precise motive to explain why the interviews of pmy have not been released yet...I hope it's only a feeling dictated by the impatience...but I find an evident difference of times among the release of the interviews of psj and pmy...i don't know guys probably it's just me that i'm doing too much mental trips
  7. I don't know what they actually say because i don't understand korean, but seriously STOP! Leave them live their own life without any pressure! Now also SBS! I have no word i'am just disappointed... The only thing that i understand of the interview is thet they called someone of the cast and staff...i guess? And also pyj? They are exaggerating...just breathe and let people enjoy a relationship...
  8. https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/30/pyo-ye-jin-shares-whats-wrong-secretary-kim-casts-reaction-park-seo-joon-park-min-youngs-dating-rumors/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter What do you think about the revelations of pyj? It doesn't seem to me a complete negation of the facts...it seems that she's trying to understand something, about their relationship, like us
  9. https://www.soompi.com/2015/01/05/baek-jin-hee-and-park-seo-joon-have-been-dating-for-two-years/ Talk about that for a moment: Do you guess which newspaper has revealed that psj and bjh were a couple? Sports Donga, the same newspaper that has brought the three year-old relationship between pmy and psj...coincidences? I think is a coincidence, but perhaps suspicious. Both the agencies have denied the loving relationship between psj and bjh saying that they were only close friends. Does it also seem you to have a dejavu? After two years psj has revealed that they have been together and that not to complicate their working career their agencies have declared that both were only close friends. However the fans have always suspected that they had a relationship because on instagram they posted photo with identical suits and jewels of the same brand. What do you think about it?
  10. Yes, there has been some rumors, but psj has immediately denied in an interview, saying that they are only friends. The difference that I have noticed is that to deny the relationship with Kim Ji Won he has personally told without that some agency denied it , contrarily with pmy and his ex girlfriend only the agencies have denied without never a true declaration of the actors.
  11. Hello everyone, i've read all the latest posts and I can affirm that according to my opinion pmy and psj have been in a relationship for three years, they've probably had a break of a few months in 2017 and they've again begun to frequent eachother after the AAAs in November 2017. A thing that has me particularly amazed in the last days is that the stylists of both also knowing of the suspects on a possible relationship puts like to comments in their photos ( the ones where there's pmy and psj in the day of wedding) as " true wedding please " or " Real love parkpark couple". the options are two: - They don't know "English" and they put casual like. - they Support the relationship among their employers knowing of it. However I wanted to thank all the investigators that adjourn me every day around latest news. Thank you very much
  12. Me too, i was like "That doesn't have sense dudes" but I proceeded hoping to make some connections that at the end are revealed useless..my new life goal will be that before dying I must learn Korean
  13. http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1729437.htm Someone that can translate this article? the only thing that i undestand was about a denies on a possible marriage?
  14. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/07/breaking-park-seo-joon-and-park-min-young-are-reportedly-dating Since i started this Rom-com i said to myself to not get involved too much into a couple, not try to be to much delulu and always be rational...BUT now with this, i don't now if is real, news i can say that in my mind i always know that and maybe in the next drama i deserve to believe in my feelings about a couple...i'm sorry if i never write on this topic... BUT now i decide to write with this, hope true, news..... sorry for my english i'm italian
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