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  1. Yes,btw, what is O tvN,haha..can we watch the channel? But still whether there're subtitles. Based on the translation, it's the first entertainment program that analyses TvN drama, and seems it's a good start choosing MoTA as one of the drama to be discussed. And funny when the translations say 'hit and run' drama for MoTA, which seems to be true, haha..and they ever mention viewer will fall for Alhambra again? Wei, don't they know that we are still here??
  2. Maybe you have to buy the book and then you'll know whether they include Jin Woo/Hee Joo or Zinu/Emma drawings? haha.. This information is related in this articles right ? https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/011/0003586921 Hi sweetie, Done with your hibernation? You hide in the dungeon? Have you found HB? Now dear, this is a magical couple thread, we'll be only focusing on this couple while the other barriers or disturbances need to be removed away. Those who still reading this thread need to believe : Trust is the magic that will change the world, not the technology, haha.. As far as we are concerned, we're still allowed to put HB and SH in our ship and sail together as long as there are no news on marrying different person being announced. So, let's sail together.
  3. This beautiful drama with unique genre should be awarded locally or internationally. Someone please, they deserve the appreciation!!!
  4. Urm, the writer said after one month..?But me, already 6 months, I'm still stuck in this drama as Jin Woo stucks in the dungeon.Writer nim and PD nim, do you guys live comfortably now..???
  5. Argh..the writer explained it excellently..and I feel goosebumps while reading this review. I watched with my family too..and I really miss Memories of the Alhambra. The most unique drama that I've ever watched and of course, with the most presentable HyunBin and the most stunning Park Shin Hye. Just by having simple dialogue and by merely staring each other, we can feel the 'fire' between these two leads. And yes, agree with the writer, product placements are forgettable when we see Jin woo dimples and Hee joo's beauty.
  6. Haha, Binnie imagined to cover Shinhye's dress if he ever found any cloth that time.. , but maybe he got confused too since her dress seems long..?
  7. Urm.. All scenes when they're together are very precious.. Gonna watch mota videos again for uncomfortable times
  8. That's why Binnie said he's enjoying the filming..our heartbeats are pounding anxiously while watching MOTA, but they looked happy together all the times..we need more bts and NGs...Why we never got to watch the ngs..?
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