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  1. Hello everyone! Passing by here as Wookie becomes attractive and unavoidable day by day .. And looking at his BTS for his projects, I love to say that he's the protective and friendly type of co-star that makes my weak heart flutters..
  2. Sorry to say, on the contrary I'm seeing someone is doing that actively in her IG and caused her fans daydreaming every second , interestingly they keep on saying that person is private. By the way, I'm happy that Binnie's fans are coming here day by day where they are rational enough to compare how this team talk about Binnie with respect compared to other side who fails to understand his personality or just pretend not to know him deeply. Binnie true fans will trust him if he said NO, especially when he already said it FIVE TIMES .
  3. @KimSooHanMoohas already warned them about mental breakdown if they dare to read the postings, obviously majority of those lurkers are suffering from that disease now , they should seek psychiatrist for medication purposes, and heard that they have someone with psychological background too.. so hopefully they'll get proper advise for self defense mechanism and not by belittling others' thoughts.
  4. @arabella, so you missed the boat last night? Hihi, it's so fun and making this thread lively .. @KimSooHanMoo dear.. thanks for WHYs and BECAUSEs thoughts, can't be more than agree with you while it looks like your thoughts gained attention from outsiders too, hahaha.. CRUMBS!!! Give us more so we could dance here while others are welcomed too
  5. Well well..claimed to be Binnie's fan and lurking here with her so-called facts. And surprisingly mentioned other Binnie co-star in this thread to defend her stand, and she had once appealed here to join private group of Binkyo..even Binnie's long time fan didn't ask such request to fellow Binkyos here.. Just return to your ship and enjoy your delusions there. You just tickle us when reading your facts though I am actually waiting if any haters will appear here to see the response. Thank you anyway for entertaining us for a while, you can return to your ship or boat or ferry, whatever you
  6. Hihi, done removed, thanks. So excited until forgotting the rules.
  7. HIhihi, you're not the only one sis, I found this thread suspiciously sooo quiet that I doubt it's the other way around at other unknown place..
  8. Yup, I read it too, but there'll always sth like 'exception to the general rules' right..? And this is the movie that made me fall for his acting, hihihi..
  9. Hihihi, hi dear @KimSooHanMoo, my chingu who always assist me in understanding Binnie more ,greetings you here.. Hahaha, yup.. we're the refugees who are looking for uncontaminated place to discuss about these 2 amazing fandoms peacefully. We're not only able to see them as an item here, but to appreciate both of them individually too.. Yup, after passively reading this thread previously, I notice that how our beloved friends here giving input leisurely, hihihi.. Thank you for reminding me about MoTA, one of unforgettable Binnie's drama and the most presentable of him to me to
  10. Hihihi, thanks for the encouragement, I'll still be here and I have the feelings that this thread looks like a 'threat' to certain people. Anyway, I doubt that I may contribute any crumbs for binkyo as I don't have any 'k-ent close friends' like others Thus, I'll be the active reader and reactor to show my support No worry sis, I'm still exist. . Hihihi, yes.. it's a bad word coz it will create a fanwar, but between which ships exactly?? Yup, count me in.. and since this is shippers' paradise, maybe we should be more delusional instead of staying low..
  11. Hi, thanks for the greetings..! My intention to join this thread is to get more updates on binkyo especially Binnie coz honestly, I can get new updates about him solely even in his own thread or hashtags anymore now. But it seems nothing fair in this world, I truly understand this situation. If the moderator is not happy with any of my postings, I apologize though as far as I am concerned, no specific names appear. I would like to apologise to all of you here too and I would not jeopardise this thread coz of my sayings. Enjoy yourself then..
  12. Hihi, thank you sis..yup, they are. I still remember the day of Bel's wedding, Binnie went missing if not mistaken before that, couple of months or weeks, and fans are searching for him(of course in social media) like we have nothing else to do haha..and we predicted that he will appear on that day. We're so happy when it happened to be true..! And for those people who said that he's not close with his stylist..hello.. he didn't appear for quite some time and was willing to show himself in front of everybody for the sake of his stylist's wedding..how do you explain that action? And, there's a
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