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  1. Hehe, yes.. And look at SH hairs, where does it fall? And what do you think when SH said tht she feels like to take HB photo when he's trying to move the block?
  2. Don't forget confidential assignment. He really used his skills wholeheartedly. I would never get bored with his action skills in this movie.
  3. I didn't get to watch fatal encounter fully since I can't see his dimples and his beautiful hair in this movie. As for Hyde, Jekyll me, personally I like this drama but not his partner. I read somewhere tht HB was offered kill me heal me but there're some miscommunications bet. them. He didn't reject it actually but yah, things happened. It just tht both drama aired at the same time, and kill me heal me storyline more interesting with 7 personalities. But how can I say, I still love HB compared to Ji sung.
  4. Nonstop 4 is a drama? Never watch it before. I prefer it's not countable since hoping for another joint project of them .
  5. He has wonderful tone with wonderful voice and ev thing tht he does is wholeheartedly. That's why I'm too deep into his acting. I didn't realize it pairs up with another ost I'm here. When was it?
  6. He changed the lyrics? I just knew it. Now, do you expect me to say he's creative and he feels tht lyrics nicer? Nope, I'll say tht he's in love and I hope real happy ending for him. He got teared eyes coz he closed his eyes tightly while imagining the scene with SH. Now, other matters, they surely got NGs, waiting patiently Netflix to release it. And why did they cancel the blue Ray, without clear explanations? It's really frustrating right?
  7. Correction :he did, with han ji min in the fatal encounter, though she's not the lead, then they were together in hjm. I'm assuming tht han ji min can't focus her role deeply as she has to deal with 2 diff. personalities.
  8. @AkaruiHikari Well, obviously you're watching b'coz of e boy only and seems to ignore his partners except for SH. Well, I did watching jhm and act. doesn't prefer e co-star also but managed to watched until e end. Watched e bts a little bit, e kissing scene.. But not so heart fluttering as in MOTA. As for syj, I've no comments, she's senior too and professional. I still believe there's nothing between them except as friends. And HJW, yes.. I do hope they can act together again! It's already 8 yrs after SEGA and we can't see them together on screen anymore and I also notice HB hasn't act together with other Co-stars in SEGA after tht..
  9. I watched MOTA b'coz of HB, I just know SH fr. this drama. At first, I'm not convinced how they can fall in love, with Jin Woo's character as divorced man n married 2 times and Hee Joo who is bz with her family, but..during this scene in ep. 4,I realised it's possible!!! With HB staring at her and his words.. and starting there, I'm waiting for their scene together. It's sth hard to explain but it's really magical when we gather here together and discuss ab. them when all of us know their screen time together during the drama is less.
  10. @rori0711 Ya, agree.. he already likes the baby girl.. Pink and blue, a'ah.. He's beautiful in all colors, and can see white color too. Ab.movie, I've also read that A star is born is his favourite too, he said during radio interview, if not mistaken, at 1 Feb 2019. Jenga cut hasn't been released yet right?? Now, we are compiling evidence of happy ending . HB did say yesterday tht he also wants happy ending for Jin Woo and Hee Joo. . A'ah.. I'm just waiting for more information for the FM like the best scene?? Which scenes tht he chose. And many other questions fr. fans to him..
  11. @AkaruiHikari So his fans requested him to sing Shallow.. No worries,I still believe that's fr. someone's request tht song too.. A'ah. Hope to see full video with subs for yesterday's FM..
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