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  1. Episode 103.  Final.  How douth thou disappoint me?  Let me count the ways.  To the depth, height and breadth my frustration can reach.  For the end of this drama and justice all around.  Thou trieth my patience and let me expound.  Two souls have migrated and become forever lost to these young women at terrible cost.  One without sibling and corpus and life.  The other trapped in another's form against all nature's norm.  Gyeol, the good, everything lost.  Se Rin, the vengeful, paid the highest cost.  Ae Ra, avenging angel wannabe, at the end of this drama can no longer see.   YuJin in prison ten years then he, resumes his life whole and free.  His father, though in prison he, does nothing to amend for the misery he hath wrought on these three.  Source of evil all around, writer-nim never found a way to make this cretin pay unto this very day.  Justice denied when the curtain fell and I pray in future this writer never sell... another drama to my site for the rest of my life.  A fond farewell my Veil friends... just know that this is not the end.  Until again we will meet here, I wish you peace and good cheer.  Chickpea

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  2. Ep. 102.  Greetings, chingu.  You know, this happens with every daily, I complain about it all the time and I watch the next daily.  I never learn.  They drag the story out to episode 92 before anything of substance happens  then they cram all the background, back stories and twists into the last few episodes and it feels rushed, disjointed and less satisfying than it should.  Don't get me wrong.  I enjoyed this drama despite the ridiculous premise that souls can switch and someone be forever trapped in another's body and everyone just accepts it, not carting the victim off to NASA or the Vatican for investigation.  Then there were all the leads that were developed only to be left unaddressed.   Does YJs mother ever realize she was scammed?  Alex said he would get his own revenge against YJ.  What happened with that?  Does nothing happen to the baddies that did the Demon's bidding?   Does Grandpa permanently reside in that hospital bed?  JS has moved in with TY and YuRi and mom ran away so who's minding Casa Nam?  Then the situations that don't make sense like HY getting all teary-eyed looking into SR's face while remembering all the evil she did to her sister, whose face she will never gaze into again partly because of her own actions.  This drama succeeds solely because of the skill of the actors.  Whether it's Ae Ra you love to hate, or original Se Rin for being hysterically crazy or GU for being the world's best doormat, these ladies made an otherwise ridiculous drama one I waited for every day and gave up 103+ hours of my life that I'll never get back, to watch, digest and opine about.  Tomorrow will be a fast forward into the future without looking back.  As @maribella said, this was about HY/JM/JAR's redemption so let's see if HY has survived with amnesia which will give her peace at last.  Yoon Satan will not have to face judgement in this world already having been tried, judged and executed by the child he orphaned so many years ago.  GU's soul seems content in SR's body, JS seems content being TY's father and the rest of the Nams, Jungs and Seos will fade to black.  RIP HYs mom, GUs dad, SY, SRs soul, GUs body.  This has been one deadly drama and, for that, I'm glad its over.  Tomorrow,  chingu...


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  3. Greetings again, chingu.  Well, we're moving along.  Sneak peek at episode 101 shows the Demon "unveiling" herself to Grandpa.  I guess we'll know tomorrow who her little sister is, rather if GU was her little sister and that's why Grandpa arranged her marriage to YJ.  Do we think Demon tries to kill Grandpa or herself after realizing she is an accomplice to her sister's murder whether that was SY or GU.  So, the hoard from Hell manage to kidnap GU in SR's body.  Do we think some violence happens and souls switch back?  But that means SR is around somewhere even though all the script has been about that poor soul's death.  Or maybe writer-nim is gonna kill off her too.   And then HY takes the long swim...  The synopsis for the drama lists all three women as villans.  If the bad guys are supposed to die, maybe all three do and we have a future reincarnation where they come back as triplets???  I'M NOT WATCHING!  NOT.  I'M NOT!!!

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  4. Good morning,  Chingu.  Watching 100 now but I'm thinking @Yazusa is right.  The little sister was SY.  And the Demon was an accomplice to her murder and abandoned her body instead of giving her a proper funeral then went on to marry her sister's murderer further denying her justice and dignity.  And she did that... fake JAR, Jang MI or HY, whomever that woman is.  @maribella Someone's sister died but I don't think it was fake JAR's sister.  Then, why do you think Grandpa insisted on her marriage to YJ in order to inherit the company...  as the wand shop owner in Harry Potter says so well... "curious..."  More later, chingu.

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  5. 18 hours ago, maribella said:

    Finally....:heart2: JS and TY's mum reunited. I knew they wanted us to cry, so I did :winkx:


    I did say JS and TY will get hurt. We haven't seen the WTOD, looks like AR is up to no good again. This time let her get caught. 

    Did YS kill the secretary who was blackmailing him? This will be a good time for him to reappear.

    Me too, Chingu, me too.  Watched Ep. 98 ending thru tears.   How much and how long TY's mom must have missed JS.  How much she loves him that his current condition doesn't matter.  That's love.  So,  of course, the Demon has to come into the picture.   Trying to kill TY with the car of doom, she's only going to cause JS to regain his memory.  Then it will be on.  The Jungs and the Seos united against the Demon and the Nams only TY is the son of the eldest son of YJ Group and lawyer has all their numbers.  My bet, airhead daughter gets ticked about being married off to save Dad and bro, so throws her lot in with Uncle JS, TY and lawyer from inside Hell HQ giving Team TY the advantage.  @shahila197878, I agree the reason Grandpa said YJ could only inherit the company if he married GU was because he couldn't find HY but found her little sister instead and made her part of his family,  thereby taking responsibility for Yoon Satan's actions which led you the death of her mother.  He intended to do the same for HY if he found her but Uncle came along and found a way to use the situation to his benefit.   Well, most satisfying ending to this drama yet.  Now waiting for the Demon in handcuffs and YS to take that long walk off a short pier...

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  6. 18 hours ago, maribella said:

    I skipped that part. Someone else might be watching. There is so much of the smirking, gloating JAR lately, my FFW thumb worked overtime. 

    She really should be caught by now, so we could have court scenes. :worried:

    Greetings, Chingu


    YS talked YJ into taking responsibility for planting the interview sheet with the intern.  Bad move.  Now fake JAR knows she can force YS to continue protecting her at the expense of his own son and sooner or later the list of sins he takes on himself on behalf of fake JAR will be enough for the Board to boot him and declare him unfit to be a successor of YJ Group.


    There's something wrong with the site I watch (Viki).  Episode 96 hasn't been posted and Episode 97 is up without subs but I don't want to watch it until I watch 96.  Well, more later, I guess...


    Okay  Episode 97.  Can't post for the tears streaming down my face at the end when TY's parents meet again... crying emoggi

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  7. 17 hours ago, maribella said:

    The preview shows NYS thinking that only one knows JS second name.

    I knew it. He'll try to kill her.  But on second thoughts, he might be caught red-handed and would go straight to jail. There are not many episodes left to create a new scenario. So hopefully, no more misses and new shenanigans from JAR. I thought she'd be caught by now, instead they gave her another thing to do, framed director Park.

    I think SR in GU is really dead. Bringing her back would just create havoc. She can't live with the Nams. They won't accept her. Only her uncle is alive and he'll most likely get hitched to Auntie. TY 's mum and JS get back together - bumped his head or had the kdrama IV :rolleyes:. TY and GU/SR will move into Chairman Nam's house. 

    Good morning,  Chingu.  Yep, agree with you completely.  Yoon Satan knows his son is not/not the "eldest son of YJ Group" which is why he was so contemplative when YJ blurted it out.  I'd worry more about him trying to take out TY than his mother.  TY's the real threat on many levels and has sided against him with the Jungs.  Next episode is not up yet.  The way my mind works,  both GU and SR are half-lives.  A terrible situation.  But this is where writer-nim took us with this ridiculous situation.  Is a half life worth living?  SR lost her mother, her sister, her love and her soul.  She's probably better off dead.  But the mirror is shattered, reality has been shattered.  How far writer-nim wants to take that remains to be seen.  Fighting!  BTW, did JAR manage to make YS betray his son?

  8. Good morning,  Chingu.  Haven't watched the drama yet but wanted to opine on the soul switch and whether SR is alive.  @perfectmouse chingu, thank you.  I think it would protect JS to let the world know YS tried to kill him.  Hiding that fact, especially since Grandpa is not around to watch goings on, could make Yoon Satan desperate to finish the job on both men before he is exposed.  But I'm not writer-nim.  Why the soul switch and is SR alive?  Technically and literally, both GU and SR are alive and deceased.  GU's soul lives on in SR's body; SR's body lives on with GU's soul.  So even if SR is dead, she's still in this drama to the end because her body lives on.  Just because GU's soul is animating SR's body, she's deceased insofar as she no longer has her own body to do as she wishes such as donate a liver to her child.  So it's kind of like writer-nim needed both women united to take down the Nams and fake JAR.  And I don't understand why other than to create a scenario for the dramas's title.   The women in veils are the women whose animating life principal is hidden, veiled, by another corpus.  And then there's HY who is veiled by a stolen identity.  Note to self:  click past any drama with "veil" in the title...  

    So, I just looked at the drama's poster.  There's a cracked mirror and OSR's reflection is GU.  A mirror reflects reality.  The mirror is broken, reality has been shattered and the image in the mirror is GU not SR.  What do I make of this?  SR is an illusion, GU is reality.  OMG, my heart is breaking.  JS doesn't remember TY's mother and she knows there's something wrong with him... crying emoggi...  I don't "ship" couples... but I am totally, 100% shipping for these two.

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  9. Woo hoo, chingu, we're there!  I thought it would be this week but if confirmation of TY/Mom/JS relationship comes today, and per sneak peek she meets JS tomorrow,  writer-nim is really moving things along quickly all of a sudden.  Could it be, perhaps,  so TY can take control of the company as the son of the oldest son, by week's end?  YJ and YS are going to lose their minds...  not to mention fake JAR.  It seems watching 94 without subs that GU convinced Alex that fake JAR was behind his father losing the contract with YJ Group, not the Nams?  Why does GU not want YJ's mom and sister to know YS was behind her father's murder?  Why make them think it's just about a slush fund?  Curious...

  10. 1 hour ago, maribella said:

    I missed a lot of the early parts too.  The father went to collect GU at the orphanage, so any swapping and mistakes could happen, but let's wait. The ending is nigh ( ominous music).


    @Chickpea JS became mentally challenged after or due to the car accident. In MIAV, a mentally challenged ML had a drowning episode but survived to become brilliant. He was diagnosed as having savant syndrome. So we will see if the writer uses the trope again.


    Alex blamed the Nams for his father's death but GU managed to prove it otherwise. I had watched that part but I don't remember if JAR was involved.

    Good morning,  Chingu @Maribella...

    Ah... light bulb goes on.  ML means male lead, FL means female lead?  I've been reading them mother-in-law and father-in-law and being totally confused.  Duh.  Need coffee.

    This drama piqued my interest so I peeked at MIAV.  What I saw was a savant in the beginning who was prosecuting fake JAR for the murder of his mother at the end (sneak peeked first and last episodes).  There savantism makes sense.  The boy was born a savant but somehow overcame it.  I'm assuming by switching something, I hope not a soul again, with the prosecutor looking into his mother's case.  But here, JS was talented in painting before the accident.  Wasn't that the subject he was teaching?  He has acquired no new talents as a result of the accident.  Savantism grants some extraordinary ability for a defect.  JS seems to have a defect with no discernable extraordinary ability he didn't have before the accident.  But then, again, we're talking about a drama where people switch souls then become trapped forever in someone else's body.  

    I knew Alex blamed the Nams for something.   I didn't see GU clarify it for him. Lightbulbs going on all over this morning. 

    Don't know about you, chingu, but I'm ready for this drama to end.  Cheers and be talking to you again here soon.

    Ah.. lightbulb again.   Just reread @Maribella's post.  MIAV male lead overcomes savantism as a result of an attempted drowning...  ah huh.  Or maybe the drowning somehow allowed his brilliance to overcome his natural defect.  Then, what was the veil?  After this mess I'm staying away from any more "veil" dramas...

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  11. Greetings @Maribella...  I'm going to stick with my speculation that GU, who is no longer in this world, is/was fake JAR's sister.  GU's soul, which is currently residing in OSR--for all we know at present--is only "half" of GU since a human being is a composite of body and soul.  If you don't believe me, listen to a dirty joke.  If you blush, that's because your soul has understood the joke and your body is responding. 


    Now, I mentioned I joined this drama late.  I tried to catch up on episodes I missed but it just wasn't possible.  So I admit there was information laid out in the beginning that I didn't hear (or read) myself.  I gleaned that information from this site.  But this is what I do know.  All information in the script is there for a reason.  So, the fact that GU was adopted has been imparted to us for a reason.  Recently there was text about a fire at an orphanage and the death of a child.  I think we're meant to believe that child was GU.  I read in here that GU's mother died in Vietnam?  While HY's mother died in Korea so they couldn't possibly be sisters.  But that assumes GU was not previously adopted by a woman who then died in Vietnam and her adoption by that woman meant she was not at the orphanage during the fire and she, therefore, survived.  Just because both women are talking about their "mother" doesn't mean they are both talking about the same woman.  And that is a good point about how people can use the same word but with different meanings in mind.  Neither is wrong, each is just communicating their lack of clarity due to lack of information just as, if GU and HY are, in fact, sisters, they are not "wrong" by each using the word "mother"  to refer to different women.  They're using the word in the way they understand its meaning at the moment they speak it to communicate "the woman who raised me".  We would say, literally, "mother" is "the woman who bore me".  When HY says "mother", she means "woman who bore me".  When GU says "mother" she means "woman who raised me" because she knows she was adopted which implies "not by the woman who bore me".  Both women are using the same word but it means something different to each because one lacks information the other has.  Like I said, just as "adopted" implies "not raised by the woman who bore me" sometimes we assume information we know is implied in our posts and this is not necessarily so.  And now y'all know why my posts are so l-o-n-g.  


    But I digress, @Maribella.  Is JS a savant?  I don't think so, at least not in the way the word is generally used (here we go again...)  Savant syndrome occurs in people who are born with physical and or mental disabilities and it generally accompanies autism.  That is not JS's history.  JS seems to have suffered some brain damage as a result of Yoon Satan's attempt to kill him.  But I'm not sure even of that because he has retained his memories.  The yellow umbrella, obviously, means something to him and TY's mother.  I guess the key will be when they meet.  Does he remember her?  He was living under an alias at the time but I'm sure she will recognize him when she sees him.  He doesn't seem to have any memory (or at least we have not seen so far that he has any memory) of the events just prior to his accident, i.e., asking his father for money, his "friend's" sick mother and her need for surgery, etc.  It may be that he doesn't have these memories and meeting TY's mother triggers their return or it could be that he always had those memories but because of his condition after the accident, he chose to let her remember him "as he was" and not "as he is" and so he gave up his love.  The only way to know for sure is to wait for writer-nim to get around to bringing the two together... which I think will happen this week.  Finger's crossed.


    Are you intrigued, as I am, why Alex changed his vote?  That cold stare at fake JAR as he walked past to shake GU's hand gave me chills.  When GU went to meet him at the office, he gave her the cold shoulder.  At the meeting, he gave it to fake JAR.  What happened in between?  I guess we'll know tomorrow but...  was Alex stringing along fake JAR the entire time on behalf of some other person?  Who is that person?  Or do Alex and GU have some as yet unknown history that they made, say, while she was studying in the United States?  


    What happens to Yoon Satan?  Does he go to prison or does he leave his shoes on the shore as he goes to take that final swim?  


    Take care, Chingu.  The end is in sight.  Hang in there.  Fighting!










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  12. 2 hours ago, Newbie21SG said:


    As mentioned above, the lead actress is Han Ji Wan.



    Well, we can compare with:

    Vengeance of the Bride (72 pages in Soompi forums by the end of its run)

    Gold Mask (46 pages - the FL was a doormat too!)

    Love/Twist (118 pages - we had plenty of discussions and that's why I like this serial a lot!)

    Red Shoes (59 pages)

    Greetings, Chingu.  Well, there you go.  The public interaction with the drama online correlates with the broadcast numbers.   That makes sense. 

    Ep 93 no subs.  Well, I didn't see that coming... twist!  GU was in cahoots with Alex all along?  What a turnabout...

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  13. Episode 91.  Greetings, Chingu.  Ah, well.  It seems writer-nim is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g...  who in their right mind would hide Secretary's bloody clothing in a trash bin in the public waiting area.  You hide Secretary but not his clothing?  And how convenient to have two bowls of noodles delivered while Yoon Satan just happens to be waiting in the lobby and he also just happens to go into the trash bin to see Secretary's bloody clothing.  This is what happens when you wait until the night before a term paper is due at 8 a.m. to start doing your research.  Implausible as it may be, it is what it is and we're stuck with it.  So fake JAR aka Demon is at it again.  Not actually harming Secretary but also not calling the cops on Yoon Satan, filming it from the sidelines to use for her purposes later.  This chick is so frustrating.  Either jump in there and beat the daylights out of Secretary or call the cops to save his life.  But, no, she won't make a decision to take his life or save his life.  I'm speculating from the sneak peak into Episode 92 that she uses the video to get control of YJ Group which is another implausible scenario since Yoon Satan was willing to kill his own brother and father to gain control of the company and he's going to just turn it over to an upstart blackmailer over a couple of videos?  More likely the Demon would meet her end sometime overnight at home.  So assuming we're there... that Yoon Satan gets arrested for doing dastardly deeds, what is fake JAR going to do with YJ Group?  The employees of the company didn't harm her mother and Grandpa, who she thinks is complicit in her mother's death, is himself at death's door.  So, are the Jangs going to come forward to save the company?  Why?  The only reason would be that TY is revealed to be JS's son.  But right now Grandpa is out of commission and Yoon Satan will be out of commission.  The only two people who would care that the company be saved are in no position to know or care about TY's parentage.  Are TY, JS and Aunt going to figure it out themselves and then TY takes it upon himself to save the company with the assistance of the Jangs?  Why would they do that?  Yoon Satan is as responsible for their father's death as he is for fake JAR's mother's death.  Well, I guess those who were hoping lawyer and dimwit would get together in the end are about to be disappointed.   I feel that headache coming on again...

    What is the significance of comparing the ratings of this drama with others?  Is it to see how well the drama is being received by the Korean public?  From my perspective, each drama is its own entity and should be judged on the storyline, the ability of the talent and how well it is doing with the public.  Grading it on a curve with other dramas with a different storyline and other talent and how well it did with the public at that time doesn't seem, to me, to render any useful information because there will be a different audience for different dramas based on the preference of the viewers.  Normally I watch crime or mystery dramas.  Once in a while I'll watch a revenge drama like Taxi Driver 2.  I only got hooked on this drama because I was confined to a bed and the episode where the soul switch happened was on the tele and I was intrigued where the writer would take this since a soul switch is the ultimate mystery.  I think public engagement with the drama in forums like this one are a better indicator of how well the drama is doing since it takes time and effort to come on here and opine.  That's real time interaction between the viewers with the drama, its storyline and the talent.  

    Onward to YJ Group CEO fake JAR...  Cheers.

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  14. 1 hour ago, maribella said:

    @Chickpea when I said Reborn rich and this show have the 'switch', I was referring to the sudden disjointed storylines. Then it was a few flashbacks to show how bad YS was. Likewise, the Reborn rich show has a disjointed storyline, the dead employee was saved after falling off a cliff and was in coma for a few weeks, while the titular character lived for 10 years(?) and the viewers were just cheering for him. What a crappy thing to do to kill him. In Miss M the husband of the big collar woman was the evil 'puppet master'. It was ok because he was from the evil family.  Unsurprising.


    I think AR is thoroughly evil. The fact that she was unsuccessful does not change the intent in her actions and deeds - many evil attempts. A less evil person would feel guilty after a few unsuccessful attempts. Nothing is more evil than to separate a child from her mother, not once but twice. It was HN's good luck that prevented her from being shipped out of Korea. I hope she gets killed in a most horrible way. The real AR said she should weep blood at the end, I hope the writer means it. 

    Now she's managed to blackmail YS. The higher she rises, the harder will she fall.

    Greetings.   I get your point.  To me it looks like the harder JAR tries to do evil the more she ends up either cleaning up someone else's evil or creating a situation that brings good out of evil.  Can you imagine HN if she had been raised by the Nams instead of the Seos?  She'd be another dimwit or something closer to the fake child fake JAR brought home...

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  15. 7 hours ago, maribella said:

    She was already 8-9 when the mother died. So she must know she had a sister. 

    Who is her sistet? The real AR?


    This show reminds me of Reborn rich. For 90 % of the show we watched and cheered the youngest grandson of a chaebol, then he was killed and the employee who had died came alive. WTH!!


    Now we get the father to be the original criminal :rage: and the original criminal JAR is not really evil because of a mistaken identity. 

    Good morning,  chingu.  You have a good point and a difference.   In Reborn Rich, there isn't exactly a soul switch but a reincarnation.  Grandson is dead but the employee who facilitated his murder becomes reincarnated as him to both reveal the murderer and become the catalyst for the boy's murder.  If no reincarnated grandson with knowledge of future events, the grandson probably would have been no different from musician bro, not a threat and so never murdered.  The reincarnation leads to grandson's murder.

    In this dra-mess, there's a soul switch while both characters are still alive, for no apparent reason, then because one dies the other is forever trapped in a prison of someone else's body.  Technically,  GU has to live as SR.  She may be GU to family but no one outside,  the state, thinks she's GU.  To them, she's SR because GU died.  Real JAR told fake JAR she found her real sister.  I still think GU is/was HY's biological sister, and she had a part in her sister's death.  Is HY/JAR evil?  That's a good question.  What "evil" deeds has she done?  Switching identities with JAR because both wanted to avoid creditors, is this evil?  Working as a hostess in a bar to pay off real JARs debt, is this evil?  Remaining silent after being a witness to a murder,  is this evil?  Wanting revenge for her mother's wrongful death, is this evil?  I didn't see how SY died, only that HY tried to hide her body.   Is hiding a corpse evil?  Betraying her friend who was in a loveless marriage to become mistress of YJ Group, is this evil?  Drugging GU so she becomes infertile only to have GU become both pregnant and blind.  Is this evil?  She drugs Grandpa but YS takes him out before the drug has any real effect on him.  She tries to send HN to an orphanage but the girl ends up with her mother in another body and her biological cousin (TY) and aunt.  You get my point.  At every turn when HY could have done truly evil things, like commit actual murder, she was stopped and some good comes out of the evil she attempted to do.  She's been the least effective "evil" person in the drama.  It's as if HYs good angel is working overtime and this may be why the soul switch was necessary.  GU had no power and no backbone.  SR had money, ie power, and backbone but she was too emotionally unstable.  The soul switch keeps the tension between GU and HY going but gives GU power and backbone, she has money, education, her family and she's free of the Nams to take on fake JAR mano-a-mano or whatever the female equivalent is.  So, it's not that fake JAR is not really evil because of a mistaken identity, she's not really evil because she's not good at it, meaning she's not evil at heart and because some force,  some power, seems to intervene at every opportunity to keep it so.  Cheers.

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  16. Greetings,  Chingu

    Still haven't watched 90 with subs but you all have such interesting comments on who ends up with whom.  So I figured I'd opine...  I'm not sure lawyer and dimwit get together because I think GU-SR and TY are the couple of the drama.  And we all assume, at this point, JS is TY's father.  That links the Ohs (SR) and the Seos which is how they were living anyway and the Nams (JS) and the Seos (TY).  If lawyer and dimwit become a couple, the Nams-Jungs-Seos will be forever shackled together and this sounds like Hades.  It seems like JS and TY's mom will shortly meet.  If Grandpa dies, TY's mom has the heart to take care of JS but I don't think Grandpa will die.  I think he will resurrect to take down his son as only a father and CEO can do.  Also,  he has always tried to do the right thing in this drama.   He deserves to know about TY and that JS will be loved and cared for in the future.  I think JAR will take down YJ herself, revealing his part in the deaths of the Oh sisters and embezzling from YJ Group.  He'll go to jail for a very long time.  No doubt in my mind YS dies.  He has no redeeming qualities.  Karma is coming for him.  JAR is hard.  She has done lots of evil things but not for greed, like YS, for justice, at least in her mind.  Technically I can't remember JAR ever actually taking a life.  She covered up murders committed by others and twice was stopped by nurses from committing murder in hospitals.  Like I said, this story,  for me anyway, is about angels and demons.  TY, GU, TYs mom, JS, SY and HY before her wicked uncle put her on the path of revenge listen to their better angels.  HY-to-JAR is like a fallen angel.   When she entered the path of taking justice into her own hands, not by revealing the truth (like GU) but by taking revenge, she made herself "like unto God" and was cast into Hell with the Nam's--YJs mom (vanity), YJs sister (sloth), YJ (greed, cowardice, pride, infidelity) and the head demon himself who is apparently unrestricted by the bounds of morality or civility.  Not to mention all the shady characters she's gotten into bed with to carry out her revenge.  The fact that YS has a kind of cherubic face and was passive and unassuming through 90 percent of the drama only to be revealed as the source of evil at the end is exactly how evil operates.  The wolf sheds the sheep's clothing just as he's about to pounce on his prey.  You can see why JS left home, escaped Hell.  I don't know enough about Grandpa to figure out where he fits in this.  There's a moral saying... you either make a choice or one will be made for you.  If Grandpa put his company before his family, he made that choice and a different choice was made for his family...  So what about redemption?  These dramas are always about redemption.  Can dimwit be redeemed?  Yes.  Lawyer's virtues counter her vices.  Can YJ be redeemed?  Yes, by losing everything he coveted and lots of time to reflect.  Can YJs mom be redeemed?  Yes, when the truth of who her husband is has been revealed.   Can Grandpa be redeemed?  Yes, by acknowledging his parental failures and taking responsibility.   Can JAR be redeemed?  I think so when she comes to the realization that her calculations regarding Grandpa and her mother's death were wrong all along and perhaps with the realization that she has a sister.  Can YS be redeemed?  I don't think so.  That's above my pay grade...  take care, chingu.

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  17. 9 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    yea, when I was thinking about these bad pairings, what I could vaguely remember was that there was no murder. at least the writer here seems to think that murder is too much of a jump for lovers to get through. uncle and burger lady actually liked each other and it wasn't because they ran out of options like some of the silly fellas in other dramas. but even burger lady said that she will not date uncle because of the bad blood between the two families when serin thought GW's dad had murdered the sister. even when uncle believed it was another culprit, burger lady kept firm because of serin's bad antics. thats why I feel the lawyer brother and dimwit may not end up together only because of the writing style. the writer at least seems to have a sense of boundaries and characters who actually say these past misgivings are not something we can ignore. lets see. 

    Greetings,  Chingu.  I had to LOL.  No murder?  The writer has boundaries?  Sorry.  Bar owner's brother murdered, SY murdered, Mr. Jung murdered, SR murdered and I believe Secretary will end up dead too.  Attempted murders:  GU two or was it three times?  Grandpa.  If real JAR doesn't stay put quietly I guarantee the truck of doom will be coming for her.  And since both HY and YS are behind multiple murders I think part of the upcoming drama will be which one kills the other first.  Boundaries?  This drama is full of lying, deception,  murder, attempted murder, fratricide, patricide, rape, theft, grudges.  Even the soul's natural boundary of the body have been obliterated by writer-nim in this drama.  If anything, it seems to me writer-nim is determined to see how many boundaries can be obliterated which--Chingu Maribella--may mean even the boundary of death is overcome and, in fact, SR does return in the end...


    I said this before, don't know if it's what writer-nim is thinking but this drama may be about once you enter metaphysics you're in the realm of angels and demons and this drama has been about few angels and many demons....


    Ep. 90 no subs ending.  Okay, IT IS ON!  Two king cobras ready to go at it.  Buckle up  chingu!

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  18. 4 minutes ago, liyahsbutterfly said:


    I know. But that doesn't mean she's truly dead. In most dailies, if a main character dies, there's a funeral. Plus no one's trying to catch the killer, as you said. And there's still more mysteries to be solved, plus Shin Go-Eun is a famous actress.






    Indeed. Also, there's been no indication of an investigation, we haven't seen her body in the morgue either.

    Greetings,  chingu (bowing emoggi).  Okay, I look forward to how writer-nim is gonna pull off resurrecting SR.  It's not like the resurrection of the dead has never happened... it's happened at least twice that we know of... so we're into it now...  the murderous HY vs the murderous YS... add attempted patricide to my ever-growing list of moral crimes being committed in this drama...

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  19. 21 hours ago, liyahsbutterfly said:


    This is why I still think SR is alive, because there's SO many things that need to be explained. And she is a core part of these explanations/conclusions. Plus, the souls have to switch back at some point. And I believe it was in the synopsis too that they'd switch back. Or on the KBS website, if I remember correctly.

    But in Episode 88 again someone mentions SR's death and Uncle being in mourning... 

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  20. 18 hours ago, maribella said:

    The twist is TY is a Nam. 

    We have GW and family looking for father's killer, JAR manipulating to avenge her mother but SRi s dead, therefore the  stories of the 3 women are now cut to 2. Both storylines converge on one man whose lines in the last 80 episodes were mostly 'let's eat'. :D . Now he has tried to kill his father. 

    There are still 30 plus episodes left. I think the Cain and Abel story will continue for many more episodes. TY will probably need to wait till episode 100 before he finds his father. His uncle will know his indentity first.


    ok time for a poll.

    Greetings, Chingu

    Another twist is GU and the Demon are sisters.  I wonder how the fact that GU's body died with SR is going to affect this drama and the fact that it was the Demon who chased her sister to her death at the hands of her husband/ex-husband.  All these relationships are getting jumbled.  If SRs body lives but SRs soul has departed, who is alive?  SR or GU. Who did the Demon kill, her sister or her nemesis? Who did YJ run over, his ex-wife his wife or his sister-in-law or a complete stranger?  If Uncle was in mourning for SRs passing, I don't mind not seeing the funeral but why doesn't it appear the police are looking for her killer?  And, according to the synopsis, SR was the heiress who "owns everything" what does that mean?  I thought it might mean she was a major shareholder in YJ group.  Now she, and SY are dead.  Did Uncle get her money?  Is GU sitting on it?  Is it her money the Demon plans to use to take over YJ group?  And perhaps that's why the soul switch because GU in SRs body will no way permit that.  Perhaps being literal is a problem with these dramas but usually in literature or storytelling every character, everything about the characters and every situation is necessary for the outcome, the conclusion the writer has in mind.  Until tomorrow.   Have a wonderful Sunday, Chingu.  


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  21. 2 hours ago, liyahsbutterfly said:


    That's what I said! I truly don't think she's dead.

    Greetings.   The subs I saw said SR had died and Uncle was still in mourning. 


    Anybody know what happened to Ep. 88?


    But back to a question raised in my last post.  Why the soul switch?  If one of the two actresses was going to be sidelined for the drama, why bother having a second or third female lead?  Scratching head emoggi.

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  22. On 7/12/2023 at 6:14 AM, roli said:

    This drama so far has been a rollecoaster of dumb situations .

    Greetings,  Chingu.  Haven't been posting because these last two episodes were, in my opinion, nothing burgers.  Fillers.  Looks like tomorrow's episode may have YJ's father shed blood by his own hands, though.  And the Demon may be sending the truck of doom to take out her namesake and nemesis.  Just wanted to add my two thumbs up to your assessment of the drama.  The drama doesn't work because it doesn't stay in a lane.  Is it based in real life situations about revenge driving a woman to pull herself up from the depths of poverty and society or is it a fantasy drama where souls can migrate and everybody accepts that and all that flows from it.  The situations are "dumb" because the drama doesn't stay in the real life lane or the fantasy lane and that creates a dissonance in the story.  I think apart from the soul switch this could have been a really great revenge drama.   Does anyone know why the soul switch was necessary to the story?  I'm not seeing it.  Ah, well.  Till tomorrow chingus.

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  23. 3 hours ago, maribella said:

    I had asked that question earlier. GU's mother was in Vietnam and died at childbirth, either she was Vietnamese or Korean. So there's no way JAR is related to the Jungs or the Nams. 

    I agree with you at @Chickpea JAR is evil and turning her into an avenging daughter is ughh. She thought it was the Chairman who had killed her mum but it was her FIL, she didn't know yet. 

    Making the FIL a bad guy is trying to make a cookie cutter kdrama into something interesting and intriguing. Not working. They should have made JAR bad through and through like in MIAV.


    I am saying it again TY is JS's son. They didn't show the photo of the woman he was dating. I really hope he wouldn't have Savant syndrome. Soul switching then SS? :lol: He's just slow but he will recognise the woman and another secret is revealed.


    No romantic episodes for the lawyer and airhead please.

    EXACTLY!! That thought just came to mind and I came here to talk it through.   Everyone thought TY was HC's son but he could very well be JS's son and inherit as the son of the eldest son and not be a psychopath....  He was using an alias at the time so she would not have known he was a Nam.  Well done, @maribella

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