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  1. I think you guys will love Episode 12 so much. At least I do, after all the marathoning/back and forth between fast-pacing plots in the last 4 episodes. This one is a healing. Even if I dont understand Korean, I still love it. Spoiler alert guys...
  2. Wow! That's a plot twist...I thought HC's mental issue was the after effect of the collapse incident. So she is a naturally born psychopath..then the need to save Dabin escalated like 100 folds...previously, I thought, Dabin is still "safe" with her mom (of course eventually she will be with her Dad after her mom is caught later but still, I thought Dabin is in a good hand) Anyway, the theory about HC's dad being wealthy previously is now 50-50. He probably was wealthy once but somehow became poor because of the incident and then fell off the wagon, causing HC's mental state to wor
  3. I had this sudden flashback of the scene in "Secret Garden"...hehehe...though in SG, the connection was more of melodramatic/ fantasy-liked/fated-to-be kind of connection. I believed it was Ae Rin's father who saved SJ in the collapse, right? I re-watched ep 5 but I cannot see that actual scene (or did I missed it? hmm). I remember he was in the same toilet with AR's father but after that I think they jumped the scene, right? I need to re-watch again. Anyway, for some reason, I think that incident "spiritually/metaphorically/magically..(I don't know what others terms we can be used here...heh
  4. I think there was an explanation about HC character somewhere in some site (sorry chinggu, I forgot which one). But if I'm not mistaken, HC did come from a wealthy family. But her father died in an accident/ suicide (not sure about this) apparently. And her family lost all the wealth. Hence, she had to survive with her violin playing skills. I had this feeling that her father had something to do with the accident that SJ was also in. Probably her father was one of the co-owners of the project (I remember Ae Rin read at her father's memorial tomb that the project was owned by several companies)
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