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  1. gahhhhhhhh >:D< anneong chingus! kyaaaaaaaaaah

    i know jo in sung and hye kyo sshi won an award and happy for their achievements but i was more delighted about JIS sshi speech esp the last mention LOL kyaaaaaaaa thou he used YOUNGIE we all know who Young is right? so to sum it all up he dedicated his award to SHK gaahhhhhh kyaaaa LOL #myfeelsalloveragain LOL :\"> #delusionfangonetothemoonback LOL soo happy :-)

  2. Note how JIS is about to put his hand around SHK as he puts the jacket on her (and the look on his face) :)

    But SHK reacts quicker sensing what he's up to and turns away (signalling him that others are watching them) :)

    I felt sorry for JIS though, he looks a bit embarrassed by her reaction ;))

    hahaha exactly both are so conscious of their actions towards each other which is why i think somehow they are attracted to each other i mean in reality if you dont feel anything & only think of him/her as a friend hmmm... i'll probably take the coat first then let them freeze LMao hahaha :)) joking...

  3. ^^ LOL =)) the last pic a man in red pants that is not oh soo or jis LOL i took a pic of him coz it reminds me of Oh Soo's pants LOL ;))

    the red jacket hye kyo's wearing is different from the the highcut mag jis wearing because the one shk wearing is canada goose while jis im not sure what brand that is ;)) LOL sorry i feel like a ball buster here i just want to clear facts ;))

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