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  1. loucong said:

    WB: THIS is work!

    JIS : This is ALSO work!

    WB : Okie but after work we go switch okie ?

    LMao hahahaha

    NOTE: this is my first and last post of the forbidden pic biane biane LOL

    i LOIKE!!!

    hey, i don't know if it's just me but VISUALLY these are perfect couples.

    *oopss okay don't shoot me. i'm speaking my mind aloud* (running to take cover)

    which one you like during work or after work? LOL =))

  2. 40 mins BTS


    Overall, brings good memories of TWTWB. There was some good interaction between JIS and SHK in some shots while in others, they're a bit more careful with JIS being really on his guard upon "Cut". Maybe an actor has to be more careful. With his external sunny & at times playful disposition, I wonder if he's the type who will feel lonely inside when he's alone.

    Watch with an open mind and it'll be fine, though to see them together in the BTS is bittersweet after the news. It's a different feel.

    Shippers, come back and share your thoughts......lol.

    Lol i wish they showed this bts the same time with the drama so i can build a wall too :)) yeh its different now i can clearly see the difference of reel

    and real :) true its bittersweet i sigh'ed ** many times while watching,its like remincising a break up lmao =)) hahaha

    im fine!!! really i think :)) aigooooo

  3. loucong said:

    Lol watching the bts was torture LOL i feel like im a masochist but i wanted to see it anyway awww they look so happy while filming i guess they really had fun during that winter are you happy tht winter? Lmao hahaha


    Why you torture yourself? lol. Will things turn to become saddistic later? lol. joking....

    Yea, that winter I was happy ........

    Until this Spring.

    Lol torture because its like watching a dream that wont come true ;)) or a dream that will remain a dream lol it pains my heart but i cant not NOT watch because m a shipper of o2 it'll stay will me till im done ;))

    i will be forever a dreamer of this ship.

  4. okie i did realize something i guess i was attached to oh soo and oh youngs characters so much even thou the drama ended i refuse to accept it (from the start i knew this would be a short drama 16 epi.) thats why my longing for them made me want for Jis&Shk to be real life sweethearts too :x i guess i was really inlove with O2 deep in me but now im okie :) yah JIS is not Soo, SHK is not Youngie. thats that. i just find hard to accept that the drama is done i did really loved twtwb and look what it got me shipping heart LOL aisssh thats because twtwb was too short LOL :)) everything will pass , time is all we need ;)) Viva!!! ummm O2?!! Lol yeah OH Soo and Oh Young is my real ship :))

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