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  1. Don't choose like me..I am one greedy girl and I demand to have everything..kekeThough honestly waiting for WB and SHK collaboration is like a decade already so I'm 100% thirsty for WB-SHK collaboration and JIS-SHK collaboration 80%..It would surely increase in years time.. ;))

    i thought of it B-) tadah!!! i came back from the mountains and found answers jeeejejej ;))

    their will be two hye kyo sshi LOL LOL =)) so i guess twins character is not bad Win Win yahoooo LOL ;))

  2. what do you think about this guys?

    oh why does my chest hurts apayo!!!

    ;)) but who knows if that pic of hye kyo is really a recent pic ? right hmmm never mind i will be happy if they are then LOL (a new pic tweeted so this one is legit ) *i feel ???* Lol blank :))

    im just a shipper oh daebak!!! my soul just flew away LOL LOL =)) i dont know what to feel LOL LOL #choose happiness

  3. On another topic, you girls mention wanting to see a Jo In Sung - Song Hye Kyo - Won Bin love triangle in a drama, but if that were to happen, which couple will be victorious?

    O2? BinKyo? (It's not that man of course.) :\">

    i think i just created my dilemma as i am a JIS and WB shipper for the lovely hye kyo sshi ;)) let me see i need to get back to you after i go to the mountains and contemplate for enlightenment kekekekekekek =))

  4. Don't give up hopes!

    The fact that Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk already paired up three times should contradict the claim that OTPs never reunite again in dramas.

    yaahhh me too i want a Jo In Sung , Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin in one drama or movie Now is that too much to ask?! LOL =)) oh freak this would mean im in heaven if it'll happen hahaha :x #rip due "too overwhelmed" hahahaha =))

  5. jl08 said:

    hclover96 said:

    I was on the Sung-Kyo baidu site and found this long thread about their kiss scenes.  Considering I can only read like 40% of the Chinese words and have to rely on Google translate sometimes, it was pretty hilarious already.  I think the O2 shippers were analyzing whether there was tongue involved and was zooming in the pics to check :))


    I think we need the BTS for this scene in order to have the proper verdict ;))

    LOL!! Hilarious!I went to take a look at it and considering that i can only read about 30% chinese, I could not make out much of where exactly did they see the tongue involvement. But they seemed so excited and sure about it though I doubt so.omg. They really analysed the kiss scenes to the core! I never once thought that any tongue was involved since JIS and SHK only had kiss scenes of less than 5 finger count! haha...I cannot see  what they are seeing. It was just closed mouths forced kiss in ep 13 and lips over lips  kiss at ep 16, unless i missed it! lol. :)I wish there was tongue involved then my shipper's heart will go wild! And I thought we were the delusional ones! lol.

    I'm sure their tongues were involved.  I tried to watch so many time since this video came out last week.  I though you all know so I didn't say anything, but I knew for a long time.  The kiss was from the beginning of EP. 16.  Here is the clip of the kiss in reverse mode so you can see better with their lips, their mouths and their tongues movement.  After the first attemped then the second time you can see JIS opens his mouth and SHK suck a little harder and when they stop the kiss both of their lips open wide.   When I looked at those it seem like they are JIS and SHK kissing not OS and OY kiss.


    dandelion606 @ TWTWB thread

    so i guess this video would be my all time favorite jejejejeje =))

  6. image-20.jpg

    picture credit to DC :))

    :\"> i dont know why but i was soo happy to see the party farewell pic of kyo because they were wearing the same colored jackets LOL ;)) i dont know if its coincidental or they contacted each other i have no idea but seeing this made me to have this naughty naughty smile this is a sign from the gods nyahahaha kekekekeke jejejeje

    oh this is just a shipper post dont take it seriously lol but we can always dream heck yeah!!! =)) :\">

  7. ulap said: jl08 said:

    lol. Where are all the JIS-SHK shippers in this thread meant for them? This couple is so awesome that I thought there'll be much discussion here. :)

    Anyone who sniffs out news about them please share. It'll be awesome if there are good news but I guess it may not be so soon after TWTWB. But we can look forward to their Japan tour, if SHK can make it.

  8. @-) woke up 3am then re watched twtwb episode 16 ... omy freaking freak!!!! =)) i seriously think i have a mental problem now maybe this condition is more than withdrawal sickness ;))

    kyaaaaaaaaa liking this so much ;))

    "I don′t think I′ll be able to act in romance for a while."

    "I think viewers would have a hard time accepting it if I entered a new romance so soon after my sad one with Hye Kyo. It will take time for me to get over this character, and the viewers also need time too."

    i love the fact that JIS wont be doing any romance stories in a while (shipper heart is happy wont be jealous =)) ) hahaha he understand what a shipper is LOL gamsa'habnida IN sung sshi ;))

  9. Hahaha... rotfl You guys are so funny and crazy bunch of peoples All your comments are so hilarious' date=' i kept on laughing so hard everytime i read all the comments... Really made my day hahaha.... Btw am a new comer here ... Because of u guys, i cant resist myself for not joining this forum. fyi - never ever i joined such a forum like this before especially just for a kdrama. Thanks guys, keep on updating with ur funny comments... Love it!!! =)) =)) :x :x[/quote']

    hello there! ;))

    im glad your having fun here we just want to live well like what Oh Soo wants us to live after twtwb "if its not the end for us" well see each other again :\">

    hahaha kyaaaaaaaaa omg i just remembered the "unleashing moment of O2 ;)) hahaha :\">

    i'll ship them until my next life =)) fighting!!! LMao

  10. @bibidep

    Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!! I almost got a heart attack!!!!! :(( :-O :)) 8-}I thought the one in black and white stripe shirt was Hye Gyo..Am I subconsciously wishing for SHK and JIS to be dating???? Aaaaahhhhh!!!! As a SHK fan, I thought I went through enough with the shipping!!!! BAD *shipping heart* BAD....Guess old habits die hard.... =))

    Andwae!!! They are reel couple jjeennyy not real!!!!Get your acts straight!!!!!!!!!!

    SHK will eventually find her husband to be..Be still shipping heart....

    hahaha you know pal since that striped girl is unidentified we may get a shock of our life if she turns around and its hye kyo sshi ;)) hahaha omo!!! shipping heart why you not wait for real updates LOL LOL LOL =))

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