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  1. Annyeoung hasseyo shippers! I'm sorry for the beyond normal imagination of mine. I just really love them. TWTWB was a dream come true to me. (As i already mention it previously) and i think my dream of them being a couple for real life will come true.. Dont know when, but both are in the same age of marrying.. :D

    @jl08 SHK wants 2 kids? Omg! I'am really a psychic! Lol just kidding!

    Anyways, seems the silent lurkers came to open up! I think we're gonna hit 60 pages within this wk!

    Have a great week ahead! And hoping for good news!

    yoh im having the same vibes here and the weird thing is that my horoscopes telling me i have the ability to be a psychic LOL so this is good right? im feeling it and the presence is soo strong LOL LOL :))

  2. China will be the dating ground for our lovebirds  :x So happy to hear that JIS will also film in China haha! Just imagine how big China is....for sure they can find a place where they can have a romantic date there  8-> :-bd

    P.S. I can't stop thinking about their mole hehehe ( I know I'm crazy lol) almost the same spot on their chin ;))

    Viva China Viva!!! =)) Lol

  3. "If I perform with my own sentiment, the acting becomes very awkward. Once it becomes very unnatural, the performance itself becomes awkward too… So I… when don’t have special feeling… via acting to… awkward things… how I have to say? … It’s possible to say that it easily passes through the unnatural things? Because it’s acting so it’s able to go directly to the character in the closest way. I think like this. I’m very sorry… "

    =)) this response of JIS no matter how many times i read it i can't seem to understand it LOL :)) can some please translate this ...LOL oh wait i think i know already what he really wanted to say is " yes thats why im acting awkwardly now"..LOL ;)) right? hahhaha *peace JIS* really your answer was like Da Vinci code Lol =))

  4. Untitled2-horz.jpg

    pic credit kimc for JIS pic and ms park for SHK im the one would highlighted the phones LOL ;)) because im a shipper my mind creates stories LOL hahaha if Oh Soo has pantech VegaNo6 black and Youngie has white
    :x :\"> meanwhile in real world LOL LOL jis has iphone4 or S black and shk has white
    8-}im crazy too much coincidental now LOL LOL CALL IT FATE DESTINY OR what the heck!! LOL COUPLE phones thou unintentional for now LOL LOL LOL

  5. bunbun2391 said: from what i see, i think maybe JIS had good impression of SHK b4. but in the past, they only knew each other as friend of their friends :-? they might not have the chance to talk much n they just remained as acquaintances, nothing more. JIS only thought of SHK as a beautiful girl among many actresses out there, plus he's manly. that explains why he was good to her from the very 1st day of filming (secretly giving her hot pack (not sure if i write it correctly))
    But i think the more he knows her, the more he realizes there's something even more beautiful than the beauty of this woman :x she does not only have a pretty face but also a kind heart.
    when i watched the first episodes of TWTWB, i only thought that: "oh, his acting is good", "they look good on-scene", blah blah... just typical feelings when watching a good drama with good actor n actress. but after watching episode 5, i suddenly asked myself whether they have real feeling 4 each other or not cuz their acting was so real. i tried hard not to ship them cuz i thought perhaps their acting is so good that i cant distinguish btw reality n imagination /:)
    Then the BTS appeared n their chemistry off-scene is so damn cute that i just cant bear it. i ship them real hard till now.
    whenever i see JIS-SHK i think of Robsten (yes i talked about this a lot but still wanna say it over n over again) JIS-SHK have the special chemistry that i believe only lovers can have. i feel like they meet in this drama is some kind of fate. they've known each other for years, they have mutual friends, even used to be in the same company but somehow they've never worked together till now.
     Why dont they meet sooner? Why now?  i believe everything happens for a reason n it's better the right time than the soon but wrong time, hah :-bd  now they both r mature, have more experiences in life which makes their feeling becomes more stable than ever. i believe if they actually fall for each other, they will make it into a happy ending
    Now i can be sure JIS definitely has special feeling for SHK. through his not so natural expression in the radio interview, we shippers can easily smell sth fishy here, right  ;))  though there r still many confusions but my shipper spirit will remain high as long as i hear from both parties confirming they r just friends
    Oh god sorry 4 my super long post

  6. i want to share this song by epitone project ( the one who sing " where are you " the song that JIS choose on kim c radio)

    because..its totally fit " JIS & SHK " so much..oopssiee, i mean OS-OY  =))

    and yeah, this is the start of something beautiful ;)

    spring day, cherry blossom and you ♥

    his song choices is evidence that he aint over twtwb Lol he is missing someone dearly oh i dont want to assume my buddy boo LOL but i think its her Song hye kyo right? Lol :)) hahaha

  7. sc_3e7e08e8fb5fdc1ca97bcd1cfc69e217 said:

    ksyj2009 said:

    dwiv1 said:

    verona said:

    New BTS pic :P



    Whose jacket SHK wear in the second pic? It seemed soo big for her :)

    I noticed that when JIS answer an interview about SHK, he always mentioned her as Hye Kyo.. What does it mean? Does it means that they're very closed so that he could just call her name Hye Kyo without sshii or.... But to writer Noh or the producer Kim he called their name completely.. 

    I am sorry I didn't understand Korean language and culture... Is there anybody understand about this manner?

    Look at JIS jacket...too small for him :D and SHK too big for her ;)) meaning...... :D

    Hehe...that winter..the weather extremely cold. And JIS totally awesome. He's not only gave his jacket to SHK ( and he wore Her jacket :D ) but also warmed her with "rolling activities" in that beautiful scene. In Sung yah...don't take too long. Nuna more than 100% approve your feeling to HK :)>-

    Are you guys serious about this? That JIS gave HIS jacket to SHK and he wore HER jacket? Or are you joking? I know SHK's jacket looked too big for her and JIS's jacket looked too short but I thought if he's wearing SHK's jacket, it's red colour cos in ep 9, SHK's

    assistant was carrying her red jacket.

    LOL No im not sure actually their assistants carry them so when after each scenes theyll be not cold maybe its a random jackets they grabbed but who knows right LOL i want your versions better LOL =))

  8. luluwannagohome said:

    Jo In Sung will promote TWTWB in Hong Kong and Singapore as well.

    Insungchina.com's admin tomato55 heard from a korean fan that beside the promotion in Japan on June 29th, In Sung also has promotion plans in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong in May/June.

    So tomato55 KakaoTalked with In Sung's manager, Mr. Kim.

    "We have plans for the drama promotion." " We are currently adjusting schedules."

    Regarding promotion in Taiwan, another admin, Enya, got the reply from Mr. Kim saying there's no plan for Taiwan yet.(But since the drama's gonna be broadcast in Taiwan on GTV, we are expecting future plans to be settled.)


    So so so jealous with you guys in those countries  :(( :((

    nanuen!!! me too pls come to

    north america as well LOL i dream a dream :))

  9. Hi @ebulli3nt! I agree with you' date=' @kdvf should have posted it in the O2 thread. I know you already said you're sorry for being rude but I hope you can say it nicely next time. The way you said it seem kinda hurtful. Although, there's a possibility that kdvf might not get hurt maybe I'm the only one who's sensitive here but I hope you get my point. I'm sorry.[/quote']

    ;) some people are really new to soompi and not familiar to forum rules so a reminder is also good i myself confess i didnt read soompi rules and guidelines but its not my first time to sign up in a forum but i also agree with you about saying it in a nicer manner ;)) it would be more welcoming for a newbie Lol ;))

    *peace pls im not making an issue here just me agreeing to something Lol ;)) ~xoxo~

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