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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I LOVE THEM!!!! UMMM well i really like Won Bin for Kyo but its been long due i don't think its most likely to happen LOL  :)) back to O2 COUPLE never been this crazy for a drama/real couple before i shipped them so bad its making me so hard to focus In my real world LOL  =)) OMO!!! what to do?! what have they done to me the chemistry between them is so great...im like enchanted with them  :x ...they did this spell to me " waaaaaakyaaaaao2please ".. LOL LOL   :\">

  2. marie67


    While (im)patiently waiting for episode 6 lets take a poll about OY:

    Do you guys think she knows OS is not her real brother? If so, why? If not, why?

    I think she knows he is not her real brother. I mean for someone who loves her brother so much and who was always together with him, she would for sure know where his wound is on his arm. I think when the accident happened back then it would have hurted like hell and she would never forget that important thing.

    Also there is that scene where they go to the party and when he teases about that kiss scene and when his face is so close to hers. She then quickly drinks and is all flustered and goes suddenly to the bathroom. I wonder why nobody has commented on her reaction in that particular scene, because it showed us she also feels attraction to him.

  3. 3c12079b-c396-433a-9753-5a14aeac9228.jpg
    i didN'T see this being shown :\"> could this be NG :)) Lol looks like Oppas enjoying HAHAHA ... Yeh im feeling the winter crave KEKEKE 5 more days til the next episode :o3 
    OH NO!! I wonder who's keeping the magical pill :-SS i know this is melodrama and suppose to be a tearjerker but i keep squeeking LOL i keep smiling like BIG smiles LOL  :)) (yeah i may look like and idiot to other people HAHAHA) jis and kyo are soooo perfect they look so good together and they are showing a lot of close ups KYAAAAAA omo!! my overjoyed heart LOL LOL  =))

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaah omg!!!! what to do?! i havent really slept well i woke up 140ish (ET) this morning my brain has its own mind Hahaha it was looking forward for todays episode Lol, i cant explain how am i feeling overjoyed perhaps from the beautiful scenes ...the reunion kiss demostration kyaaaaa dub2x <3 *cough* Oh Soo its really hard to believe you're siblings the way you're acting & the stares!!! <3 , waaaaaaa the cotton candy!!! the close up shots they're absolutely too beautiful to looked at

  5. @tessieroo jejeje don't worry same here...but i dont feel entirely weird thou because we know from the start that oh soo was just pretending to be the brother, im just wrecking my brain if Youngie also knows this..i have this feeling she does know as well remember when she was teasing oh soo like she opened the door knowing oh soo was coming up stairs ..  i think that was in epi 2 kyaaaaaaaaaaaa <3

  6. strawberry555



    .. That's why in pc she said that he take care of him or something like that.. Well just make the mind of my brain flying again.. Read that some of her fans not liking her 2 fall in love with her co again.. N I don't know how can they do that 2 her.. I prefer her 2 free fall in love 2 who ever she fall 2 n we the fan had suPport it allthe way.. Like when she with HB, I really don't like it but I agree if she happy I'll accept it.. Even penelope cruz is FINE.. Is in the stressing work of her hope we not stressing her more n forbiding 2 be free.. I just watch oprah with shania twain n got understands how d pressure n stressfull being a star.. So.. Hope she not affraid of anything ..

  7. oi!! hi everyone wow it's been ages since my last post here on soompi i even forgot my old user and pw HEHEHE 50.gif 
    anyway im loving TWTWB!! JIS & SHK have this amazing chemistry, like seeing them in one screen at the same time leaves me in awe 30.gif im a long time fan of both btw... seeing them in one drama is a dream come true well i was really hoping at first that won bin would say yes to this one but JIS isn't bad at all like how can you not be amazed to this man all package deal looks and talent :) kyaaaaa <3
    im really hooked to this drama i watching the raw and the one with subs that's how crazy i am with this Lol.. I LOVE Everything about this drama...from OST to down to cinematography.i heard about the rating that its doing well im really glad because im hoping they would do more than 16 episodes jejeje... keeping my fingers cross aja!!! fight!!! LOL which i think it might come true sheeshhh considering the response and the support they are receiving :))
    Oh yeah before i forget i want to say thanks to them the pretty amazing team the winter lovers for the subs are really fast THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF THEM, ALL DEDICATED SELFLESS FANS/CONTRIBUTORS 40.gif
    last, im sorry i think my post is kinda long ...hahaha ... hope to meet new cyber friends here and cyber hugs to all winter lovers!!! yeah!!! :)

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