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  1. I wish we had something like this....  :-S :-S :-S


    I still feel cheated that we didn't get to see official pictures of their party..especially not seeing the leads but instead we only have like paparazzi pics..... :(( :(( :((

    tell me where should i go and i'll beg =)) Lol just kidding....

    i know i feel you too when i saw the yawang pics i also felt wishing twtwb would also have this kind of pics but instead we had puzzle like pics LOL LOL ;))

  2. @Loucong' date=' thank you very much for the videos that u just posted. I was crying while watching it. Don't know y I miss O2 couple so much. They r really a perfect match made in heaven. Reading their news here n there, it made me sometime sad n happy. But I still hope to see them end up to be a real couple in real life n live happily ever. Even though JIS kept saying his ideal girl is Kim Yuna n he has no feeling for SHK.[/quote']

    hi! :)) oh no problem im glad you liked it, i know 02 is perfection Lol i wish reel will be real also but i wont put pressure on them Lol i will wait (i hope it wont take long ;)) ) and i'll go to temples and pray LOL LOL ;))

  3. >:D< yahhhh my hye kyo sshinis attending the japan tour?!!! really?!!! oh please please!! i feel like im deprived of 02 since the finale ;)) i need a dose of it Lol... but probably if they'll be ask about having feelings Lol expect same answers shipper Lol ;)) i'll just rely on actions Lol its more believable ... * stutter * check * eyes winks * check * sigh check deep thought check Lol :))

  4. im just glad we are all loving here ;)) gosh how dreadful cuz of that cap post a bit of not so good post and feelings are posted on our girls thread aiisshh okie dreamers this is not the end for us please stay and live well who know we might have a happy ending too right? LOL ;)) no cap or hat will bring this ship down under we have writer noh on out side LOl say what??? again LOL just kidding to set the mood happy LOL ;))

  5. on the episode when Youngie looks at Soo for the first time she smiled right ?omg i really felt that wasnt acting both were soo blooming its feels like they werent acting i mean for sure both are great actors but its just seems so real i dont know how great their cinematographer or editing is but for sure it wasnt faking i feel the chemistry just flew out my screen that moment LOL :))

  6. @jl08

    yeah, maybe that cap is from her own collection or she borrow her manager cap..heheh...( i still shipping them...  :x ;;)    )

    actually i have a feeling Kyo are in relationship coz she is glowing and more beautiful nowadays...but the question is..nugu?


    02 shippers dont kill me...


    yahhh but do you also think that JIS is blooming too? then!!! hashtag #boom!! LOL ;))

  7. Relax. The garden is done with. The gush of new WIND swept it clean and fresh.Don't fret. it's ok. I believe the cap is not an indication of anything. It serves to protect SHK's face' date=' that's all. Don't think so much.ok, @loucong. I will not bother you with further questions about caps anymore. LoL.[/quote']

    gamsa! cyber hug group hug ** calling ajumma for cold soju** drink till our nose gets crooked ;))

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