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  1. @hush puppy hi hi Tschüss / 안녕 / Tạm Biệt / さようなら / adiós / बाई / addio / Bye
  2. @hush puppyhi hi.. This is not foolish, sometime when you are in an event, you already nervous and don't think much, he just innocent. His reaction is very fast. He been sincere and honest. I THINK HE IS VERY BOLD AND ADORABLE. OTHERS ARTISTS WILL NOT CARE, AND YET EVERYONE THINK THEY ARE SMART.
  3. @hush puppy Is in Japanese : (YOU CAN DO IT. AS LONG AS YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF / in Korean: 넌 할 수있어. 자신을 믿는 한) Long Long.
  4. あなたはそれを行うことができます。 あなたが自分を信じている限り。Long Long
  5. @hush puppy hi hi ha ha @QD8 hi hi, sorry i over see thing or misread sometimes, I thought is his dating time together. @hush puppyHI HI... AGREE WITH YOU, YOU ARE RIGHT. He did not condemn his dating. He just wished him to be more "discreet" and care more for his Fans' feelings. That to me, is reasonable. Not all Fans are like us: open-minded and practical. And those are the Majority. So it pays to be a bit careful. This is the Occupational Hazard of being in the Entertainment Industry. (ESPECIALLY MAJORITY NEW FANS)
  6. @iamlegend hi hi I sorry I might write and make people confused, she not the drama-queen-type , she a low key person, what i mean I wish she can hold the relationship stronger with him, even though they are young. Not the airport posting that make him like that, maybe he has some personal thing to worry. I wish he and his gf and his family is happy and healthy too.
  7. @hush puppy @iamlegend hi hi, I wish the gf (Zhao Jiali) can hold on to him tho. It been 2 years now. I do wish they can last and happy together. The gf not bad tho. Even they still an "item". I do not know why he not himself laterly.
  8. @hush puppy"What goes around, comes around". Be patient Song Wei Long.
  9. @hush puppy @iamlegend @Schinza @jcwsgal @New here and other fans here too.. hi hi.. 2020 wasn't the best year of our lives and we are totally looking forward to a positive new 2021. It's about time to forget what was and gear up for a new beginning. Here’s to another year full of joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories with an unforgettable friends. To Our VERY special person SONG WEI LONG, I hope today will brings you as much happiness as you bring to everyone else, each and every day, each and every minutes, each and every second. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and dese
  10. @hush puppy hi hi, because when 1st started open my soompi account 4 years ago, I don't know what photo to put, so i put LJS, I never change it until today, I don't know much about him even until now. I know more about Song Wei Long.
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