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  1. Is that all? Is it time to really say goodbye to GBMP? So what about the cctv on the tree? No explanation what so ever? Are they trying to torture me or what? Come back Gu Xiao Wu, come back Lao Wu, come back Li Cheng Ying, come back Chen Xing Xu
  2. Totally agree. He wasn’t a bad guy. It’s just that his heart has been consumed with revenge to the core, he couldn’t stop. Also, he always had a quarrel with XF, pretending he didn’t side with her, actually it was to protect her from the queen, because the queen always tried to get rid off whoever LCY loved so she could have a full control of him. I always feel sorry for him as he was actually very lonely & maybe that’s also why XF couldn’t hate him ‘till the end.
  3. I couldn’t agree more. What has this drama done to me, too??? I can’t move on & I keep coming back to them especially I keep coming back to CXX & I agree that when CXX played the role of LCY, he was LCY. I can’t imagine other actors as him. Please director nim. If you are about to make a movie version of this drama, let CXX & PXR play the same roles
  4. @nuttyz, @J13 that means I’m the worst. I’m a 42 y.o. ahjumma obsessed with such a young man who can be a son to me But I can’t help it. He deserves the adoration as he is really cute & his acting is superb
  5. First life, Gu Xiao Wu & Xiao Feng at Western Shi. Second life, Li Cheng Ying & Xiao Feng at Li Empire. Third life, I hope that what I wish the ending was came to the scene. After a long journey searching for the oblivion river and XF, old LCY finally finds both the river and old XF sitting next to it. They hug & kiss & do whatever people do when they miss each other dearly, then they live happily ever after together forever. That’s the third life. The end. Yaaaayyyyy!!!
  6. What I meant was that the scene was not included in the episode where they were fighting for Ah Du’s blade. It was only a flashback, only seconds in ep. 45
  7. There’s one more. The kiss scene on the bed when XF tried to take back Ah Du’s blade, LCY tied XF’s hands with his belt, pushed her down & kissed her. Why did they cut that off?
  8. Yes, I’m curious about this, too. I think they cut it off. It’d be really good if it was included because the last sentence of the old LCY is the main point of the whole drama. “Actually, the biggest punishment from the sky is not TO FORGET but it is TO REMEMBER FOREVER”
  9. Hi, all. This is my first comment in this thread. Last night after I finished watching ep. 52, I kept repeating the scenes where LCY regained his memory & when XF killed herself. I did that for about an hour until it was almost 3 o’clock in the morning. I couldn’t accept the fact that it ended that way. So I made my own ending wishing that somehow XF survived, lived somewhere outhere & then after a long journey, they finally reunited & lived together happily despites of everything that has happened. At least they deserved that. That way, I could go through last night & slept well.
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