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  1. 'Thirty but seventeen' and 'burning youth' are delayed. According to SBS, Thirty but episodes 17 and 18 and 'Burning Youth' will be delayed by 30 minutes each due to the broadcast of Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang in 2018, according to SBS. The 17th and 18th episodes will be broadcasted at 10:30 pm and the 'Burning Youth' will be broadcasted at 11:40 pm. Tonight we'll also find out more about lady in yellow heels SBS funE ㅣ Actor Lee Young Eun appears in the drama 'It is thirty but is seventeen'.
  2. It seems it scared her n triggered her crying? Yes at least we do have tonyt. are u watching it live later? i forgot who watch live last week and shared updates here. I did read up on dramamilk to get the gist of the episode as soon as im done with streaming sbs. and Asian games doesnt end til Sep 2, so schedule for next week is still up in limbo. haha werent we all. I thk i even downloaded alot of ur gifs then too. back then the thread moves like 10 pages aday.
  3. its cute to see them listed on the Cast list profile page 덕구 ▶ 덕구 (구, 팽/犬/16세) 갑작스레 부모님을 잃고 슬퍼하던 14살 서리를 위로하려 외삼촌 김현규가 선물한 강아지. 누구보다 서리에게 큰 위안이 된 존재로, 강아지 왈츠를 작곡한 쇼팽에 대한 존경을 담아 ‘팽’이란 이름을 붙였다. 현재는 16살의 노견. 무슨 이유에서인지, ‘덕구’라는 새로운 이름으로 몇 년 전부터 우진이 키우고 있다. 반반 인생을 사는 우진이 유랑생활을 할 때도 꼭 함께 다닐 만큼 끔찍이 아끼는 존재. 찬이삐약주니어 ▶ 찬이삐약주니어 (병아리) 찬의 사랑을 듬뿍 받는 찬이의 반려병아리 @KdramaSwimmer ur soompi id is so familiar- i think i come across alot of ur posts in Moon lovers page-?
  4. ya im on the same wavelength too. Its drama rule on attraction and pull. but i really enjoy last week when it extends more to understanding and finding comfort in each other's presence. @meechuttso thankyou for d new shots. we are all too ready for the next episode. i've caught up on my other filler drama since there's no raw 30but17 to watch on sbs. add on with this article i come across, same pic but i dont mind looking at it again http://news.hankyung.com/article/201808207617H SBS drama 'Thirty but seventeen' Still Cut / Photo = SBS Wall Street drama 'Thirty but Seventeen' When sewing on a button becomes like PG13 scene thanks to that gaze (ahemm YSJ is good at these so be prepared peeps) The article said there will be a change in their relationship and romance will thicken ..i didnt thk we did get much progress this week.. cautiously expecting.. @YourHighness . unfortunately lastnyt's show was pre-empted; not postponed. and scheduled tonight only 65mins of the show. so we only have half dose of 30but17 this week..
  5. Episode 7 & 8 Within less than a month there's considerable changes in SR and WJ. The gap between them essentially dwindled to nothing. There's a sense of trust and both drawing out something from the other. SR Although still naive in many areas, she really exudes commonsense and maturity at times. Again as mentioned before i think shes handling herself and situation beautifully. If this drama was a different genre, namely melo; her character with the same conditions (lost 13 years, lost dreams, lost family, and being homeless) would have come off as extremely pitiful and even depressive- and could have reacted by shrinking back from the world. SO i really like the way shes written and potrayed so far- it's not the end of your life or the end of the world- instead SR is like a delayed flower bud - still taking her time to blossom. I also felt we've been thrown back to school with the two new words: Crescendo and Intermission CRESCENDO A crescendo is a way for composers to indicate that a passage of music should gradually increase in loudness over time (opposite of a decrease in volume, which is described as a decrescendo). It is also used in non-musical contexts to describe any situation in which volume is increasing. (https://study.com/academy/lesson/crescendo-in-music-definition-notation-quiz.html) The symbol is often refered to as a hairpin or a wedge. Italian. (cresc.) What i'm interested was the flashback scene of 17 yr old SR drawing the crescendo symbol in the bus. What did she see that sparked her to draw? just as we see the present her feeling her heart beating louder and faster as she looked at WJ. I'm entertaining the idea that 17 yr old SR noticed WJ back then. Else i'm reading too much into it LOL WJ It wasnt SR that changed the most but it was her, acting as the catalyst that brought a cascade of changes in WJ (alongside with the chick that grew alot too). In many aspects it's thoroughly welcoming. And perhaps it allows him to be closer to his real self. The self that can be immature, and playful. And its always very swoony to see him running towards SR like a knight. But he balances between saving the damsel and respecting SR to learn to be independent and not be overly reliant. Intuitively he knows when to step back and let her be and step in when she needs him. Just as when he realises shes homeless again, he invited her back into his home again. In a way that the embarassed SR could still raise her head and accept his good will. Jennifer Jennifer so far had the most intriguing mystery and i cant wait to find out what happened to her unborn child, and what turned her into a walking encyclopedia. Was SR's uncle a coincidence or is there a larger story and connection. The scene where SR hugged her. i didnt know i needed the scene until it happened. Because the poor woman needed the hug. Her scene with WJ also had messages to be pondered over and learnt from. I looked forward to their random, impromptu and short garden conversations. I hope to get a clearer idea of the lady in yellow heels next week. All the good people: I've come to realise that theres plenty of good people around WJ that now extends to SR - providing her a warm and nurturing environment. Chan, the awesome nephew and even his sidelicks are nice. There's Jennifer. There's Hee Soo, WJ's classmate and lady boss. There's Hyun. All this makes this drama really feel-good. Kim Tae Rin I've refrained from commenting her until we saw a bit more of her. And shes this variable that i'm not certain about. She doesnt seem particularly villainy. And I already feel for her. She still seems to suffer anxiety and hints of lack of confidence in herself. Her mother's an obvious contributor. But i just wonder does she love music enough to do it without having to be top no.1, and not doing it just cause its suppose to run in her genes, or cause of her mum. In some ways SR started violin cause of her mum but their motivation towards music seems to be at opposite end of the spectrum. I wonder if the drama will be able to give TR her arc to grow and learn about herself. The current her seems to be living on borrowed time, she seems to show shes living in a borrowed limelight in the absence of SR from the violin world. Edit to rave about SHS - shes so spot on with her sometimes nuanced and subtle potrayal of SR. She exhibited the 17 yr old girly youthfulness. Then scenes of the wistful self. And that scene on the beach. The way her voice slowly subtly changes as she got more emotional. wow wow i was blown away - so natural and her transitions into each scenes were effortless. Shes a gem to watch.
  6. Hi chingus.. im back Seems everyone's pumped up for Jihyunnie's new project. I'm loving her character already based on teaser and stills
  7. Preview So did she see the picture or didnt she. I felt like pd will troll us. Oh and jennifer jennifer.. so sad. Sbs posted a nice compiled recap
  8. Episodes 4 to 6 It's getting really interesting as the drama let's us dwell into individual characters more- on their own and their interaction with others. GWJ Wow Mr hot and cold really pulls you in the last 2 episodes. I havnt come across such a calm character in awhile. Not your typical k-drama reaction in the blanket-female in bed scene. The way he deadpans. His calm reaction with Chan bursting in. A stark contrast in the other scene wheres he agitated to find SR hired and now a new employee in his firm. It seems for Mr Gong to function past the trauma was to compartmentalise. So hes neatly put away the art-travel case into the cupboard and the plunger. And retreating back to the safety of his office. And his defense mechanism is speaking loud and clear for SR to steer clear away from him. At the same time we were shown that at his core he's actually a sweet guy with the tendency to be kind. It speaks even more loudly how much he has to go out of his way to be the opposite. It's like he was born to be the neighbourhood oppa but he turn himself to mr grouch just so that he doesnt meddle into anyone's life again. One thing I admire the most was how mature and responsible he is to seek the professional help once he showed signs of relapse. And the laid-bare confession he made to the doc. We finally see for ourselves how much pain he's still dealing with. The writer is pretty cruel to him, considered that once he does find out the girl he thought is dead is very much alive.. BUT 13years of her life was stolen from the accident. And seeing first hand that shes now without family, and the career that she could have had. WSR I didnt expect to hear the confession from SR so soon but i heard her loud and clear. In the scene where GWJ heads to his car. She said among the people she had met recently, he's the one she feels the closest with. It's almost child-like the ways she says it. I find so far SR is very direct - she speaks aloud her observation. What she doesnt understand she ask a direct question (case in point -the earphone). When its beyond her comprehension and hes running away, she pursues to ask what she did wrong and what should she do about it. When shes does something wrong, she wants to apologize for it. When she felt appreciated, she wants to express her gratitude for it. Girl has a good head on her shoulders. And so far she shows tenacity and will to survive. Shes got short to mid term goals- fix the violin (work and save to get the money), need to find a place when 1 month is up and still no uncle. The way shes tackling it simply sometimes downplays her connundrum. A different person, a different scenario could drive one up the wall. To think of it shes lucky that they let her stay on, essentially this make-shift adoptive family is nice and supportive (that Jennifer feeds her and even gifts her a new pairs of shoes and shes found a loyal friend in Chan.) and when it comes to her ahjussi, shes somehow drawn to him. It makes me wonder did the 17 yr old SR noticed the 17yr old WJ? Chan So i take back my ambivalence with this character. I pity him in the scene where he's a wet duck dashing into the rain and back to get meds for SR. He's solved it for himself that what he feels for SR way outweighs how he feels for the chick. He's so far the 'mature' one but this is his first love. How is he gonna pursue SR and how hes gonna deal with it when he finds out SR likes his uncle and his uncle recirpocates that feeling? Poor dude. Heartbreaks are never easy to deal with but one cant stop him from heading into that direction. Doctor-shi I'm still waiting for his arc. In my books he has better standing in the SL - love triangle. is it a square now? But guy whose a close school friend of girl. Who seems to be waiting for SR all 13 years? Who might have become a doctor for her sake? And is it him or someone else paying the hospital bills. I wanna know more. Ep 6 ending scene That scene warrants a paragraph of its own. I dont recall such type of scene among my dramas in awhile. I'll be glad to take recommendations from you peeps if you've come across a sweet scene like this. Essentially just as GWJ narrates earlier he could block out almost everyone except her. And her pain and tears seems to completely demolish his defenses and drew out the guy underneath the rubble who just wants to console SR. Aigoo the tender hand cupping her face was really beautifully created and im sure a collective sigh from viewers alike watching it. I come back to my thought process of how cruel the writer is to WJ. His most traumatic memory tied to his most beautiful memory, all on the same girl. From the previews it seems it's Spring for the otp this week. Yup. And when im done watching and to cope with no new episodes i went to video clipping my fav scenes to make do. That's why i say its painful to wait 5 days for new episodes. I need to find me some filler dramas - but its tough, when i do get attached to dramas, my heart dont have enough space to put more. So currently im only watchin 2 dramas, this inclusive.
  9. Hi to those watching and posting, lurking, delurking, those addicted, those who watched but are left wanting, those who are interested and have yet to watch But the drama that made me wanted to sigin and write a little (or not so little) was 30 but 17. Based on episodes 1 to 3 (60mins version) Background & Plot Episode 1 quickly establish the start of it. Skipping from male lead back to when he was 17. Up to the accident. The plot exercises some old drama tropes - leads who met in their younger selves, first love, traumatic/tragic past, coma, mistaken identity. Whilst this isnt a melodrama, the tragic angle does make it a good sob story- theres all the machinations to feel sad and pity for Seo Ri. Character Woo Se Ri I really like her cheery personality despite all the tragedy attached to her. She's one who has a jump in her steps, who dont follow the score sheets to play beautiful music. The 30 yr old Se Ri having to age overnight from 17 to 30 still has the courteousness, the thankfulness, the zest for life, the telling as it is and even the episode of temper and blame. Shes like that warm neighbourhood girl you wish to get to know or be acquainted to. Mr Gong The man with alot of quirks and self-imposed exile from getting involved with peeps and their affairs. The 17 yr old him stalls the bus driver to let an old woman catch up to the bus. The 30yr old him would share his bottled water with a random wilting plant in the streets. He also has an awesome job imo. Acting SHS Seals the deal in her scene when she saw her mirror image. Raspiness of her voice, her delivery, her forlorn cries. It touched me deeply than any wailing. Shes really nailing the emotional scenes. SHS amplifies the sweetness and youthfulness of a 17yr old in 30yr old body. She makes the silliness and antics comedically ok, without being hard-to-swallow. YSJ Does exude the cold look when he doesnt smile and turn into a puppy when he does. I felt YSH connected well with his character. He took some time warming up to but he won me over the scene where he plead Se ri to dont go/stay (when she was running to catch up with her missing uncle) Sweet spots I love the theme of this seventeen year old self. Seeing both Se Ri and Woo Jin both stuck emotionally in their 17year old self. The first one who upon waking up- technically her emotional self is 17+1 day old. While the other whose emotional state was traumatised to have stunted his capability to (want to be) close or emotionally involve with other people (with the execption of family). I tuned in to watch how Se Ri grapples with it. I cant imagine never living my 20s while there's Seri imagining the 20s that she could have lived but instead spent lying on a bed for 13years. The scene of noticing the changes of what one decade brings to surrounding and culture - the scene of everyone glued to their phones, of her memories of older buildings and changes in street naming. I thk of the otps meeting again and ending up being in the same house through this fate thing as a chance to let them face the issues (and of course eventually uncovering the truth) while also being each other's motivator to grow emotionally. Things to turn a blind eye There are some holes- that you can see the writer push a storyline but not setting it up properly which is weird given that she has ample time to develop them since we have 20episodes. I almost wish they wrote it as 30 but 18. That way Se Ri would have her ID and driving license and would make sense to be able to apply for jobs. If you wan to nitpick, some may not enjoy the pace or the prolonged- finding out her identity, her moon-bunny, her aunt and uncle. Lil bits of crumbs have been given. Obviously not a thirst-quencher. Personally since i've watched till ep3 only i dont mind watching as it is. Good things come to those who waits ;) and i do enjoy watching Se Ri gets under Woo Jin' s skin. And him to be entangled and come to care about another human being (without any attachment to the 17yr old her which he liked n had a crush on). Other musings I find the character Jennifer interesting. Not just of her capability as a housekeeper but one who has empathy and do nice things for others not for her own gain. She's shrouded with mystery. She was the one who let Se Ri enter the household through an honest mistake and i do wonder if towards the end would her character also holds the key to reunite the otps? far-fetch i know. I love the actress by the way. I hope she gets better and meatier roles. So far i see her character here as a plus. Meanwhile my feelings for Chan is a mixed bag. I thk he's sort of endearing. His love and closeness with his uncle is nice, his puppy love for Se Ri is understandable. But so far hes one i just watched when appear on screen and havent really form an attachment to him yet.
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