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    This video is in my recommendation list as I was watching our Dimple couple compilation videos.


    Jiwon (Real name: Go Sohyun) was being interviewed by a violinist youtuber(who also has the bruise that SA has on the neck) and I'm pleasantly surprised that she is also a violinist and has been playing since a young age! She mentioned that the filming atmosphere is very good. And she is close with all the staffs and actors as well : )


    Watching this drama makes me more interested in classical music


    Ps can't wait for episode 13!! 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, vangsweetie637 said:


    btw, it seems like some of us got the impression that DY/MS actually dated for a bit?? How come I didn’t get that impression at all? 

    to me, seemed like MS had a crush on DY but never acted on it too..although things did happen between them by mistake or accidentally. But they actually never dated. 

    Same here! MS and DY dont feel like they dated even though according to the plot, they did

    Or is there some backstory not shown yet?

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  3. 25 minutes ago, Jillia said:

    Yeah but the motif as to why he told her that and HOW he told her that is wrong. He doesn't say it for Song Ah's sake but for his own and for Joon Young's sake.


    And that's the wrong reason and the wrong way to approach her.


    24 minutes ago, rukizie said:


    Hi, i like your opinion but the way he delivered his opinion is irritating me. I feel her because i ever had that feeling. But Seung Jae never stopped to sugar coating his compliment. 


    If it's true the rumour that Song Ah would be Joon Young's manager in the end, it would be good.


    16 minutes ago, SakuraC said:


    Realistically, there is no future for SA as a violinist even if she enroll for the master class

    Even JK who is much talented end up trying to be a professor 

    That is the cold & harsh world out there

    SA needs to find her own path

    Sometimes dream might not be enough when you face the reality 


    Anyway SJ telling SA is not for her sake

    But for his selfish reason

    The same way on how he treats JY

    He only has his own interest as priority

    He didnt care of others feeling


    14 minutes ago, vangsweetie637 said:

    I understand your POV and of course, giving honest advise/suggestions are good. He praised her but how honest was the praise if it’s followed by looking down on her too? 

    And when there is no respect and the words are spoken to put someone down, I don’t agree with it. I understand JY’s status is different from SA so it is clear that the world will talk and it can ruin JY’s career. However, JY isn’t the only one who will be hurt from it. SA, too, will suffer. But there are much nicer and polite ways to say it without stepping into the boundaries of other peoples’ misery and struggles. 

    it is true that people like this do exist. Realistic and cold comments like this are spoken from one to another. However, it also doesn’t sit well when we all know that it’s not right either. 



    the preview looks painful but seeing JY comfort SA..is heart-warming :wub:

    @Jillia @rukizie @SakuraC @vangsweetie637 


    Thanks all for your thoughts - Agreed with them as well ! 


    Will be looking forward to see how SA and JY will learn to support each other! 


    Peace :blush:

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  4. Unpopular opinion but even though what Sungjae told Songah is quite hurtful, it is nevertheless a good advice in my opinion.


    Songah is competing with others who have been playing musical instruments since they were young so she already lost close to 10+years of practice. Even if she is talented, realistically can she beat that 10+years of practice? 


    As like what the writer said in her latest interview (cr typedmaru) these cold and realistic comments act as a preventive shot before our leads step into the society.


    Sungjae is offering other path other than her continuing her Masters in his company i think as he did praise that Songah is good in her work. So now she can decide whether continuing Masters is really the path she want to walk.


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  5. 1 hour ago, gracebkk said:

    I'm not good at doing live recaps nor am I well-versed in Korean, so I'll just be writing down the highlights so far as best as I can:


    1. After the swoon-worthy kissing scene, SA & JY had a talk about SA's feelings, JY volunteering to be SA's accompanist (which SA rejected), and SA telling JY to start with talking about the good thing first (I think that's what SA said)

    2. SA & JY admitting to SA's friends that they're dating

    3. JY putting away JK's handkerchief present (which then brought us to #4)

    4. JY & SA walking in school, still being their awkward self yet so so so so cute!!!

    5. JY asking a present from SA (hence he basically coerced SA to give him the handkerchief she uses when playing violin)

    6. SA visiting Kyunghoo foundation to pass on some documents related to Professor Lee's chamber music thing & that SA isn't helping out Kyunghoo because she's busy

    7. HH telling his friends that he broke up with JK (this scene was soooo awkward. not sure what they talked about here too)

    8. Professor Lee Soo Kyung apparently acts the same way towards all her students (even Hae Na), but this time, she commended on SA's playing (saying that she improved)

    9. HH caught JK & JY coming out of a cafe (because JK & JY was discussing about the piece JY is going to accompany JK on)

    10. JK looking super sulky during the board meeting in Kyunghoo foundation (probably because her heart isn't in to it)


    PS: Now, the entire faculty/school knows that SA & JY are dating hahahaha :D the rumours spreaded so fast! hahahaha :D 


    And that's the end of part 1.




    Here's part 2 (my streaming is lagging quite badly so I'm not catching anything they're saying. sorry guys.. >.<):


    1. JY & HH are talking albeit tensely about why JY & JK met, SA knowing that JY is being the pianist accompanist for JK, etc.

    2. Simon (aka Park Sung Jae) met with JY's professor, not sure why. (I forgot! In part 1, Simon also met with that credit card guy again)

    3. There's a flashback of JY's professor meeting with the grandma & Team Leader Cha. (the professor sounds so nice here! I sense that he wasn't as rough/mean as he is now – I wonder what happened with him.. seems like people side-looked him that he only rose to his fame/status now because of JY)

    4. JY telling Team Leader Cha that he's dating SA (SA told the team leader in the first part of ep9)

    5. MS & SA met in the park and are having drinks over talking. SA also told MS to go on a blind date (I don't think SA told MS about the DY fiasco)

    6. SA & JY having an impromptu date at the park. (believe it or not, SA was the one who called JY out)



    1 hour ago, gracebkk said:

    Part 2 isn't done yet guys... :P


    9. SA saw JY playing piano from outside the classroom (Minjae is sooo goood and handsome!!! goshhhhh). SA later entered the room and then they had a small talk (JY asked SA her opinion about his playing and so on)

    10. JY's professor had a talk with JY (I think this was a flashback? Not sure because my streaming is lagging). It was very solemn though.. Something about competitions.. And now JY is having a mental breakdown.... HE'S TAKING MEDS?!?! WHAT MED IS THAT?!?! GOSHHH... I hope he doesn't overdose himself because of stress.... :bawling:

    11. Wait.. what....? JY won the Chopin competition already? I'm confused.... Is it because my streaming is lagging??? What's going on...??? I'm so confused now....

    1 hour ago, gracebkk said:

    Continuing with my part 2 highlight recap:


    12. (The scene is here guys!! when they took it during Eunbin's birthday) SA's friends found out that SA is dating JY accidentally because MS said it on speakerphone while DY was there (SA's friends told SA to put her phone on speaker when MS called).

    13. DY & SA are now having a heart-to-heart talk while drinking (all their friends left). SA told DY that she really likes JY (I guess she just replying to DY's confession). They're not fighting or arguing or anything though.

    14. But SA also told DY that she used to like him a lot (in the past) – and MS & JY both heard the confession. MS is crying now and left the scene..... T..T


    End of Part 2 & Ep 9.


    Goshhh... DYLB is really good at ending their episodes huh? This cliffhanger... gahhhh.... JY does looked shocked, but then he looked at MS right away, probably because JY already knows about it in the first place. 


    SA is going to visit JY's house tomorrow guys!! Woohoooooooo... I wonder what will happen... 


    All in all, today was a great episode! Can't wait to watch the subbed episode (when I can finally watch everything without lagging & understand it too! :D )


    1 hour ago, Jillia said:

    Next day, Joon Young and Song Ah eat together and her college friends come around and ask whether they can sit with them. Song Ah gets embarrassed when they mention the rumor about Song Ah and Joon Young dating to which Joon Young replies: "It's not a rumor. Haven't you told them? We're seeing eachother."


    The fact that Song Ah and Joon Young are now officially dating is spreading throughout the school and Hae Nae hears about it and makes a negative remark about how this school is the worst.


    Meanwhile Hyun Ho tells his friends he and Jung Kyung broke up. That's when he hears about the rumors of Joon Young and Song Ah. And he actually asks Song Ah to confirm whether she and Joon Young are dating.


    Then Hyun Ho caught Joon Young and Jung Kyung outside the cafe they were meeting to talk about the music pieces she would consider to play for her exam. Hyun Ho and Joon Young talk alone and Hyun Ho asks "I thought you're dating Song Ah-ssi, so why are you here with Jung Kyung?". Joon Young explains the situation to him and also says that he told Song Ah about it and Jung Kyung knows as well he is seeing Song Ah.


    And here we go Hyun Ho guilt-tripping about it... like please stop it, Hyun Ho!


    Hyun Ho: "I wanted to talk to you seperately, so Jung Kyung doesn't get hurt to know you're dating Song Ah. But you say it so easily that you already told her?"


    Thank you so much, @annamchoi! :wub:

    Thanks @gracebkk and @Jillia for the live recap! i caught the live though but wasnt able to do live recap haha


    I will be adding to the points!

    Part 1

    1) Before the recap to the kiss scene, we have JY telling JK to not to think too much into him agreeing to being her accompanist and that he really like SA a lot. 

    5) There was a moment they almost kiss but because of SA's alarm, it didnt happened :( 

    7) I think HH and his friends are talking about joining the chamber

    8) SA indeed played well to me but I have a feeling the professor only complimented SA as she had tasks for SA to do for the chamber. 

    After every praise, she talked about the chamber. One of the tasks was to contact ppl into the chamber and one of them is HH. 

    8.5?) Hence we see HH and SA on the call and HH asked SA if she is really dating JY which she confirmed and when he is congratulating her, he saw JY and JK. 

    9) JY told JK that he can know play Brahms but JK said it is her turn now to not be able to play Brahms. JY told JK that he is officially dating SA so if they need to rehearse, they will need to go to Kyunghoo's and not her house. He also requested her to resolve the NewYork issue with HH. JK rebutted that it is her matter but JY said it is also his matter so please resolve it. 

    Part 2
    1) @Jillia recapped HH being angry with JY

    3) JY's professor was wondering why Grandma chose him to be JY's teacher when he didn't have a very good resume. 

    4) Cha team leader telling JY she is happy for him and tell him to be open with SA - as in to show his good and bad sides to SA even though he only like to show his good side to his loved ones to show he is doing well. 

    7) JY telling SA he didnt really like ice-cream and just use it as an excuse to see SA - how cute >< and SA making the first move!! 

    9) SA asked about JY's professor and I think she praised him and JY got jealous hahah. also SA told JY they cannot have dinner as there is a gathering and that DY wont be there so there is no need to be jealous 

    10,11) it is indeed a flashback as i see from the phone it was 2013. poor JY i think it was the stress to win the competition that he needed to take meds. he also decided on his current agency as he already want to quit entering competition if I am not wrong. 


    I also cannot wait for the subbed epi to better understand the scenes! 

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  6. 35 minutes ago, Jillia said:

    @annamchoi @sljj

    But the birthday was in episode 3?


    But maybe Song Ah also typed in her birthday when she gave Joon Young her number? But that doesn't make any sense, right? :D Confusing. But we just take it since we got the beautiful Moonlight Sonata turning into a Happy Birthday for Song Ah while Jung Kyung basically got nothing.


    From what I know, users can add their birthday info to their Kakao profile and make it public, somewhat like FB. So that's why Joon Young received her birthday notification since Kakao is their Whatsapp :)

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  7. 5 hours ago, annamchoi said:

    As I re watching some episodes  got comfused  is SA and JK have the ssme birthday?both women birthday were  at JY's phone book.Im just wondering.and who is JY texting happy birthday and inviting to watch s concert JK? How did he know SA's birthday? They are not even friends then.


    Thank so much!:)


    @Jillia SA being honest with JY regarding DY's confession will be good for their blossoming relationship.

    Indeed JK lost 2 important  people in her life in a short time.15 years of friendship and 10 years of love relationship  isnt built overnight.she should sort her feelings out thoroughly.


    Hihi, yes both SA and JK share the same birthday. 

    I remember there is a scene of JY looking at his phone and there was notification that it was SA and JK's birthday from Kakao chatting app

    But I can't quite remember which episode is that

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  8. Hi all, silent reader here who posts occasionally in other drama threads before ~


    I was looking at the comments under the highlight clips and noticed people commenting on the theory that Song-ah may walk a similar path like screenwriter Ryu Bori so I looked her up and found some interesting info!

    Not sure if already shared but here it is


    News article from 2010 (http://news.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=20100910000642&md=20100913104151_BL)

    Ryu Bori writer graduated from Seoul National University College of Music, majored in violin and double majored in business administration in college.
    She later earned a master's degree in performing arts management at New York University.
    After her internship at IMG Artists and the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, she worked in the New York's Philharmonic marketing and education department. She has been in charge of classical music in Sony Music Marketing since last year(2009). 


    Song-ah majored in business administration and double majored in violin.
    So it is possible she may end up really working for Kyunghoo Cultural Foundation since there was also a scene where Cha Team Leader asked Song-ah if she can help out. 


    There is another info I saw on korean wiki - The songs played by Song-ah are all played before and selected by Ryu Bori writer.


    Anyways here is the link to the writer's interview if anyone is interested (just turn on the Google translate)



    Looking forward for the 2nd half :lol: to see how our beloved couple will overcome their problems~

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  9. 10 hours ago, chickfactor said:

    My only complaint is that the actor who plays Eun Jeong's dead bf, Han Joo's ex, and Hyo Bong all look... too similar. The main women are so distinct (looks, manner, voice) but these men are so indistinct, I can't tell them apart. One of them needs to color his hair or something.


    Omg, I absolutely agree. I thought I am the only one who find the actors looking similar to one another! 

    But other than that, this is my kind of drama like AOY. Sad that it's ratings are not higher

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  10. 3 hours ago, Vo Ki Trieu said:

    JTBC #SKYCastle # 스카이 캐슬 is JTBC's # 2 ranked series. <No #ChildlessComfort> currently airs 8 episodes, making it nearly 10%. The ep.8 has a rating of 9.539%. Producer pointed out that the decision to add an episode of 16 episodes to 20 episodes occurred before #SKY 캐슬 would air on the first episode


    Hi hi silent reader here! 

    Thanks for the news article regarding the extension of episodes to 20. 


    The original link is here: http://isplus.live.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=23228018&cloc=


    It is said that the production team decided to extend by 4 ep even before the 1st ep was even aired. They found the story to be really good even though the script was only at episode 7 at that time. 


    Despite being worried for the 1% rating for ep 1, as the ratings grew from ep 2 onwards, they are filming the drama with a "hwaiting" energy.



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