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  1. I am happy to see many performances tonight LOL we have like 16 eps, but this is like the only ep where everyone perform one by one Definitely a drama that can be applause for the appreciation on classical music + The happy ending too We have enough problems & sadness in the real world So lets us be happy in the drama Thank you DYLB's writer for the AMAZING ENDING
  2. I dont think JK deserves HH The redemption arc for her with HH is just not enough She makes HH suffer the heartbreak Feel like they are better as friends
  3. I cant wait for this ep BTS I hope they will release it Guess the bts will be the final goodbye to Do you like brahms
  4. You crush my hope so fast..LOL Anyway I feel like the preview is misleading Usually the end part of the preview only show a few pieces of the ep It didnt usually happen as the scene of the end of the ep The goodbye might refer to her violin as she graduate & leave the university SA didnt make into the graduate school right? It might be a way of her saying goodbye Or maybe she said goodbye to JY after that particular performance Then they meet again later on
  5. The background of the picture + the korean flag there Its kind a look like a different place than Kyung Ho Foundation or their university Will they make it looks like SA goes overseas to meet JY or something? OR maybe meeting JY after his performance/concert? If the writer end up with friendship line after all the dramas
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