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  1. Sorry guys for disappearing from this forum. I had a bad feeling that this week's episodes would be quite dark and I guess I'm proven right from the spoilers I read for today's episode.. Gah... Songah... What do we do with her? I feel so bad for her... Why are people so mean to her??? She doesn't deserve this!!!! Ok.. I've decided to take a break from this drama first and then come back either next week or the last week because I don't think I can stand being all mellow.. It's becoming too sad right now, and my heart can't take it.. So see you guys in the following w
  2. For my poll choices, I chose: 1. Professor Lee – you guys know how much I hate this lady. Unlike JK (who I also despise), Professor Lee has never done anything that's good. This lady keeps on harming innocent students and it seems like there won't be an end to it because no one is stepping up and telling her off. I hope I'll be able to see her downfall one day or SA giving the professor a piece of her mind. 2. Bed scene!!! – I do really want to see JY & SA fight and have a truthful conversation, but honestly speaking, even if I don't wish for it, I know that they'
  3. For me, I feel like the first time JY likes SA and regards her as someone special is during the the scene outside the restaurant, because that was when he came to the realization that SA is different from other girls. Yes, JY was always interested in SA (I mean.. who in the world remembers a nobody's name without actually interacting with each other? The fact that JY remembered SA's name without SA needing to correct her name showed that he remembered her since the concert.). However, I don't think he actually started liking/become romantically interested SA until that time because
  4. Btw, was it just me or did the ending of ep10 part 1 seem kind of off? It felt like JY replied or did something after SA asked "Can you lend me an umbrella?" when it started raining. Or else, I have no idea why the production team would suddenly add a raining scene. It felt so off... (I'm talking about this scene:)
  5. Sorry to cut your post. As people say, giving up is also a form of courage. In SA's case, I think she feels that giving up would prove to people that she didn't have what it takes to be a musician and that she just wasted her time studying for another undergrad degree (but this time in music). However, I feel like if she gave up on Master's, it would actually make SA much happier. First, she doesn't have to care about people talking behind her back and complaining about her skills anymore. Second, she can actually use her music degree (and maybe also business degree) to
  6. Goshhh... I take my words back. This episode definitely surpassed ep6 in terms of frustration. I've never watched a DYLB episode that was painful. Rewatching it with subs was so painful, especially since I knew which scenes was coming up next. After ep10, here's my hit-list (the names in each section are listed in no particular order): "Hate them so much I wish they can just disappear" list: 1. Professor Lee (is she kidding me??? how can such person become a dean?! She kicked out HH because of her inferiority issues, and even told SA to not drag her in the mess tha
  7. Sorry to cut your post. For this one, what I felt was that SA was forgetting the importance of her hands – that both JY & SA's hands were precious and shouldn't be harmed. In this scene, SA was so adamant that JY shouldn't clean the broken mug because he's a pianist and that his hands shouldn't be scratched. It was only when JY reminded SA that her hands are also important because she's a violinist that she stopped fighting for the tissue. Here, I felt that we were shown SA's inferiority issues in music again, which probably became worse that day because of that f
  8. Happy birthday @heartoppaya!!! Here's some Kim Minjae goodies for you (cuz.. I mean... we can never have enough of this scene, right? it'll help us survive through this week until Monday!) (since when does SBS make these kind of fanvids?!?! I'm shocked!!!! hahahahhaa Seems like they had a lot of time on their hands) And other non-DYLB yet swoon-worthy Minjae related content: And to end it off, here's another JY-SA scene we all love so dearly (which will help us power through this week after the tense end of ep10)
  9. Goshh... so far, this drama hasn't really been following the usual drama equation so lets see if they'll do that. I trust our Dimple Couple! I get them.. Today's episode felt like how I felt after watching ep6 – a bit disappointed and like it's lacking that oomph. Of course, I still loved today's episode. But it was just full of tenseness and questions (felt like there were more questions than answers or solutions) that I felt the same way like after watching ep6. Luckily we had that sweet ep9 yesterday so today's episode was easier to digest (unlike ep 6). Oh ye
  10. Btw.. We see Sungjae will be meeting SA in the preview. I think he now knows that SA & JY are dating. Please don't tell me that Sungjae told SA to break up (in the name of JY's career and whatnot), because if he does AND they break up because of this....
  11. I agree with this. Unlike JY's wishy-washy feelings like still accompanying JK as her pianist and keeping the handkerchief in the drawer (I knew that it was bad he's keeping it there), SA cleanly ended the relationship between her and DY. She even told DY that she feels awkward, even if they've been friends for 10 years. Maybe it's because SA has more friends than JY, that's why it's easier for SA to end a friendship unlike JY (who has no friends), but I think JY should learn how to do this. Thankfully, our couple is very good at communicating with each other about most things (I'
  12. I finally watched ep 9 and goshhhhhhhhh... Every time SA & JY shows up on my screen, I always squeal! They're so cute!!!!!!! I love them so much guys... What am I going to do once this drama is over in 3 weeks?!?! But gosh... I feel sorry for Professor Yoo. I really think that JY & the professor needs to have a good heart-to-heart talk. It's like both of them needs to have a new mindset. Both of them are currently stuck where they are and if they don't solve it now, I don't think their relationship can go back to how it was in the first place. On the othe
  13. Urghhhhhh. How I hate that Sungjae guy so much. I knew he was bad news as soon as I saw him coerced JY to do the talk concert. How long do you think he’ll last as JY’s manager? My guess is up to ep 15.. @vangsweetie637 Do you have Viu in your country? DYLB is available on that service too. Ok... I’m now off to watching the subbed episode...
  14. @nat_phoenix88 I want that too!!! But remember the last time an entire episode was happy (namely ep5)? We got such a sad and heartbreaking ep6!!! I'm so worried that this is going to happen again this week because if there's something I learned after watching this drama for 4 weeks, it's that things in DYLB land never stay happy for too long. Gahhhhhh.. I wonder what's our Dimple Couple will face next (and it's not like we're lacking any problems – we have Haena, JK, HH, MS, DY, the two professors, their future career (which includes Simon), their family and so on).
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