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  1. @paolaadl @Sakurafairy Yep. It’s confirmed. If you go to Netflix, you’ll see that only 1 episode is scheduled to air next week (only on the 12th). This is because of Baeksang Awards. Btw.. Has anyone seen this SolHwi clip (with fake subs) yet? It’s the cutest!!! There’s also a SolHwi fanfic originally on tumblr (now also available on AO3) that’s just the cutest!!! Have you guys read it? Here’s the link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/31148765
  2. I think this is where the "Asian"/"Korean" culture plays a part. Most likely, Kang Dan was born minutes before Sol A, which is why Sol A refers Kang Dan as her "older sister". But if you notice, like in ep3, Sol A refers to Kang Dan as "Dan" when the person she's talking to knows who's older between her and Dan (in ep3's case, it's because Byeol already knows who's older/younger). Once again, ep7-8 was amazing! The progress they've developed in the story, Yeseul's bravery, Joonhwi & Sol A's petty fight (hahahaha! they're just too cute), etc – gosh.. it's gold!! it's going to really hur
  3. Honestly speaking, when they dropped this bomb, it didn’t shock me at all either because they hinted it in ep4. I was shocked, however, with the other revelations like Lee Manho trying to find Kang Dan to search for his son, Prof Seo and Sol B’s mom having a thing in the past, the entire plagiarism thing orchestrated by Sol B’s mom, and Sol B being colder than I originally thought she was (she showed no remorse whatsoever despite plagiarising. Even if the mom told her to plagiarize, the biggest fault lies with her because she was the one who did it.). Gosh.. What do you
  4. This drama just gets better and better with each episode. I love how I'm learning about the different characters with revelations made each episode. It really makes it feel like everyone plays an important part and not just a supporting character. I love how Sol A keeps making small wins too – first by defending for Joonhwi's defamation case, proving Joonhwi's innocence in Seo's death, earning a 97% in her exam, and now handling the Bad Fama case. With her tenacity and positive outlook in life, it's really heartwarming to see how she's affecting/helping people around her and how she happens
  5. Not 100% sure of this, but I think it’s because of their age. Based on ep4, it seems that Sol A is older than Sol B, and since S.Korea is a hierarchical country, it would make sense to name the older person as “A”.
  6. Wow. Ep 2 was even better than ep 1!!!! All those twists and surprises?! Caught me off guard each time there was a surprise. Love the fast pace of the drama too. This drama definitely doesn't give you any time to take a breather because every single scene was important and intense. WOWWW!! Can't wait to watch ep3 already!!!!
  7. The OSTs are amazing! My favourite is Yi Bian Yi Bian by Jin Wenqi. Each time that song comes on, my heart just breaks. So good yet so heartbreaking... T.T <3
  8. If I'm not wrong, it's because he was so happy that Xu Lingyi didn't die (because Lingyi was originally thought to have died in the fire) so he went out to drink to celebrate this occasion.
  9. btw, did anyone else notice that ever since Hou Ye did the deed with Shiyi, he only/mostly wore his brown robe? Does it signify him being happy (since his relationship is now stable and all)? I miss him in black or blue though... He looked so good in those colours.
  10. Was this ever answered? In case it wasn't, it came up because the 5th brother told Shiyi that on the day the Xu family went to Cian temple, Lianfang disappeared for 1 hour (which made Shiyi feel suspicious towards Lianfang). This was then confirmed when Shiyi put up her mom's tablet on her mom's death anniversary and Lianfang was acting suspiciously afterwards (e.g. she believed what the maid was saying => the "on the first day, the person lost his/her hair. and then, later on, the person felt itchy all over his/her body" part).
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