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  1. the drama has 35 episodes and will end at the last week of May (for VIP members) or first week of June (for eng subs & non-VIP members) so don't worry It's not over yet until everyone has their happy ending (*fingers crossed*)!!
  2. gahhhh !!! wat is this cute stuff!! >.< Too much cuteness nowadays in c-drama land!! Yangzi is really cute here! And Li Xian just embodies Gun!!! Can't wait to watch it already!! T.T This is supposed to air this summer right? I hope it does.. T.T
  3. @DontEatMyKimchi that's great to hear i'm glad it's somewhat popular top 50 is great!! especially since it's only been 1 week (and going into its second week)! thanks for the stills & new posters too!! <3 @pad-hari gahhhh!!! that kiss scene is ep 10!! the bts is sooo cuteee!! and lol to YM so he can be cheeky behind the scenes.. hahahaha
  4. @DontEatMyKimchi gahh.. MCs.. something u love them, sometimes u hate them.. i guess for this one it belongs to the latter? >.< Anyways.. glad to hear that Zhang Yu Jian was cute throughout the fan meeting.. i guess i'm one of them who thinks he really fits the role.. i mean... combining him and Wu Qian's character gave out a nice balance, somewhat like how it felt like when reading the novel. I'm really glad these two was offered the role & accepted it. I can't imagine QY & YM without these two.. Thanks for posting the links too!! I'll be sure to watch it when I come back from work tonight! Btw... Does anyone know how well the drama is doing in China? i know it broke 200 (or is it 300 now?) million views already but I don't know whether this is a good record or not...
  5. gahhhh @DontEatMyKimchi!! i really wanted to watch the fan meeting but i couldn't how did it go??? gd? were there any sweet moments between any of the couples? how was the vibe? gahhh.. so lucky for you to be able to watch it!! T.T tomorrow's d-day!!!! more eps!! yesssss!!
  6. @DontEatMyKimchi 1 more day until ep 13-18!! gahhh >.< Btw.. is anyone catching their fan meeting tomorrow?
  7. There are previews until ep 18?!?! Gahhh..!! Can you pleaseeeeee post them!! pretty pleaseeeeee.. That aside, I do agree with your other points. There are some parts of the drama where I went "Did that really happen?", but overall I think the adaption stayed true to the novel. A lot of the parts which made me squeal was included, which I was very happy to see. Lots of times adaptations tend to miss out on adding those in, which makes us readers sad. Glad this wasn't the case here. And even for the parts they changed/added, it didn't really break the momentum of the drama. On the other hand, for me, it made the drama stronger so that was fine I guess the reason for that is because the author participated in the scriptwriting.. I didn't know that.. thanks for telling us! Now.. I can't wait for ep 13-18 already!!! I need more young & adult Yan Mo, Qiao Yi, Guan Chao, Wu Yi, & Yan Mo's uncle (forgot his name suddenly). Even Yan Mo's mom is hilarious! hahahaha I hope to see the adult version & Yan Mo & Qiao Yi's reunion soon though.. even though we've been getting snippets of their future life, I want to see them reuniting, getting together, and being in a relationship. I just hope the last episode isn't them just getting together. I REALLY hope the drama gives them episodes of them dating.. I mean.. a relationship also has problems right???
  8. Great news!!! Le Coup De Foudre reached 100 million views after 13 hours of premiering!! Seems like China loves this drama!! So happy for the cast!!
  9. the drama is better than i expected. i think i have a new favorite drama that'll be placed on my all-time favorite dramas list (if the drama keeps this up throughout the entire run)!! and lucky for us, we STILL have 33 more episodes!!! not 24 or 30!! yesssss!!
  10. Yessss!!! They're finally airing the drama! Seems like viki will sub the drama too, so there'll be eng subs later on... looking forward to how they'll adapt the novel because the novel only offers snippets of their life (unlike how a regular book is usually written). i'm sure it'll be good though. Janice Wu is always amazing! And from what can be seen in the trailer, their chemistry is no joke! thanks for informing us @lynne22 !!!
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