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  1. For the information on the name of the Mr Bu Cold Noodles restaurant "Buruna" Dangun, the founding father of antiquity Korea, names "Buruna" its capital, which "Buru" means flat place or field & "Na" means land. The current capital of North Korea, Pyeongyang (平壤) is the Sino translation or derived from the Native Korean word "Buruna" Preview of Episode 25 Gong Gye Ok makes her hotel entrance dressed like the character from the movie "Welcome to Dongmakgol"
  2. @Ldy Gmerm I will like to highlight the name of the characters, using the current Korean Romanised known as the RR transliteration. Bu Yeong Bae had named of his 4 sons after the Mountains in the Korean Peninsular. Since he originally from North Korea, he had name his 2 oldest sons after the mountains that is currently in North Korea Eldest son Baek Du Baekdusan or Mt. Baekdu Mountain is still an active volcano that that borders China & North Korea. In China, the mountain is known as Mt. Changbai. 2nd son Geum Gang Geumgangsan or Mt. Geumgang that borders North Korea & South Korea, although the large part or the most scenic of the mountain range is in North Korea. The 2 younger sons are name after mountain in South Korea 3rd son Seo Rak Seoraksan or Mt. Seorak is the 3rd highest mountain in South Korea located in the east of Gangwon-do province Youngest son Halla Hallasan or Mt Halla, a shield volcano is the highest mountain in South Korea locate right in the middle in Jeju-do or Jeju Island Gong Gye Ok always refer to the locality of Majang-dong. Majang-dong is where the Majang Meat Market is situated. It is the traditional & wholesale market that exclusively sells meat mainly beef & pork. You likely have seen in last week episode that she has great butchering skills as she butchered the the carcass into cuts If you wish to have quality Korean beef (Hanwu) BBQ that doesn't break the piggy bank, I suggest that you go to this market. They have similar concept to Noryangjin Fish market where you can buy your raw product from the many butcher shops that you can have them cook over the brisket charcoal for a minimum fee of W5,000 per head in the butcher's recommendation restaurants on the 1st floor Bu Yeong Bae sells Naengmyeon or in this drama Mul Naengmyeon is a cold noodles serve in a beef broth which have its origins from North Korea End of Episode 21 Bu Yeong Bae will give W300 million to Gong Gye Ok for a marriage contract of one year As of the flavour of this drama, it have the same flavouring with the previous KBS 2013 drama "Wang's Family" with plenty of trot music as background music
  3. @Katrina Abdul Talib "Where is this place if I may ask?" The location will be mostly likely the Korean Peninsular Cape in Yeongwol County, Gangwon-do For those who like to know, the King had sent his mother to Onyang Haenggung (residential palace or Royal Villa) Onyang, Asan is famous for its hot spring which means that the King had sent his mother to her "retirement". It is about 90 km from Seoul