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  1. Episode 21 Yeo Ji is still "standing around"
  2. The Pope scene, they played the Gabriel's Oboe from the Mission theme song Then later the song was sung with lyrics known as Nella Fantasia by Sarah Brightman & the song was popular in Korea, those who can remember the the variety show - Qualification of Men
  3. Yi In Jwa Revolt (이인좌의 난, 李麟佐亂) also known as Musin Revolt (무신란, 戊申亂, The Revolt of 1728) A rebellion that had launch the largest military offensive in history to overthrow Yeongjo. The rebellion was a 17 days attempt that despite short period of gains but was brutally crush within 3 weeks. There was a moment that Yeongjo & his government has lost 13 counties including Cheongju city (Yi In Jwa overtook the Cheongju city gates in the drama), the control of Sandang Sanseong Fortress (상당산성, 上黨山城) in Chungcheongbuk-do province, part of Gyeonggi-do province & also Gyeongsangnam-do province which Yi In Jwa played a pivotal role in overtaking of this provinces hence the revolt bears his name Although it was a failed attempt due that the immature stage of ideology that was not forward thinking enough to change general consensus mindset (the population) but it will be a bridge or a window for further rebellions that will occur mainly in 1811 (Hong Gyeong Nae Revolt, for those who remember, he was the father of Hong Ra On in the drama Love in the Moonlight),1862 (Imsul Peasant Revolt) & 1894 (Donghak Peasant Revolution to be feature in SBS drama Nokdu Flower) that will lead to the fall of Joseon Dynasty
  4. @shynaz "Anyone can give spoiler tonight..may be kiss scene or bed scene.. Ops... " Yes, there was a bed scene, Yeo Ji was with Queen Dowager Inwon
  5. The background theme song when Song Sac practice his Muay Thai is originally from the Tang Dynasty & is about a thousand years old known as "將軍令" (The General's Command or Mandate) Of course the song they play was from the famous Chinese Movie "Once a Upon a Time in China" the song is "男兒當自強"
  6. Episode 11 From 2:39, you will hear President Kang yelling at the FSS Director Park in the Gyeongju Dialect or Gyeongsangbuk-do province, although the most commonly wide known from Gyeongsang province is the Busan dialect which is in Gyeongsangnam-do province People from this region tend to speak in strong & aggressive tone moreover when it comes to yelling, standard Korean would not do
  7. Episode 5 0:56 Parody scene taken from "The Ring" famous "crawling scene"
  8. @mrsj3n "Actually I don't understand.....Why is court lady / palace maid = king's woman??...Is that supposed to be taken literally?" I had wrote on the subject in page 20 with regards to Ha Cho Hong being a sanggung. As per @spark101 have explained, the ladies who work in the palace household e.g. Court Ladies (Sanggung 상궁 尚宮) & palace maids (Nain, 나인 ) are the "chattel" of the King therefore they belong to the King & prohibit to marry hence the King's woman & it is a lifetime employment to serve the King & his Royal Family & not allow to leave the palace unless old age, death or ill & sometimes "retrench" due to time of calamities e.g. drought. Even if they are release from service, the rule of marriage still applies If you are lucky enough that the King wants you as a bedfellow, you will to be bestowed effectual sign of grace & favour (Seung Eun, 승은,承恩) For example, Yi Geum's mother Royal Noble Consort Sukbin of Choe clan In the palace, she was just a 9th rank Musuri (무수리) receive Sukjong's effectual sign of grace & favour & was promoted to 5th rank then enter Naegwan (내관, 內官) & became a 1st rank Royal Consort
  9. @lightbringer06 "I actually noticed that from the clips as well. I think a stand in was used because her back was different after she (YJ) and Cho Hong went out after talking to the Queen Dowager. Meaning, she can't still walk..saad." It was the same "stand in" when Queen Dowager asked her to "iron" Yi Geum's coronation's robe. So far her scene is standing, sitting or either leaning behind a pillar or a wall. When Park Mun Su met her at the palace, she hardly show any movement Cheon Yeo Ji enter the palace as palace maid (gungnyeo), she is now technically "King's woman" If Park Mun Su have any interested in her, it will have to be lay to rest
  10. Episode 17 In the end of the episode, when Gyeongjong lay dying or recent decease, Yi Geum try to revive his brother by cutting the palm of his hand to feed his brother his blood under Dan Ji (단지斷指). In East Asia medicine, blood is consider mother of "qi" (기,氣) or life energy A country can't be without a Monarch, therefore the death of Gyeongjong, Yi Geum is technically Joseon King whether they like it or not. It is an act of insolence for the officials to plea with Queen Dowager, although her consent to the succeeding King is technically a courtesy but require
  11. @oceluna "I wonder why Queen Dowager says that YJ eyes look noble. It is a hint for something? I'm curious more and more about her roots. But I don't think that they will explain. She's not real anyway. Haizzz." The word that the Queen Dowager use is "Gwi An" (귀안, 貴安). She use it as 2 separate character Gwi (귀, 貴) as in "noble" & An (안, 安) as in "secure" The word "noble" as more an adjective translated means for a person of fine qualities & of high moral principals not to mean "belonging to birth or rank of an aristocracy" You sought of realise that Go Ara is either standing (only show the upper body) or sitting in the scenes as she had not recovered from her injuries. Even if she was presume to be walking out Queen Dowager's chambers, they shot her from the back & it could be just a "walking" stand-in
  12. @akhenaten "I saw a post on Twitter saying that actor Go Joo Won is confirmed to join the cast of "Haechi". Have you guys heard of this? I'm not familiar with Go Joo Won so I don't know what to make of it. " Go Ju Won will play Yi In Jwa (이인좌, 李麟佐 1695-1728). In the preview he is the person who is wearing the "satgat" hat Yi In Jwa is a descendant from Grand Prince Impyeong Daegun Yi Gu (임영대군 이구,臨瀛大君 李璆, 1420 - 1469), 4th son of Sejong the Great & Queen Sohyeon. Therefore he belongs to the Jeonju Yi Clan - the Royal Clan of Joseon Go Ju Won is currently in MBC weekend drama "Love in Sadness"
  13. @bebebisous33 "Even if he dies before the rebellion, this doesn't mean that in the drama JTK doesn't play a part in it. He could be the one who convinces other members from Soron to side with YT because he despises YN." The Yi In Jwa Revolt in 1728 was instigate by extremist Soron & some defunct Namin, in the beginning of Yeongjo reign, he exercise the policy of impartiality. His first Prime Minister was Soron faction Yi Gwang Jwa (tenure 1724-1729, currently Minister of Taxation play by Im Ho in the drama). Therefore the revolt technically was seizing political power from their own faction Yi Gwang Jwa (이광좌, 李光佐, 1674 -1740 Prime Minister of Joseon 1724-1729)
  14. @bebebisous33 I am quite sure that the chief of the Sorons, Jo Tae Koo, will join YT, prince MP, in his rebellion because he already has a negative opinion of YN. In history Jo Tae Gu dies in 1723 (조태구,趙泰耉, 1660 - 1723). In preview there is person wearing a satgat (straw) hat....I believe will be Yi In Jwa (이인좌, 李麟佐) since Wi Byeong Ju is already out of commission Official wearing mourning clothes, means Gyeongjong is dead
  15. Sister Kim sign from heaven is a Bi Gwang (비광 雨光) a card from the Hwatu card game. Having a suit of the "gwang" card can accumulate big points similar to the Western playing cards of "Aces" Hwatu (화투) or commonly known as Go-Stop (고스톱) is most popular card game in Korea.
  16. @Lmangla "is this the one filled with red beans? sweet or sour?" Yes with red bean & it is sweet, the cookies a thin crispy crust (sort like a shortbread) with dense filling of red bean @Blizzardistkaputt "oops.....i wish I had read your post earlier. I regretted diving into the Japanese version.....I couldn't stomach the first episode because the atmosphere was too much like Shiroi Kyoto.It also spoils the fun of watching the Korean version." Characters in the Korean drama have defer from the Japanese counterpart. What I am curious is whether President Kang's character will differentiate as it seems too also have defer vastly from the Japanese counterpart
  17. Episode 4 For those who are interested, The biscuit/cookie that President Kang was eating or had it in his mouth while playing Chinese chess (象棋, in Korean Janggi -장기 將棋) is Gyeongju Hwangnam Bbang (황남빵)
  18. I have notice & hear that contrary to her character description in the website that her name is Cheon Yun Yeong but in the drama, they have address her by name in various occasion as Chae Yun Yeong. I notice the first time that when Dal Mun call her Bok Dan, she correct him that she is now Chae Yun Yeong
  19. Episode 16 History lesson Prince Milpunggun is carted away to his exile under Wi Ri An Chi (위리안치,圍籬安置) awaiting to commute death sentence at a later date The punishment " Wi Ri An Chi" (위리안치,圍籬安置, literally means enclose i.e. offender in a thorny hedge) which is an exile to a confine quarters with thorny fencing & under guards surveillance, the offender or banisher is closely guarded at all times
  20. Episode 16 It is the first time I have seen in any drama that to "silence" someone e.g. Do Ji Gwang by threatening to do harm to his groin
  21. Episode 16 Yi Geum become Regent, in history, it never happened Looks like Prince Milpunggun Yi Tan had a finger in poisoning Gyeongjong
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