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  1. Add Tiktok to the apps I use exclusively for BinJin which include Twitter and Instagram. I even downloaded VLive because I thought I could use it My husband was shocked into disbelief when I gave him the news that I have a Tiktok account Although we dislike doing this but for the love of BinJin we just did, it was surprisingly fun
  2. Haha same here. In all my accounts which ship BinJin and show support, all are Incognito. Also to avail for the additional 2 votes, I shared Baeksang's official tiktok page to my own facebook messenger account This shipping makes us do things we despise doing, but for them we are all willing victims
  3. Hahaha add that to our daily tasks for BinJin, good thing this only lasts for a week It has only been an hour but I've already checked the poll more than a dozen times... Oh my... how can I be productive workwise
  4. I've downloaded and followed the official Baeksang tiktok account. Haha ahjumma is having headache now because there are many videos with interchanging images. What next? Where do we vote and how? Found the ANSWER: You click on the link under Baeksang profile. It will lead you to the vote page As of now HB is second with huge gap. YJ is also second but with minimal difference.
  5. There's a funny inside joke with friends. Since it's quarantine period, couple get to spend more time with each other. We might be surprised that after 9 months, hospitals will be busy for moms giving birth
  6. Me too. News like awards in Baeksang in less than two weeks, and also news about her OTHER JOINT PROJECT with her close friend which we are all waiting to be finished soon
  7. It may take a while if the project chosen by Yejin is in English since she has to practice more. Please don't misunderstand me. I am looking at it just like how HB took about 2-3 months to practice his North Korean accent for CLOY. Please correct me if I am wrong with my assumptions. Nevertheless, I''m sure it will be a great project since "Son Ye Jin is in it"
  8. I was teary eyed when I watched HB's speech on his discharge from the military. I felt his sincere gratitude towards his fans who supported him. I hope they'll both win so we can hear them talk from their hearts, and maybe, just maybe, with the slip of the tongue will give us some lollies
  9. Let's just agree to disagree. Points taken from both sides. Let's leave this topic behind since we are more interested in shipping Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. What is important is here and now, and I am looking forward to a happier future ctto
  10. Waaahhhhh I'm screaming inside and having delulu HB serenading our unnie YJ CTTO
  11. Thanks @BJHope for that observation. Yesterday when somebody tried to rock our boat, I was really curious why they swarm so quickly. I was looking for how they did that then I discovered the FOLLOW button on this forum. They must have followed this thread and when someone posts inviting negative vibes, they immediately jump in. Not all followers in this forum are BinJin shippers and not all BinJin shippers are followers. I for one is a frequent visitor and a die hard shipper in my own way
  12. Enjoy while we still have it. Thanks binjinsgrocery. Urban farming is in
  13. I second this. Please be reminded that rude and hateful messages are not allowed. This is part of the soompi forum rules.
  14. @Felizak@t Hahaha i sensed it too. I was about to doze off and plan to wake up when the storm weakens but thanks to you for combating it full on
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