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  1. Another project for Kang Haneul! He will play as the male lead Kim Yo-Han for JBTC's new drama "Insider". Please read article below to know more! https://m.sportschosun.com/news.htm?id=202102110100085420005519&ServiceDate=20210210&f_url=https://www.google.com/
  2. Congratulations to Hyun Bin for winning Daesang! I'm glad that his talent was finally acknowledged and rewarded by the body. I was touched by his speech. He sounded so serious, kinda like teary-eyed so you can sense his sincerely and gratefulness especially to Ye Jin. Unfortunately there is only one Daesang for APAN. Let's just hope for Ye Jin to win Daesang maybe not in APAN but through other award giving bodies. With Ye Jin's talent, I'm sure it will not go unnoticed. As the saying goes "There is always time for everything." For the moment let's celebrate their winni
  3. Hi! I'm dropping by to express my admiration for Kang Ha Neul as an actor and as a person. I think he is one of the best in K entertainment industry that people should learn more about. I got really curious about him after he won the Best Actor award in Baeksang. To be honest, I couldn't have finished When the Camellia Blooms if it weren't for KHN. After WTCB, I started to binge watch his other dramas and movies, and some interviews and variety show guestings in between. That is when I got to know him more. As an actor, I am in awe of how he was able to act
  4. It's so hard to move on with these two. At times i catch my self daydreaming of them I was intrigued on why they chose June 2020? BinJin nation went full force during that time because of Baeksang Arts Awards. Our OTP bagged the Popularity Awards. Having participated in the voting, I felt appreciated when Jinnie thanked the fans in English. I also felt happy because they both know that we are supporters for them BOTH. Bonus to that was them sharing ONE trophy. Let's bring it back to when they started dating CTTO @Ri Se Ri
  5. My mind at the moment is a mess! Grocery shopping/Dating rumor DENIALS : you can't fool us. There's no way that HB and SYJ are not dating. 01 jan 2021 Dispatch article/vast&msteam statements/SYJ IG post : I still couldn't believe it. I am now in DENIAL of their CONFIRMATION
  6. I'm so happy to hear the news! What a great way to welcome the new year! From all the waiting and praying, I thought we've come prepared when the day comes that BinJin confirms their dating. And just like you chinggus, when the news broke I still couldn't believe it and don't know how to react. I want to scream because of joy but just have to keep it inside me, because you know living a double life Happy new year everyone!!!
  7. Thanks for that! Option number one: Option number two: Option number three: Happy weekend everyone
  8. You should see it in theswoonnetflix IG story, in the same IG story after the Best Style there's like a message that they are reopening the Best Couple for voting. After that message you can vote for CLOY.
  9. @seo bee Hi chingu. Please enlighten this ahjumma how to vote. It's confusing for me. I see 4 couples and I see fingers pointing up and down in between cloy & tkem? I don't know if my vote was counted, i just clicked on the up finger. Do you know the mechanics?
  10. @Halinakorea You might as well scout for an exclusive resort, which is also near a private golf course
  11. Hi chingus! For those who gave advices on how to earn Red hearts in Idol Champ app, thank you so much. For some reason, I can't find those missions under FREE shop and also I can't see any merchandise? I must have missed something there but anyways, I ended up buying the most number of hearts before their promo ended which gave out double bonus. I still continue to save up hearts daily by posting comment in community (20 hearts) and running ads (5 x 4 hearts) to have my voting power stretched till the end of the voting period I'm so glad to see our OTP looking great. Both loo
  12. How will I know the gap? I can only see the bar. For now I am just patiently collecting hearts but with just a little push I might succumb to buying hearts
  13. Just dropping by to say hello to everyone especially to those who were here during BAA. Reading through the comments I reminisced what we've been through. The ahjumma in us prevailed over other voters who are young and were rooting for idols. The younger ones here were kind enough to guide us, together with those shippers who actively promoted in Twitter and Instagram. Who would have thought that we who hate TikTok would be able to download and use the app actively. Others even bribed their friends and relatives just to install and vote for our OTP. Who would have thought that ahju
  14. How to vote? At least here we have a greater chance to see our OTP receiving awards because our votes won't be divided between them. Palli Palli
  15. While everybody's busy with the voting, here's a throwback to what might possibly be the beginning of their love that lasts a lifetime Ctto
  16. This ship has so many quick-witted and talented shippers. Credit to the owner of the tweet below. ICBM
  17. Enjoyed reading your posts @PrettyNoona. It brings me home to delululand. Talking about SYJ dating, here's a simple throwback during CLOY days
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