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  1. Dear Chingus, what a happy day for us! Our ship has finally docked. I have spent most of the day walking on clouds since the news dropped earlier today. I haven't been active on the forum for awhile too, but today is not a day to be missed! What agreat start to the New Year! 2020 has really been a tough year to all of us worldwide, but receiving positive news like this in the first day of 2021 makes so many of us happy. SYJ's post in her IG is just so lovely, about finding a good person, about being grateful and about safekeeping the relationship. While HB has not said anything apart from
  2. @Kari, awesome girl! Your post shows true class, I must say. And at the end of the day, we must just really uphold our own ship and concentrate on them positively. Remember, no one really succeeds by bringing others down. People succeed by being genuine, doing hard work and staying kind. Enjoy the weekend chingus!
  3. A winning day for SYJ today. First on the news, her new multi-billion real estate investment. She is really financially savvy and is doing a great job. Second, The Cross is a go! A listers all the way! Ethan Hawke and Sam Worthington stateside. Lee Sung Gyun and Son Ye Jin for Koreaside. A dream cast. Third and not the least. SYJ has dibs on one of SoKor's National Treasure! And they live happily ever after.
  4. So today as scheduled Binnie has a CF shooting. So we have a sighting! WIsh it were a video, a moving Binnie. Perhaps later today?
  5. VAST is busted! It's alright! We know you are keeping tabs on BinJin shippers. This IG user has nice and relevant posts about BinJin anyway, so it's all good!
  6. I haven't been here at the forum for a while, but last week I popped in to greet our best boy a happy birthday and now I'm back and see so many new names! Welcome newbies! It's really amazing to know that 7 months since CLOY ended we still get new people who end up loving the drama and our OTP. This thread was started in July 2019 by @cybertron, so if you are new on the ship I suggest back reading, esp cybertron's first few posts which gives a history of TN, the LA grocery date, and of how CLOY came to be. Very long reading, but guaranteed never to be boring! In a nutshell you will find o
  7. An ICBM playlist in Spotify! Some really good songs. Just make your own to suit your taste. Let's hope we get the real one soon!
  8. I you birthday boy! Today, SYJ is not your Noona, as you are the same age until January 10, 2021. Enjoy your day, celebrations begin tomorrow, since you will be off quarantine already? Have a splendid quality time from now until you two have to work on your next projects together. We hope to hear some good news about you two within this timeframe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WITH MUCH LOVE!
  9. @Nenski, yes indeed, HB is a businessman! Imagine conceptualizing VAST with his mentor, then being CEO of your agency. He has got business smarts for sure. @Halinakorea, yes I agree, action speaks louder than words. The stroll at BAA, the "we" speeches, the IG liking spree, the Smart CFs. Fan service only some say, at this point, them being such huge celebrities individually, A-listers in K-ent, do they still need to perform fan service. Nah, I don't think so. The fans love them, whether as individuals or as a couple. @Beadharmony, yes I have not seen an actual photo of HB shopping f
  10. Japan continuing to show love for CLOY. Look at this spread in one of their magazines. So nice!
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