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  1. Well all good things must come to an end! Thoroughly enjoyed Dinner Mate, with its ups and downs, and I am really happy with its realistic ending. The last episode is set like 1 year after, and it is good to see the relationship between the leads become solidified. It was good to watch their nonsensical spats, pretty much like with real couples, and see them planning their future. Ahh, I do really love a good romance, and in large part, Dinner Mate has really been a fun ride. Plus factor, I am really into the OST, it will be in my playlist for a long while. Cheers to everyone on this thread!
  2. Quoting : So coming back to my own personal opinion/theory... like I said, I'm not completely closed to the idea that there could have been other actors in mind or approached initially and there's a possibility we will find that out later if it's true... but I think that after HB/YJ openly stated that they wanted to work on a romcom/melo together at basically every single interview during TN promos in 2018 (LOL), the writer heard it loud and clear, and took a hold of a golden opportunity and pursued them. The reason why I think there are parallels to their real selves/relationship, is because she was working on the script basically for all of 2019, and so she probably customized/tailored it to the both of them once they confirmed. The bottom line is, the writer had this idea for almost a decade and worked hard on the script to make the NK aspect of it authentic, ended up pursuing HB/YJ for the roles, tailored the details of these roles to them, and it ended up being an amazing drama that has introduced so many newbies to K-drama while being a fun, nostalgic throwback to K-drama veterans. So thankful for writer Park Ji-Eun, and of course to HB and YJ, for gifting us with CLOY. I am in agreement with the above and you couldn't have said it better @celest1al. I think the mutual declaration of BinJin about working together in another genre, a romcom or melodrama, sparked a lot of interests among people in the K-ent. I bet a lot wheels started turning in industey heads on how they could bank in on this declaration. And if indeed Park Ji-Eun has had the CLOY story in the backburner for a long time, she seized the opportunity of casting BinJin in CLOY and they really breathed life into their characters. I dare say, they set their characters on fire, as never before that such a dynamic chemistry been seen in the kdrama world. This casting is indeed genius! So whatever claim that the RJH role was previously offered to other actors becomes immaterial, as HB's performance in it was stellar. Yes, it would be nice to know years down the line how the casting really happened, but the fact that CLOY is the way CLOY is, is all what matters.
  3. Excuse me while I delulu regarding the quarantine time... If i remember right we were discussing the news that said it is 3 day quarantine in SK and the remaining 5 days in Jordan, a total of 8. Could it be that SYJ put her foot down when she heard about this 3 day quarantine requirement in SK prior to HB's departure??? Especially since the 3 day fell into a weekend and I am sure she had wanted to spend as much time with Binnie until the very minute he had to leave for the airport (or the last minute till he had to go down his heavily tinted van at Incheon,hehe). They needed babe time before he literally has to spend time in a desert! Knowing no jam Binnie, i am sure he is a stickler for rules and would have complied with this 3 day quarantine in SK. However, how could he refuse Jinnie??? For sure he would have reasoned with the rest of his co-stars that they need to spend quality time with their significant others as well prior to flying out to Jordan, so that they can all spend an 8 day quarantine at their hotel. OR, he would have asked the film crew to fix the shooting schedule so that he can shoot later than the others since he prefers to do the 8 day quarantine all in Jordan. I am sure he would be accomodated! Ok enough craziness. Back to work!
  4. Stay calm while waiting for your test results hope its just routinary. Let's all continue to rewind our BinJin materials to tide us over the following months. Stay strong and healthy everybody! And I second you, much love in BinJin's name.
  5. While people are all agog waiting for possible photos/videos of HB's arrival in Jordan, some people have been busy again looking at everything Bin had on at the airport. We all know he was wearing UnderArmour from head to toe, and people just about researched everything, including his bucket hat, and even his mask. I tell you it's crazy! And so am I, just imagine how many times I have refreshed all my feeds just to get an update. With my luck it will come on my way driving home and I will find we are on page 1041 already! At the rate things are going, i am almost afraid on what we will get once DDay comes! Its a Golfing bucket hat!!! Surprise, its not UA!
  6. Thanks @ElectricHearts. I see its a commercial flight from Incheon to Qatar, then the chartered flight will be the one to Jordan. Good idea to change the mask too, more breathable and can be disposed of after the flight, then back to the black one for the airport. The new protocols for COVID can be a hassle but must be done. At the rate things are going, I would not be surprised if in a few hours we will get photos or a video of his arrival. Practically everyone's watching!
  7. Well @Choisamsook, that too that its a chartered flight. Only a select few can be on such flights, and if the footage is indeed from his Jordan flight, unreal that there should be a fan aboard the chartered flight and to post it at once in social media. Poor HB, almost no privacy. Ahh, the price of being a superstar!
  8. 4:30 am my time, waking up to too many airport stuff, unbelievable! And everyone so eagle eyed. That footage supposibly inside the plane--must be from another flight before? Bin in a white mask here and wearing a watch. He didn't have watch on in airport footage.
  9. How nice of him to reply to you! And I hope he does watch CLOY and love it as we do. Phantom is my all time favorite musical. I have watched it countless times and never tire of it. I watched it in London too, despite having seen it practically everywhere, as I felt it is important to see it where it all began and to fully bask in the musical genuis of Lloyd-Weber. And CLOY will be the same for me, I guess. When travel restrictions are lifted I plan to visit SoKor and include in my itinerary places where they shot CLOY. (See attached video) CLOY has set the bar so high for other kdramas, especially in terms if its reach. Just so glad we all love it and will continue to love it for many years more to come.
  10. Let's remember how hard BinJin worked at CLOY. Memorizing their lines, blocking their scenes, the actual hours and hours that went into it filming it, etc... Ye Jin being sick due to exhaustion during filming, Bin being the same, not feeling well during the last day of shooting. Think of CLOY as their special gift to us a gift that never stops giving as we feel the same beautiful emotions everytime we rewatch it. The series ended only last February, but just imagine your delight should you rewatch it next year or the year after that, and even the year after that as well. So please let's be thankful for what we already have and why we started being on this ship in the first place. Stop looking for receipts, we have more than enough. Refrain from being intrigued with the likes and follows of people connected to BinJin. These people should not have their privacy robbed just because of their association with our OTP, no matter how distant. Stop asking for a season 2 of CLOY or another project for BinJin, it is not going to happen with thd way the K-ent industry is set up. CLOY for me ended just as it should have, a labor of hard work of a lot of people, let's appreciate it and leave it at that. As a shipper, we should genuinely wish for the best for our OTP. That their relationship continue to grow and that hopefully they share it with us. Nothing more, nothing less.
  11. My eyeballs are just about to pop out from watching and re-watching that new kissing scene clip. I am in agreement, that's no RiRi, its 100% BinJin! I wish someone could zoom it more. And as we all have eyestrain from this, directornim be like....
  12. Bravo @RiRiGaGa! I was gonna pick portions of your poem, but this adjumma has a hard time copying and pasting using my phone, so i decided just to favorite the entire poem hahaha! Who knew that water bottle, electric cord, monitor and groceries can actually be words in a poem that would be so romantic?! Only us BinJin lovers would know. You did well girl, you captured everybody's sentiments! It's the weekend and I am feeling very blessed to survive my first week back at work. And I also count as a blessing having this forum and the sisterhood (and some brotherhood), where we could be ourselves and share our love for our OTP. With Binnie heading off to Jordan come July 13 and possibly staying for 3 months, we may get little to no news at all. Hopefully there will be some update from Jinnie during this period, especially on Hollywood or any upcoming project. In the months to come let's continue ro keep each other company here. Let's share candies if there are any, sweep away crumbs where we can find them and continue believing in this ship and the eventuality we all are craving. Happy weekend y'all!
  13. TGIF chingus! Another week has passed without the news that everyone is waiting to hear. But its all good, I think and I know all of you also think, that our ship remains to be sailing smoothly. So meantime here's a little oldie I found which put a smile on my face. This may seem a little pervy but those hands!!! Imagine them applying sunscreen on someone else . OK, I leave it at that and will go no futher as we want to keep it classy and clean.
  14. Well as we all await the 2 final episodes of Dinner Mate, just thought I'd share this with you. I hope the finale of this drama does not disappoint, if not i may be all depressed next week. If nothing else, i love, love, love the OST, especially More than Words and Yummy.
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