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  1. Agree with Chewy. I am an old-time HB fan since MNKSS, neutral towards SYJ (voted her for “most beautiful woman 2020” though) but love BINJIN couple cos they really look great together . That’s why I have been following this thread silently hoping to hear good news about them. So being a HB or SYJ fan not voting for the other doesn’t mean she/he is against either one... Most importantly we are all supporters of the couple which is the the main purpose of having this thread. About Chewy’s low key judgement of SYJ? I may hav missed out some pages but I don’t remember having that impression.. or maybe it was tooooo looooow key that I did not realise ? So again it depends on how people interpret some messages. And now comes the Sharks ... When I saw that , I for one, did not feel offended at all. The first thing that came into my mind is she had said it in jest... so I was a bit taken aback when folks took it seriously and felt insulted by that phrase. On the whole, understand this is an open platform thus people are free to provide opinions but we should not try to influence/reverse the supports that folks are showing to other member/s, unless of cos she/he is an obvious anti-shipper.. We are mostly adults here , if a person we trust ends up in disappointment, then so be it, just suck it up and carry on with life.. No big deal.
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