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  1. Thanks @LiveSmart...you made our dreams come true... What a way to end the wait!!..on Valentine's Day..uWu...
  2. The Ship is about to dock!!!!... Been beaming from ear to ear since morning!! I can't contain my happiness.. Never have I felt like this before!!!
  3. Merry Christmas BinJin fam... This place made my 2020 exciting!!.. Stay Safe and Take Care... Love you all!!!
  4. Dear BinJin fam.. Today is the last day of voting.. Requesting each and everyone to go and vote for BinJin in the Best Couple category in theswoonnetflix story on Instagram... Our BinJin is trailing behind... Just this last time.. Thank you all...
  5. I know we are all tired of voting... But please do go and vote in today's story @theswoonnetflix.... We have a tight competition with The King..
  6. Thanks now my confusion is cleared.. Thank God for people like you here.. I was right!!.. Coming here to check was the right decision!!!! Gomawoyeoooo chingu..
  7. @lebritneeey... I'm in with the shipping of seok hoon and rona too.. Having the same opinion of sweet young love.. Hope he changes for RoNas sake.. He seems soft in the inside.. I had not been coming to soompi for so many weeks.. And moreover Many of my kdrama watching partners are not watching Penthouse... I really wanted to know of anybody is liking the relationship development of Seok hoon... And Dang!!!! We have the same wavelength.. Hahahah.. Kim Young Dae has caught my ❤....
  8. Waiting for the heads to roll... Wish they keep the sensationalization and the melodramatics a bit mellow.. Even Eugene's character is somewhat similar to the evil mothers of Hera Palace.. I'm trying to watch with a sane neutral mind.. Definitely waiting for an ending like Return...
  9. After two episodes.. I dunno what to say ... I really got annoyed by RoNa.. Yeah she is desperate to be a classical singer... Blaming her mom saying it's her fault didn't go down well with me... And I'm curious about who her dad is??? Will Min Sol A be the real daughter of Lee Ji Ah?(.In reference to comment by Uhm Ki Joon saying that the girl in the hospital time is up.).. She came the building with an ulterior motive. If not why would she record the video at her first chance...??? Finally.. In conclusion the drama is too noisy with the screaming and scr
  10. Annyeong Chingudeul.. Now I am a little worried about our leads... Will JA lose her protection cos she gave away the fox bead??.. How did she get the scales??.. And the imoogi kid is so creepy.. I am thinking her parents got sacrificed for this imoogi.. With so many people saying that JA and LY are ill fated.. Arggghh.. One of them is going to die for sure.. How I wish LY dies and become immortal and they live happy human life together.. Please please don't let this be an open ending... Chaebal!!!!
  11. I am really curious of the Korean guy who is in the judging panel.. Any one having the same thoughts as me??.. Just wondering whether he will be a genuine benefactor or a wolf in sheep's clothing!!.. Hope it's not the later.. He really seems to be interested in NDS...
  12. I was anxiously waiting for Start Up cos of Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk.. Ans also Kim Seon Ho.... I was sure that NJH is the ML... after episode 1 I was like.. Why NJH is not brought in??..With the screen time KSH was getting.. I was starting to doubt the ML.. Now after watching how KSH aka HJP develops into an adult I was like having mixed feelings for him to be the main lead.. Enter NJH aka NDS... In the second episode.... Now I'm catapulted back to square one.. For sure NJH is the ML.. Hahaha.. Love the last scene in episode 2...he looks so Dapper.. But I
  13. It's becoming dapdapae with every new episode.. Looks like WY will oscillate between depyeonim and LS.. Which is like a typical Love Triangle.. Hope it's not.. Please writernim Add some spice.. I started with so much expectations.. Hope it doesn't drag and LS don't leave again... Arrrrggghhhhh!!!
  14. I have already fallen for Kwak Si Yang.. And you spoke my thoughts... About his getting important roles..
  15. Just as we all suspected the leader of Alice turned out to be the shady individual.. And the answer to how Det Ko switched to his past self is revealed... Now wondering what deal did Seok Oh Won made to save his life.. I don't think it's just by handing over the book of Prophecy.. Must be something else.... I wish Tae Yi will remember where she kept the last page of the book soon.... Anxiously waiting for tonight's episodes. And waiting for the day when Min Hyuk will reveal that he is the father or someone else will do on his behalf... I am suspecting Det Ko will
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