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  1. I am really curious of the Korean guy who is in the judging panel.. Any one having the same thoughts as me??.. Just wondering whether he will be a genuine benefactor or a wolf in sheep's clothing!!.. Hope it's not the later.. He really seems to be interested in NDS...
  2. I was anxiously waiting for Start Up cos of Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk.. Ans also Kim Seon Ho.... I was sure that NJH is the ML... after episode 1 I was like.. Why NJH is not brought in??..With the screen time KSH was getting.. I was starting to doubt the ML.. Now after watching how KSH aka HJP develops into an adult I was like having mixed feelings for him to be the main lead.. Enter NJH aka NDS... In the second episode.... Now I'm catapulted back to square one.. For sure NJH is the ML.. Hahaha.. Love the last scene in episode 2...he looks so Dapper.. But I
  3. It's becoming dapdapae with every new episode.. Looks like WY will oscillate between depyeonim and LS.. Which is like a typical Love Triangle.. Hope it's not.. Please writernim Add some spice.. I started with so much expectations.. Hope it doesn't drag and LS don't leave again... Arrrrggghhhhh!!!
  4. I have already fallen for Kwak Si Yang.. And you spoke my thoughts... About his getting important roles..
  5. Just as we all suspected the leader of Alice turned out to be the shady individual.. And the answer to how Det Ko switched to his past self is revealed... Now wondering what deal did Seok Oh Won made to save his life.. I don't think it's just by handing over the book of Prophecy.. Must be something else.... I wish Tae Yi will remember where she kept the last page of the book soon.... Anxiously waiting for tonight's episodes. And waiting for the day when Min Hyuk will reveal that he is the father or someone else will do on his behalf... I am suspecting Det Ko will
  6. ... Much awaited update by Jinnie.. And she looks so happy and gorgeous...
  7. Annyeong Chingudeul Just watched the first two episodes... It is beyond my expections... When I first learnt that Lee Dong Wook had accepted the script.. I was anxious how the storyline would be.. I was a bit sceptical and with Jo Bo Ah as the lead actress.. Was not at all excited.. The only comfort I had was Lee Dong Wook (crush from My Girl days) and Kim Bum... Jo Bo Ah always play negative roles in the dramas I have watched of her... Those annoying characters... But two episodes done... I guess now I can change my opinion... After
  8. Hello chingudeul.... I just finished today's episode.... I was happy for HyeJun but I am a little apprehensive cos his sucess came too early... Did I see a streak of jealousy and envy in Hae Hyo... And his mom is not doing any better.. She is such a.... Arghhh.. So annoying..!!! Till the end... His brother and father not leaving him alone... They are just too selfish and self righteous. After nagging him for years they want acknowledgement when he won the award... All these years the he never got support from them.. Hope his stardom don't get in the way between him and
  9. Hwang Si Mok smiled... Love the evolution of HSM's character in season 2.. Love how he tries to convince CB to save HYJ... Seems the issue with Hanjo is left unresolved.. So in conclusion... There is definitely a season 3 in the offing... Seo Dong Jae.. You better not collude with Hanjo... And so excited to see Kim Won Hae as the chief.. Satisfied with the ending.. No extra melodrama... So realistic...
  10. Hello chingus..... When Lie after Lie previews were circulated before it's premiere.... After reading the synopsis... I was like 'another melodrama'!!!!... I wasn't ready for the gloom... So I ignored it... But week after weeks... Saw the news of the series breaking it's own records... So I was really curious... And here I am... I finished 10 episodes in three days... Just finished the 10th episode now... And I am glad I watched it... What I am liking about this drama is.. The crucial moments are not dragged.. The doubts felt by KJM is short.
  11. I so love Stranger.... Exceptional Writer and Director.. Never expected the season 2 to end this way... Who would have thought that WTH and CB would collude.... Too good a series to end with just 2 seasons.. I am all for season 3...How about you guys??? Can't wait for tonight's episode....
  12. Things looking up for HJ... Happy Happy... Wish JHs mom don't come after what happened... Harabojis luck also seems to be turning around.. Just don't like how HJs dad treat him.. Always nagging at him.. And HJs brother is becoming more annoying.. Just my take on the collusion of Lee Tae Su with the reporter... LTS says SHJ was stolen from him.. This will cause a scandal.. I Hope Lee Min Jae exposes what he did with SHJ.. And I bet that will be his downfall since Park Do Ha is not doing any good for him.. Always cleaning his mess.. Karma ! Karma!...
  13. @jelly.. This is my second drama of him.. I watched him in Chicago Typewriter.. I was drawn to him but his negative role played the spoilsport.. But in Alice.... And yeah me too.. I want to know the back story of Tae Yi and Min Yuk...
  14. @LRM11219311 yes.. haehyo's mom is really scary.. And Lee Tae Su got what he deserved.. Karma I should say.. I just want to see him grovel and beg HyeJun... Hahahahahaha.. That will be so satisfying!!!
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