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  1. Agree with everyone that he does not look like HB Good that we’re all on the same page. I wanted to DM the twitter account to remove that post because it might spark unwanted speculations again. But I can’t send her a DM. Perhaps, because she’s not following my account? I only have a private twitter, maybe, that, too? Anyway, maybe someone can send her a DM
  2. Pyo Chisu looked down when he was talking about Binjin’s dating lol he’s hiding something. I might be overanalyzing it, though. I can see two possible scenarios: (1) He knows the truth but he can’t say something because those two are top stars. He would be starting big rumors if he said anything remotely controversial. Why would he confirm something that the agencies of HB and SYJ already denied? (2) He doesn’t really know that they’re dating. That’s cute because I’m imagining the entire cast and crew of CLOY speculating between filming breaks if HB and SYJ are really dating. They’re just like the rest of us! Notice that in all post-cloy interviews, their co-stars have been very careful in answering any questions about Binjin. I thank them for that. They’re protecting binjin Anyone with an inside scoop about Binjin that they want to share? Is their relationship really an open secret in Korea?
  3. @Edelweiss88 sorry, can you tell me what’s special about the second bts video? I don’t get it huhuhu thank you in advance!
  4. Re: HB’s humor He’s so playful with Yejin. I don’t see that in his other interviews (or maybe I should watch more videos?). He usually likes to joke around on set with the staff and in interviews but you can feel that it’s still different. What’s nice is that Yejin responds to his jokes well. I think HB likes it when she calls him Ahjuhssi he looks so happy/accomplished when he’s teasing yejin.
  5. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I feel better after reading your comments. Here in Singapore, some of the elder ladies (at least in our district) still believe in fortune telling so I was slightly taken aback. But you guys are right. No marriage is easy. They need to work on whatever issue that comes their way. I guess the possibility of them facing difficulties made me sad because we’re used to seeing the pinky atmosphere of binjin. Btw, it’s nice to know that almost everyone thinks that they’re gonna get married someday. We’re not even doubting it at this point. I know binjin can survive anything!
  6. No, it’s okay, don’t delete your post. Your comment made me feel better So the interpretation was that they would face hardships but they would end up getting married? Or is it the other way around that they would get married but face difficulties once married? Thanks
  7. I’m already sad with the lack of updates but this video made me sadder
  8. I’m sure all the actors and actresses in CLOY knew about Binjin’s dating rumor because the grocery sighting happened the same year they started filming. It was still relatively fresh by then. I’m not sure if they signed NDAs but I can feel no one dared to ask these two top stars about their real score out of respect. now Im thinking maybe the cast didnt sign NDAs but someone definitely briefed them not to mention anything suspicious about binjin in their post CLOY interviews. It’s obvious they know something during the wrap up party when HB hugged SYJ and almost everyone looked at their direction
  9. If someone wants to play detective, check out the bts of the scene where seri cried because she thought capt ri and the ducklings already left. the one where hb and syj were looking at the ducklings filming while they are sitting on the sofa
  10. Guys, just remember that HB hugged SYJ during the wrap up party. Yeah, other people say that the hug is just between friends, a congratulatory gesture between friends blah blah BUT HB never does this!! Have you ever seen him hug his leading lady? He initiated the hug. He couldn’t help himself. He wanted to hug his leading lady (reel and real ) for successfully finishing a beautiful drama. If you’d go back to the video, the other actors and staff were looking at them like ‘we’ve always known that something’s up between those two!’ You can even see one of the ahjummas smiling at them proudly during the hug
  11. If YeJin decides to move to VAST, I think she’ll not only be a talent but also a co-owner of the agency with HB They seem to have that dynamic (CLOY, mediheal/manyo endorsement)
  12. Hello Korean lurkers in this thread! I know you’re here! Any news about our beloved binjin? Have they been spotted anywhere? Although I doubt they would be out in the public considering that there’s COVID
  13. I really wish BinJin would do a CF together. Also, since the covid situation is still serious, I don’t think HB and SYJ have the time to date outside of the country or even around Korea. I can imagine HB visiting Yejin-sshi’s house for some quality time together
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