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  1. LOL... The video had me at "bread"... I think the only person that understands this is the person that made the video? Ok got to go.. cant stay here too long... it will kill my eyes...
  2. Very excited to hear about Yejin considering a role in a hollywood movie... although based on the reports nothing is confirmed yet, but the way it is reported seems like its very positive and close to being a confirmed deal... its about time she spread her wings to hollywood...
  3. I have seen videos of this fan greeting but have not seen this poster grabbing action by jinshi...... Director-nim was like "what the..." and it didnt fail to put a smile on the staff's face..... I was like A lot has happened in the last 20 pages or so.... and during this period... we have also reached page 1K baby... Just want to say that when waves hit the ship... whenever there is doubt.... always fall back to.... #ingrocerywetrust
  4. I thought the video @itspeanutbutterjellytime shared was hilarious.... but the one on the eating really takes the cake.... who would have thought that scenes of YJ eating combined with HB talking bout liking girls who eats well would be so much fun... i bet it put smiles on so many people's faces..
  5. Yes, i think the translation is not 100% accurate.. i believe what she meant was that they met during the period when she is filming SITR... not that they met on the SITR set.. it should be when they had the re-shoot for TN.. so they met once during that re-shoot period.... Just want to clarify this so that there is no misunderstanding.. we all know how much stuff here get's taken out into the wild world of SNS
  6. Wanted to share this since I have not seen it posted here... this scene in Dinner Mate is so funny.... they even used the OST from CLOY.... Have not visited here for a while.. can't believe this thread is still quite active.. anyway, shoutout to fellow Binjin shippers... you know who you are
  7. Just wanted to share the video below that illustrates perfectly what @binyeji mentions in her post... A little warning though... she and her Eye Smile will captivate you for the full 18 mins
  8. Congrats to all Baeksang winners.... and to BinJin nation, dont be sad..... while everyone have their favourites.. i m sure all winners put in a lot of effort in their work too.... so lets congratulate the winners on their achievement.... yes we can feel sad... but please dont hate... Actually we should be happy that we get to see BinJin onstage together receiving the popularity award.... we have been blessed with a lot of candies in the past week.. and today is another day that we should be grateful for.... #ingrocerywetrust
  9. With BINJIN not winning the best actor n actress award... There is hope for CLOY, SYJ or Park Ji Eun to win Daesang... Hoping for Jinnie to win
  10. A lot of opportunity to be in the same frame .. Popularity award
  11. Have not seen it before but the hand is most probably his own... Ok, eagerly anticipating the ceremony to start...... just reposting for those that have not checked previous page.. you can watch it live at the following link.. https://www.vlive.tv/video/194339
  12. Annyeong everyone !!! Wow... this thread is moving on rocket speed... lighted on by binjin fuel...... I didnt post for a while but I remember that page 600 was like 2+ weeks ago and baaammmm.. now we are at 700++... i guess as we draw closer to baeksang, the more insane the thread is gonna be... Was happy to see that storms (a few very strong ones at that) has come and gone... and rainbows appeared all round after that Great to see that everyone is putting in tons n tons of effort on the binjin voting... and also excited to see cowbin working hard and throwing so much stuff for us to see in the past week.... T-1 to the big reveal for the Smart CF.... T-5 to D-Day for Baeksang.... can't wait !!!
  13. I saw the special episode is available on VIU... does anyone know if they sub the special episode?
  14. I understood the same from that scene as well... YR gave the relationship another chance, cause deep down she realized that she still loved JH... so hence their decision to get married again... but that night she cried because she realized that although her love for JH still lingers.. it still cannot make her overcome her anxiety and lost of trust due to his past behavior... that was when she decided that its time to move on.... Congrats to the show for having the highest ratings on the finale... a well deserved accolade.... once again KHA was superb on the finale.. especially the scene where she was talking to TO on the phone after he took JY away... definitely is a shoo-in for Daesang... director-nim Mo Wan-il i think also has a high chance for a baeksang come June.... the only thing i felt a bit sad about is the Writer-nim not being nominated for the best screenplay category due to this being a remake... Yes, the general story is done based on Dr Foster... but I really admire the fine details that was put into the script to evoke the emotions they want to portray in the story..... excellent writing combined with superb acting makes this show what is today... kudos to everyone involved with the show... Wow... what a journey it has been for the last 2 months... sure was a hell of a 16 episodes ride.....
  15. Oh really? Didn't know this... look forward to it and hopefully they will be subbed... but normally all the specials/BTS wont be subbed Can't wait for the last 2 episodes !!!
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