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  1. OMG.... so they are dating??? This is binjin nation acting surpised.... LOL So finally Dispatch came to an agreement with them on publishing the news.... and 8 months was the agreed dating period eh... hahahah.. but binjin nation knows better ... doesnt matter though..... What a great way to bid goodbye to 2020 and start a new 2021 !!!!!!
  2. Yoon Mi Rae's I Love You was first played on August 27 in EP11.... lots of interesting things happened in that episode... I even made a post about it a while back...
  3. Can't help but think that this might totally be possible... Have to say though... the BTS is quite well edited... at the very least it does not have those transitions that we are so used to from MSteam...
  4. The song was played in the scene where JIS is in his car leaving to move back to his house... GHJ hid at the backseat and use her phone to express how she feels because she feels sad that he is moving and would cry if she talks to him.. she basically displayed a few messages through her phone to say what JIS should do after he moves.... 1. Meet her every Friday as what they have agreed (since they are not staying in the same place anymore) 2. Eat well 3. Sleep well This quiz is so fun..... there is no way you don't have a smile on your face when you are answe
  5. We know about the Yoon Mi Rae (T)'s I Love You song that Jinnie has in her phone memo.. So I have been watching It's Okay, That's Love... I Love You is Part 6 of the drama OST.. the song first appeared in and was released with EP11.. now let's see what happened in EP11... At the beginning of the episode, JIS's character was discussing the reasons he didn't want the relationship with GHJ's character to be made known to others (although their family and close friends know about it).... because it was bothersome and he didnt like talking about his personal love life.. due
  6. Actually I m not too sure whether WOTM is in the running for this.. cause none of the categories have any WOTM related nominees.. I think any of the best actress nominees from Baeksang have a good chance.. given how strong the field was this year... but good point on 2018 though... so if history repeats itself, SYJ have a chance this year..... Like you said, pray for the best for them
  7. Regarding Seoul Drama Awards, I am not keeping my hopes up for any award to be honest... the best shot i believe would be the hallyu category... but based on what we have seen on baeksang.. i think the chances are not that high.. im hoping to be wrong though... but am keeping my expectations in check to avoid dissapointment... Thank you to @cybertron for starting the thread.... this place has brought a ton of joy n happiness to a lot of ppl
  8. Omo omo... the Smart CF !!! Esp when the car comes into the frame... I think they most likely have shot Part 3... the joint CF... probably the one with the sunflower and table/chairs is in the joint CF.... LOL.. this is so funny... of course.. she knew of SMART because of her close friend...
  9. Omo Omo.. I think yes, "彬" is hyun "bin" in Chinese.... 1 more hour to go for smart!!!
  10. Yeah, excited about the CF release.. Can't wait for 5pm.. Now need to get some work done.. Once the CF is released, work will be at the back burner and BINJIN nation will break the Internet
  11. Jun Ji Hyun Shares Her Experience Filming “Kingdom,” What Her Upcoming Drama Is About, And More Jun Ji Hyun is also working with Kim Eun Hee on her latest project “Mount Jiri” (working title), which she is starring in alongside Joo Ji Hoon. When asked what kind of drama “Mount Jiri” is, Jun Ji Hyun shared, “It tells the story of people who encounter life and death on a mountain. The main character must leave the mountain, but finds themselves in a situation that prevents them from doing so. Those kinds of situations unfold with ‘Mount Jiri’ as the setting. It will capture the s
  12. Phew !! its back.... finally manage to read the posts after changing the theme... seems like the default theme is not working... And what a good time for the forum to be back.... Anniversary day !!!! Here's to many more years of Binjin happiness....
  13. Drought? What drought??? Binjin nation is on candies overdose.. SYJ is looking real bad-RickRoll'D in the motorbike video... All the stuff from the past few days got me thinking... back when it all started with #InGroceryWeTrust..... when the hastag was first coined... how it was trending and all... to becoming the foundation of Binjin nation... then it went on to be modified by another ship to suit them.... and now it is being adapted by a telco to become #InSmartWeTrust.... we sure have come a long way....... The ship sure is docking soon
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