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  1. I have a hunch that their agencies (or maybe just Vast) keep them updated on what the fans/shippers are discussing that’s why they’re very aware of our shipping scenarios. SYJ mentioned the tiktok voting. HB mentioned yj’s comment on his hair and skin. I think their agencies are telling them that “okay, here are the receipts that they have on you!” i think they monitor these things so they know what to do—can they deny? Can they confirm? Just think of that restaurant photo with binjin that started the “check your dm” meme unrelated: what’s the difference between reputation and soompi points?
  2. anyone nice enough to do this research please? i cant find clips for mith
  3. I think the script for cloy came after the LA pics. I really believe that the la trip was purely for leisure, if you know what I mean Also, no matter how big shot the writer is, I dont think two a-listers would fly to LA to talk about business. They could negotiate via their agencies. It’s not a coincidence that it was yejin’s bday month and her niece’s bday party as well
  4. There are literally 5 people commenting on the bin*** thread. Their ~crumbs~ are not even worth mentioning. Nothing to worry about I actually feel sorry about them because i know that they’d be so heartbroken once we get binjin’s wedding announcement. So, don’t mind the negativity and let’s focus on binjin i’m still confident that the wedding will be around october-december..latest is jan or feb of 2021 hehe yup, that’s my delulu quota for the day
  5. I think they were trying to recreate the scene where they first met with seri falling from the tree and rjh had to catch her. Those were not manner hands...
  6. Let Agree with you also, just a friendly reminder to everyone here, please don’t dismiss other fan theories just because they don’t align with your own. It’s okay to agree or disagree (respectfully) but dont assume that your theory is the ONLY possible choice and other fan theories are wrong. We’re all fans here merely speculating on their timeline. We don’t know what really happened so let’s just enjoy ~analyzing~ these binjin crumbs without bringing other fans down. No one is superior in this ship. We’re all this together, folks happy shipping!
  7. I think the yacht photos on yejin’s instagram are with hyun bin. they met up in europe which explains the pink atmosphere during TN promos and the subsequent flying to LA. IMO, if they only started dating in Sept, the LA trip in January would have been too soon. So, I believe they started earlier than TN promos. my friend, who is a big shipper, said that if only she has the skills to edit photos, she will adjust the saturation and whatnots on syj’s ig photos to look for hb’s shadow haha she’s convinced that HB took those photos. She’s going crazy looking at the reflection on syj’s shades hahaha what has binjin done to her
  8. ^ Definitely his Europe trip after MOTA with his special someone who happened to have a pictorial in europe as well the yacht photos on her Instagram are a big giveaway
  9. Legit question: what’s the point of having synchronized PRs and CF releases? Personally, i don’t think they’re doing it on purpose. Companies are simply banking on their star power to push for their brands. Second question: when’s the premiere date of Bargaining? If they’re going to get married, I think the wedding will take place after the promotions of Bargaining (and after the movie has finished its run in theaters) so as not to overshadow the movie.
  10. I have a crack theory please feel free to disprove me when did yejin change her ig profile pic to that flower photo? coz when i zoomed in on the flowers, it looks like the flowers hb was holding during baeksang so i have this theory that the flowers on syj’s profile pic were given to her by hb (two years ago?) and he gave her the same kind of flower last week because it signifies something important between them idk. Hahaha happy to be proven wrong
  11. Many have pointed out that their CFs/PRs are being deliberately released on the same day. Can someone compile these coincidences please? the rationale in me thinks that there’s nothing more to it. Brands have their own timetables of releasing their own materials. Unless, of course, vast and msteam are working together behind the scenes although i cant see the merit of synchronizing their endorsements. I dont think its related to their personal lives. It just means both of them are in demand as celebrities im happy to be proven wrong tho because i really love discovering binjin candies <3
  12. I wonder how’s the discussion on Weibo today. Chinese fans are always one step ahead of us. Anyone lurking on Weibo lately? Care to share any binjin candies from over there?
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