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  1. Thanks for appreciating and respecting his work Are you watching his previous smart CF? Are you hearing him speak English too in that CF? The difference is not much lines, if you "compare to", right? Because you try/want to compare him, right? Binnie said he had some difficulty in a few lines, so why he chooses to not do the voice over, if you real Binjin fan, you know this exactly, then why you want him to do the same thing, even though you know he's having a difficulty in doing that, for what? to put him down? Just appreciated him dear, if you can't talk good about him, better don't say anything about him
  2. What if Binnie doesn't do the same? I'm curious, what would you say then?
  3. Better them not nominated CLOY for any awards anymore because CLOY has NK issue, I mean, why need to nominated if you know from the beginning they can't win anything because that NK issue, totally joke , except them need support like this day, yeaa they give CLOY just for "supporting", and them get the support, totally win , other award can take this as example , but I'm done, don't want to waiting any other award for CLOY or binjin because them "can't" win it (NK issue), sorry for my thought. Now I just pray for binjin happiness and wait for the wedding bells coming soon
  4. Message from dad, keep voting guys BinJin's synchronize matches every love song, never fail to make you fall in love
  5. Maybe this is one of the reasons why he really wants twins so bad , then what are you waiting for Binnie, just marry your Jinnie's now and get your twins ASAP
  6. Poor young Binnie, but what can he do, since the nation calls him for a duty
  7. He was a good man, a family man Yes, you have meet him, then get married right away and give us a cute niece
  8. Lets me share my simple logic here, since this topic is become little wave for our ship If I ask you who close enough to binjin, this guy or their agency? You can easily answer it, right? Then, if you not believe with their agency about binjin relationship, why you must believe with this guy who you dont know he came from nowhere and talk about binjin relationship? Get it, its so easy to understand Happy shipping everyone, the dock is almost reached, wedding bells is almost coming, can you hear that dear?
  9. I have some qoute from captain Ri, but I modify it little to make it relevant "The haters are like twisted rope, so they come by turn. Everything will be fine soon" Be safe passengers, we have face any storm before this, but we still strong and become stronger, fasten your seat belt keep this ship sailing until we reach the destination and keep spread the love from our lovely binjin to the world 
  10. Yes, they make it fishy for use "all" word if just two things they know, c'mon Dispatch tell us what the other investment they have do? are they now in a project to build a ship that will sail soon? Omoo, my delulu minds, made me a language observer and also a business observer because there is only one line in an article Dispatch, may I give advice? You have to make an investment in education, and make me as your first student
  11. Yass, I mean, don't we have another property that we want to sell besides the two?
  12. Hey, Dispatch, would you like to tell us that there are other properties that will be off the market soon? Yes, please keep writing something fishy, we need the drugs right now
  13. I can't stop laughing at your closing sentence, Seri might give you an award as a patient shipper *hug*. It's reminded of my first post, about who should bend their knees in a "binjin" relationship, framing like this actually often appears on this forum. What's wrong with YJ staring at HB, isn't that great? because that means YJ is also interested in HB so we have more opportunities to see the "binjin" sailing ship, because we all hope to be here, right? If HB falls in love, but YJ isn't interested, then how can their relationship work? LOL I don't want to offend anyone here, maybe the purpose of framing like this is to protect their respective idol images, because their strong character and popularity make their fans want to protect them from being seen as weak. They are both perfect in many ways like some of the opinions here that I read, then what exactly are they looking for again with abundant wealth, trophies, praise, awards, rankings that they have as if they don't need anything else, such as strong individuals and can do everything yourself. But, if I can take a few quotes from their interview, HB says marriage is an important part of life's journey that will bring changes to many things, YJ says marriage is one of the goals in his life even though he does not feel compelled to rush. Look regardless of all the perfection they have, in the end the natural instincts of every human being, male and female, they are the same as humans in general, want to have a life partner who accompany each other and look after old age. Ok, I think I'm too much here with my bad english, sorry :p , and as a closing, here is an interesting qoute, and it's unique because this comment is actually from a shipper that is opposed to binjin LOL "A relationship doesn't work one way. It's not about SYJ or HB, but what is the best for them" Yes, lets hope the best for them, and we can hear the wedding bells of their marriage soon
  14. I don't understand what is the purpose of discussing who is superior in relationships, who controls the relationship, who is most in love, who should be bent on their knees, making their relationship seem like a competition, and what the end if this is a competition about who is "the most", in the end we will get one winner who arrives at the port and the others lose and may be left behind at sea. And you finally can see who is the most like you want :) If HB and YJ as you think bring their egos because they feel superior to the others, then they shouldn't have think to be together, let alone get married because this kind of relationship will not last long :)
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