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  1. Romantic couples trip to the Maldives was a nice delulu while it lasted..
  2. @eLizza Wow even January Jones is a convert! The love story in CLOY is truly transcendental and knows no bounds when it comes to international appeal. Gah I’m always so jealous when I read about someone discovering the magic of CLOY for the first time, wish I could go back lol
  3. I’ve read some comments on Twitter and a certain blog expressing how inappropriate it is for an “old” SYJ to be playing a young princess and how glad these people are that KHN turned down the lead role to not participate in her media play. 1. SYJ is nowhere near confirmed for this role. MSTeam did not even say that she is “positively reviewing the script” (which is common lingo for a high likelihood of accepting it). All they said was that this script is just ONE of many that she merely RECEIVED 2. SYJ has stated before how she hates filming during the winter, which is
  4. An interview from 2010 that shows how truly thoughtful HB is and what great family values he has. He talks about his grandma passing, his relationship with his dad, and how he persisted in getting a Bachelor’s degree (even though it was not necessary for his profession) because he wants his kids to put down on future applications that their father is a university graduate Another one where he talks about not wanting to get married too late
  5. @lovebirds Riiiiiiight we definitely believe her To me, that answer was the safe one because she didn’t want to acknowledge that they had met before and nothing happened from that meeting. But who knew just a few years down the line that their paths would merge so beautifully
  6. It’s not one person who decides what gets rumor gets discussed here. But I’m going to be blunt and say that if you keep having to post the same thing with little response, it’s because the interest isn’t there
  7. WHAT IF Yoon Se-Ri can make a fun cameo in CA2 as the rich chaebol that she is?? This could be as close to a CLOY sequel that we could get. Dare we dream...
  8. That certainly was a very exciting time here made by an exciting discovery thanks to @lemontree! Part of me is gleeful that it’s making the rounds on social media - so all the skeptics can know that Binjin did not just randomly meet up on one occasion during their time in LA, they likely stayed together at a fancy golf resort and did some snack shopping at a Pavilions nearby. But the other part of me doesn’t want the beans to be spilled on our super ninja couple and have any special travel destinations ruined for them. Anyway, this IG user definitely took it to the next level with th
  9. Translations of the Japanese Asahi interview, click on the link to view the multiple posts https://twitter.com/syjadvocate/status/1295580829221969925?s=21
  10. It seems like HB and crew might be safer in Jordan at this point. South Korea with resurgence of COVID in the last few days
  11. SYJ caught this guy staring at her when he should’ve been looking at Jung Woo Sung who was talking...and her reaction? Bursted out laughing
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