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  1. The farmer in the dell The farmer in the dell Hi-ho, the derry-o The farmer in the dell The farmer takes a wife The farmer takes a wife Hi-ho, the derry-o The farmer takes a wife Can I just say... V@st is such a tease
  2. Just wanted to delurk for a sec and really commend everyone for their insights on the valid receipts we've received, and are still receiving, from legit sources/connections and most times, from our OTP themselves. Y'all keep our ship sailing! Also, I've been wanting to use this gif for a while now Anyway did a lot of catching up (and I'm all caught up now!) since Soompi's temporary shut down so I'm sorry if your notifications are flooded with my reactions. I have been camping on Twitter since the temporary shut down as well and all I just really wanted to say is... 1
  3. I don’t remember seeing BinJin on Urban Dictionary before?! Also, lol at the definition of Grocery Shopping here hahaha! Okay Urban Dictionary, I see you’re a shopper too
  4. BinJin nation, how are we feeling? What a week this week has been so far! And we still have the weekend coming! *fans self* Also, drought? What drought? Haha! (BinJin and all of their endorsements, let's keep this buffet open until the 90th day, please! ) But really, wow, the past few days and nights have been hella fun and crazy! This shipper life is really something huh-- I have been switching from Soompi to Twitter to Instragam and back, trying to keep up, and still trying to absorb everything that transpired in the last 48 hours. Just wanted to quickly chime in:
  5. Fans relating the motorcycle filming to Sm@rt already Hmmm. Agree with @ElectricHearts please don't let this be another BWM fail lol!
  6. sounds more like damage control now! lol Ahhh, Maldives. One of the theories I also love. Actually, when I first saw the video and the article, I immediately went to Instagram to double check if there were any posts by the Cinderella 7 (except for LJH's of course) in Maldives. I found none. Well at least none with a Maldives geotag. Basing on their previous posts, they would always pose for a group photo when they get together, correct? I just wonder why they don't have a group photo (or even a late post) for this one when I'm pretty sure it's a memorable trip for them. I w
  7. Aigoo... chingu! Don’t say that. We all gotta be here for d-day! We can all ‘die‘ together when we get the confirmation.. although we need to resurrect right away as we have to wait for the twins next! Stay healthy, BinJin nation! Update: I am suffering from a migraine (and I can feel a stye coming) from trying to continuously read our thread in the new theme hehe wish me luck!
  8. Just thought of highlighting and consolidating these posts as they all fit well together. And, also, for posterity. I really like this analogy! YJ wished for these personality traits and yet someone as handsome and attractive as HB, who happens to have these traits, was still sent her way. God's Gift To Women indeed... but by to women, I mean to SYJ only. (And yes, I believe SYJ has only mentioned beautiful skin and silky hair. Also, non-verbatim, that HB is perfect for the role of Capt. Ri! ~ Ok I seriously cannot wait for the day Jinnie literally tells everyone how handsom
  9. Yes, such gorgeous legs! Relating this to CLOY and sharing an observation I had-- I am not sure if someone has already mentioned this here. But just in case.. you'll notice in episode 2, where YSR experiences the first black out, the scene where she comes out of the bathroom at 39:10, she was only wearing RJH's polo (and short shorts I believe?) And then when RJH arrives and opens the door at 41:09, he quickly & slightly looks at YSR's legs (at least that's what I've observed). And then fast forward to the scene where RJH leaves his house and YSR asks for his name at 48:02, you will then
  10. Golf is the only sport that allows you to walk close to 3.5 miles every time you play without realizing it. It forces you to pay attention to your colleagues/partners. Most courses are quite beautiful and make you feel one with nature, private and is very intimate. Imagine all that intimate walks, talks with only the two of you on focus? To sum it up, golf is a very good sport and is very well conducive for dating couples and couples in a relationship, because it allows them to step outside of themselves and get in a sort of meditative state. It allows them to focus on their partner on what th
  11. Permission to be delulu Also because it’s already the last day of June from where I am. Ok, so I was casually watching Instagram Stories when my friend (who I know isn’t a kdrama more so a HB/SYJ/CLOY fan) posted a book that someone had gifted her. Guess the title of the book! One Day in December. Could this be a sign (lol i don’t even know what for exactly) but I mean, why would it pop up on the last day of June? What is the universe telling me/us? Hahaha! Interestingly enough, though, the book is about... wait for it... fate. (Know more about the bo
  12. @CrashLanded Definitely not off-topic! @sjc705 same! I thought about these things, too. And still one of the many things I think about up until today. To add, I went through SYJ's filmography and thought about which among those drama/movie characters / roles did and did not suit HB. (I haven't come to a conclusion haha) I do remember this was discussed before.. but does anyone have an updated educated guess? Anyway, not complaining as we got TN Era and as in most things, timing really is everything. I felt all of this, but put in bold my favorite part. And I am just happy
  13. Wow at that D*spatch headline/article, really. Haha! Thanks again, @celest1al for the translation. Much appreciated. Okay, that was a good practice round, everyone! Delulu me seriously cannot wait for the day we'll finally get to unleash our knee jerk reactions-- screams, tears, koala hug jumps and all-- when our OTP finally drops the big one! My favorite candy this week, by far, is this, thanks to The Swoon's confirmation. Knowing now that our OTP chose to have fun and make fun of themselves, to sit and talk (so that they get to know each other more, and
  14. A little late to the user yejinhand two-part-video reaction party but I just wanted to say hi!!! and that I breezed through reading pages 942 - 946 (where I'm currently at) seeing everyone's happiest and wittiest reactions! Aaahhh! Just wanted to quote @CLOY Nified as I went through the same thing! High five! I was in the middle of an e-meeting call when I got a notification that user yejinhand posted... followed by another notification that she posted again! Good thing I wasn't presenting and that my video was disabled because my world literally stopped.. attention sp
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