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  1. It is not even a joint CF and we all got crazy already. Can't imagine what will happen when we hear anything about their big day
  2. Oh my dear, what hypes you up? It piques my curiosity ... ahem ahem ... check DM pls
  3. I have been lurking in this forum since the very first page and it is true that every now and then there is someone who will bash people for some take or saying that they don't agree with. Can people just take it easy? Our enemies are just trollers and antis but not fellow shippers. Come on.
  4. Stay chilled ladies and have fun. Chewy is a senior shipper and I am sure she didn't mean to taunt anyone here. If you don't agree with what has been said, just laugh it off. Have fun.
  5. Teeners, thank you so much for your link. You save me from insomnia tonight (Sorry that I don't know how to tag you just by the handle)
  6. For those who have hard time with the dark mode (like myself yesterday), try to switch to revolution evolution mode which should be a bit better though back reading still kills me.
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