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  1. Trueeee I was hoping for that too, maybe if they’ve done that I would have felt that feeling of finally! I don’t know if everyone felt the same way as I do, but the ending hasn’t really given me a final separation from the show! It’s like breaking up with a boyfriend that I’m still totally in love wit.
  2. I know I’ve notice that too, as much as I jealous to death hahaha joke! But yeh they’re both too obvious but yet again they both denied it for an obvious reason, to protect they’re career, or maybe not maybe they’re not really together “yet” maybe it’s not official yet, so who knows it’s our words against them. They’re said they’re not together, ok then they’re not! They are cute together tho, I must admit!
  3. I guys, I would strongly encourage everyone to eat food that boost up your resistance and immunity level, with the corona virus spreading all over the world, it’s not even a joke! In order for us to fight back this epidemic is to start within us. If this virus will try to hit us, it’ll fail as we are much stronger.

  4. Omg totally agree with you. Like his charisma will make you fall in love with him. I love him as an actor I’ve seen a couple of his Romantic comedy shows and his soo funny! The Itaewon show brings different side of him but he still manages to make few scene funny with his facial expression! I totally support him xoxo
  5. I have similar one with the last photo very nice and comfy, but having said that I have only worn it once and it cost me a fortune. Great for clubbing on winter but not really appropriate for work unless you wear dress with but then again wearing dress to cover it defeats it’s purpose. Can only be worn with short or minis.
  6. As much as I agree that they look good together but I’m kinda happy at the same time that they’re not haha haha. I really don’t know Hyun bin much tho I’ve just recently been following his shows and his such a great actor. He portrayed his roles incredibly, I like him bcoz his very mature and decent man and most of all I admire his work ethic. but on other hand I hope, I can’t really say cuz I don’t personally know him well none of us does, but in life its not all about work and making money. True happiness is not how much money you have in the bank it’s is the simplicity and contentment. I used to work like a dog and earned hundreds of thousand dollars per year. then one day I decided to turn my back on it and become a full time mum. For the first time of my life I found my true happiness as I woke up next my my gorgeous little baby’s smile I hope one day I wanna read that Hyun Bin found his true mate for life aaawww!
  7. Oohh babe! I totally feel you were in the same boat lol.
  8. What????? He can sing too????? Guys literally How can I get over him now????? Hahahahahha all my social media feeds Hyun Bin pops up! and I just goes! Ok no more I've suffered enough! Arrggh! His just inside my heart now His like a light the it doesn't switch off lmao!
  9. Yeh they're both very obvious tho, but what can we do if they said no, if they're not together it's fine by me I think his waiting to meet me in person hahaha but it's totally understandable if they wanna keep it private tho, it will have a huge impact on their career, but then again my defence is they're both not getting any younger like literally I'm sure most of they're friends are married or not! I might be wrong but I don't know!
  10. But I want him to marry me tho hahaha yeh they're cute together I will just enforced to my children to marry one of their child hahaha but hey! both of them aren't getting any younger their not on they're 20s anymore if they like each other they should!!!!
  11. Hi guys I’m literally new on this soompi, been trying how to this thing works, but OMG Hyun Bin, I’m a filipino/Spanish grow up in Australia, for some reason I don’t know why! I was really never into asian guys! BUTTT with great regrets For the past few months I was hooked with all these korean shows from Netflix they are all gorgeous boys, then Hyun Bin pop up, he appeared into my life that I no longer know how to get rid of him hahahahahaha
  12. Hi guys I’m new here and totally new to these whole korean Shows and Movies. For the past few month I’ve been hooked with all these Korean Romance and drama shows from Netflix and they are all AMAZING!!!!! At first I was very confused why it is a scandal everytime a celebrity will be seen with someone else or having a relationship with, I found it weird at first but the more I follow the more I understand why. The fan base are very strong and impressive, it was a culture shock on my end, but then, I said to myself well who wouldn’t fall in love with these gorgeous actors! HYUN BIN my love for instance Hahahaha! Then I dig deeper, I notice no matter how great of an actor or actress you are, once your in a relationship even if your showing great chemistry on the show it will still have a great impact on their career which I found it very sad.
  13. Hi I’m jade from down under Australia, I’m filipino/Spanish. Currently I’m hooked with all these korean Romance and drama shows, I’m even starting to watch comedy shows such men in the mission, freaking hilarious.

    I hope I can share my insight and confusion to this side as my korean understand in language and culture are good as nothing.


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