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  1. I have been away for so long but have been following what's happening in IG on some PPS accounts every now and then. I ended up backreading this thread while eating popcorn. I am still amazed some dare to mess with this ship. But they end up not even giving our ship a scratch It's sad some accounts make shipping toxic. I'll just stick to the positive side. PSJ has another film lined up for him. I am excited what's next for PMY in the entertainment industry.
  2. I haven't really been active since soompi made changes to their forums especially when they prohibited ig posts. But i am glad we have a lot of new shippers aboard. PJJ Was really happy when PMY sent her the truck. I read somewhere that there are only 2 known times when she sent a food truck for support. PJJ this year and another artist when she was still in culture depot, i forgot the name.
  3. It is final. her subscribers are called minyons. Unboxing of silver play button for 100k subscribers. She has 478k subscribers now in a little over a month since the launch of her channel. Congrats pmy! She also has another video, she took a personality test. She looked cute when she got angry at Leon. "You should think and plan out when you are gonna bark" One more line that may have a hidden meaning: "i don't like temporary relationships". Watch the whole video so you can understand the context Makes me want to take a personality test too and see if it matches with hers haha
  4. Tiffany and co posted pmy ceci photoshoot. Can't wait for engagement ring photo op Ig embed still not allowed?
  5. Hoping for a Just Parkminyoung Update later. She keeps on posting throwback pics, she must really miss travelling. I am not liking the new themes of Soompi and I can't seem to change it
  6. Let's help vote for PMY, she is currently 7th. Poll ends end of July. You can vote every hour. https://kingchoice.me/topic-most-beautiful-korean-actress-of-all-time-59.html PMY YT channel reached more than 300k subscribers in less than a month. Good job PMY! I really really love your content. Anyone reading this who has not subscribed yet, please do so now. Link below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ8lOT-DK8RMDLyW2hN3boA Her "What's in my Bag" video reached a million views already. Nothing against Suzy, but I watched her same video with Vogue, I find PMY video more entertaining. Probably because she has a lot more items to show. She's really talkative in a cute way.
  7. Trans in the twitter post or in this photo https://twitter.com/PMYIFANSUNITED/status/1278629992167952384/photo/2
  8. PMY made kimchi in her latest video Wish someone can translate the review of jessica and busted cast. We get to see some parts of her house in the video.
  9. With PMY last video, did she just do free marketing with some of the items insider her bag? Yeah what was that censored part in PSJ video?
  10. Hello, welcome back. I think I saw your username back when i was backreading this thread. It has been two years, we are still blessed with a lot of "coincidences" and lovestagram til this day. I believe they are still going strong. PPS thread still going strong too, other shipping threads die down after a drama ends, but this is still active almost 2 years after WWWSK ended.
  11. I was kinda sad because of the new rule about IG embedded posts. But hopefully it would be temporary only. I am actually excited for Wednesday, hoping it would be the trend of PMY YT video release.
  12. Wow I am surprised they have their own thread already in Shipper's Paradise. But I agree, in episode 1, I can see they have great chemistry even with the age gap. This is my first time watching KYJ series, JCW I watched a couple of his dramas already.
  13. It's my first time posting in this thread. I must say, after watching the first ep, got hooked already Even with their age gap, I can see great chemistry since ep1. Jcw character here kinda reminds me of park bong soo, his character from healer. Lol. I know ratings are important for korean dramas but i think it's time for producers to check the ratings internationally right? Especially jcw who is really popular in Asia. The audience outside korea i bet is large. Looking forward on the next episodes and having discussions with everyone
  14. https://channels.vlive.tv/EBF267/vtoday/0.15013450 Frequently appearing in films since her debut, Park Min Young shared, "Currently, I am vividly feeling the importance, passion, as well as joy for the work, to the extent that my 20s can't match. I think my filmography legacy is an album of my life and it is still steadily accumulating day by day." In addition, the actress also opened up that she has an unrequited love for acting, and that if comparing, acting is like "an extremely arrogant man". Park Min Young made everyone laugh when saying, "I persevere in pursuit of him, but he does not easily give me love. He is a master of flirting." She was funny when she asked if the audience was bored? No we won't get bored watching your videos! WE have ComZia update today (there was also one yesterday)
  15. I literally stopped working when I received this notification. PMY active this week so far. Especially today. Youtube Video IG Post #1 IG Post #2 She gave us a glimpse of her "office". She mentioned she will give a detailed tour next time when it's finished. She still looks pretty even when she cooks!
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