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  1. I also think this drama is successfully being a showcase of the casts acting range. They showed their excellent and luxurious acting by portraying every human emotions in the most natural but delicate and effective ways. Most viewers, especially in Korea, they were in awe and acknowledging the acting skills of the casts. I read the reviews in naver blogs and I think Koreans youngster love this drama. They said this drama is refreshing and fun, thus pretty realistic and mature. And the strongest point of this drama is the acting of the casts that made them immersed emotionally.
  2. Wooww I really like your pov. That’s true!! Many see PJW as weak just because he still can’t move on after a year, and because he loves someone too much. But it needs courage and self confident to give your heart to someone like PJW did. He might sounds pathetic during the interview because he only told his heart break story but if they meet him in person, their reaction would be like Kang Geon. On the other hand, I think that’s also the reason why LEO was afraid to face him when they supposed to meet at the river. Seoul PJW is also different with yangyang PJW. In yangyang he was so casual a
  3. I’’m glad to see Jae Won started to move on... Funny to see how the interviewer is like a gossiper who spread Jae Won news to everyone while he was just silent LOL... this kind of situation is impossible if it’s done by common kdrama format. Now Eun Oh is starting to realise what she have lost. Well, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. I feel sorry for her past, I do think she needs therapy sessions, so she can apologise properly and coming clean. I think this is the time when she is the one who makes effort especially to gain Jae Won trust.
  4. I just want to share the swoon’s clip here... their scene at the bar is one of a legendary scene for me. So happy to read the comments (not only here but also in naver and korean forums) are mostly praised the acting skill. I think this drama is their “idealist” project where they can experimenting a new format and concept of a kdrama, making an art that can touch person feelings by their natural acting skill, without being worried about ratings and tv censorship...
  5. Me too, I can’t wait to their meeting any longer. Or at least, his cousin must know about LEO. He can’t laugh at him anymore if he knows. Now seeing their lovely moment flashback only gives me pain in my chest... how PJW feels so lonely and heart broken while no one understands him, it hurts me the most cause I know how it feels. I hope PJW wouldn’t just accept LEO easily, better if he heals himself first then move on, and learn from this experience. As for LEO, can she feels sorry for PJW a little bit? At least she needs to apologise... I didn’t see her havin
  6. I’m a bit confuse of KakaoTV marketing way. They made pay per view for LITC but on the other hand people can watch it on Netflix. What’s the point anyway, they will go to Netflix instead of pay per view. They also blocked LITC clips on youtube for international viewers while the clips can make LITC more trending and raising curiosity. I won’t complaint if Netflix do promotion well enough but I don’t think so. And I’m a bit concerned about the number of views. I know this drama target viewers are quite segmented, like women in their 20-50... but still people measuring the drama success from the
  7. I want to rant too. If Eun Oh reason for breaking up with Jae Won was because she lied to him, then what gave her right to ghosting him and took his cameras?? She also lied to her friends. No one knows about her trip to yangyang. She lied to everyone. She took Jae Won’s cameras maybe related to his cousins. She was afraid that someday Jae Won shows her photos to his cousin and his gf then he can find her. But still, what she did was so cruel. He loves her with all his might and even tho it wasn’t her real self but his love was true. I cried when I saw he made that couple surfboard. Be
  8. The engsub for jcw part is here : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJSGk0np_Jx/?igshid=hvui5qoetvm8 it’s from U_Simjo youtube but it was blocked by kakaotv. I posted a part of that here
  9. Albeit that was one of the most raw and hottest bed scene in the kdrama history, but I was crying when I watched it. We can feel their pain tho. Jae won eyes.... OMG... it was desperation and lust, and after the mysterious smile that she gave to him after he confessed, I can see his confusion and tears. Eun Oh smile... I can see her hide a sad secret... That conflicted feeling that she has... Everything was so details Sad that many people only see it as a bed scene, not seeing the details and their pain... It was bittersweet beautiful...
  10. I just found this article. Is this real??? They’re planning to make season 2?? http://dramaquarterly.com/talking-shop/
  11. @Mai Stars I’d like to see him in any kind of different role, and he never been in a medical drama before. Pretty sure he’s gonna make it unique and interesting as usual. @elizabeth They judged the drama just because it’s an adaptation from an adult webtoon, while in fact, it is one of the purest drama I’ve ever watch. I think BR was treated so unfairly, some with hidden agenda, but even with all the bashers and controversies in the beginning, it still maintained as the 1st rating in mini-series as it was airing, 1st spot in wavve and iQIYI (up until now). BR is my cup
  12. This episode makes me want to hug her... I love EMS attentive approach to his guests, how he seems to understand each others journey and struggle. He did that with SYH too.
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