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  1. I just found out from the youtube comments, many males from my countries who never watched korean drama before and never wanted to, catching BR ads in youtube that made them curious, then voila... get addicted. There’re hundreds comments like that Sure it’s also part of KYJ charms. they even installed iqiyi and became vip. I think BR is a perfect choice for a neutral viewer, who only watch a drama to get entertained, and not interested to watch something cringe and unrealistic... It feels good to see that kind of comments tho...
  2. Why I have a feeling that when DH’s mom knows about DH SB relationship, she’s gonna be worried not because she doesn’t approve, but she doesn’t want things getting awkward if they break up in the future and that’s her concern, so she wants them to be MORE SERIOUS Pardon my imagination, just getting half crazy waiting for friday to come Anyway, there is no punch ost? Saw the preorder and ost line, I don’t think there’s one from punch
  3. I think one of the reason why rebecca nim chose them is because they both have the best natural chemistry on screen compare with others. It’s perfect for BR. No one can escape from jcw gaze tho. It was still on a small scale. Higher one could bring a heart attack
  4. Every daebyul moments are so precious it’s so hard to pick one’s favourite... BUT I RREAAALLYYY LOVE THE BEACH SCENE When did you watch a FL so pissed of by the ML that she said she wants to kill him but at the same time she looked at him full of love. That’s unconditional love. and the adorable drunk dh. Gosh, he went from crying like a child relieving his pain to suddenly doing word play. can’t remember how many times I rewatch that scene. That scene could make us sad, laugh and giddy only within minutes. THAT WAS GOLD. The last hug, it’s full of relief but it’s short, because dh knew they’re still in front of the store This is the first kdrama that every scene of the main lead is heart fluttering and adorable, even before they were official. Crazy crazy
  5. @ailanthus THANKS A LOT you really are the gifs-almighty Really love how BR brings the hugs back to a drama. All of the hugs are meaningful, warm, and reaall... love it so much huhuhuuuu.... Still have hope for kiss cause how they wrapped the relationship in BR seems unexpectedly natural and that’s how it should be. PD nim writer nim, please don’t dissapoint us. But I won’t be surprised if they first kiss gonna be clumsy or inexperienced. It’s Dae Hyun not Chang Wook lol
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2020/08/04/iqiyi-international-app-adds-k-content-thus-promoting-global-appeal/ An article about iQIYI investment including BR as iQIYI original. All of the unnecessary backlash against BR make me think that there’s a business motive behind it. I mean, BR is a new start for many entertainment business like iqiyi (netflix competitor), as well as lifetime and a+e. I think I read too much of conspiracy theories, or watching too much political drama
  7. Yups, it seems like everyone has so many clothes (and coats) in kdrama but when they have to pack, it’s just one bag. I was like, tell me how you do your luggage please BR is the first kdrama that I remember they use the same clothes from time to time. I like the detail. As BR is my first ongoing drama, I could say this is a fun experience, especially with you guys, but it drains me as well for having to wait for the next eps every week Gonna lurk on the thread every time kyj has a new project, I know i’m gonna find you guys there
  8. Honestly I hope jcw can take a rest for a while cause he’s been busy like forever... but as long as he’s happy we’re happy too I’m gonna watch every next kyj project for sure I love how their style in BR is so common like normal people, even the rich one. So they promote clothes that can be bought by most people. I found that cdh is more handsome than other previous jcw character maybe because it gives natural handsome man next door vibe or it is just me being bias LoL
  9. @cherkell I just can’t stand the media and haters who always try to shade him whatever he does, the comment section could be really toxic. I know they only seeking for views, and wook is one of reachable actor so it’s easy to make a headline using his name. Poor wookie...
  10. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/108/0002884413 So it was supposed to be a shooting to make GS25 content. But unfortunately, one of the gs25 staff mistook it then posted the pic via their IG said something like invitation to come. Sigh... That’s explain why wookie didn’t have any make up on, he was just working not doing any event. he also follows the protocol like wearing mask, using hand gloves etc. We know that it’s not his responsibility at all for the miscommunication and people’s behavior, but the news would say whatever they want. Glad that gs25 quickly give the right information.
  11. @Tuvi Girl yess, I think they didn’t expect that crowd as well, plus it was raining all day. perhaps they thought the crowd that would come is just gonna be like kang ji wook in the drama If they didn’t post anything like invitation to visit the store, it should be fine cause it’s not their intention. sometimes, wookie’s humbleness could be dangerous cause he’s not fully aware of his popularity @Jillia It seems so fun at first, but when we look at the effect...
  12. That’s what I thought so, it’s so unfair that no matter good they are, but because of something out of their control, they could get affected by it. But at least we can see that they were having fun filming, and that’s what matter the most. From what I read in dcgal, it gets crowded after a store staf posted in their IG that wookie was there. They deleted it later but it was too late. Perhaps it supposed to be a quite event but because of the news spread so fast, it became chaos right away. He didn’t even use any make up on. I just don’t want wookie gets trouble because it makes many people gather together in this covid situation.
  13. really wish so... but I think today’s event wasn’t specially to promote the drama or GS25. There is no news prior the event and it circulates more on online community. Aahhh @Tuvi Girl i also remember that wookie said that he wants to try to work at the convenience store for real. It just happened that GS25 gladly granted his wish after the shooting is over lol
  14. @Tuvi Girl @Jillia Probably because we used to see the build up episode as the odd one, and the problem would resolve in the next day so it’s not gonna drag too much. But here we have it on the even one so we need to wait a whole week... But at least we still have 2 eps to see lovey dovey DH and SB although they’re already looked like a married couple even before Just hope they will do what the married couple usually do *if you know what I mean* lol
  15. There’s someone said on twitter : Yeon Joo is even worse than Covid-19 Couldn’t agree more. I read comments on naver talk, it said that in the webtoon, YJ is way cooler. Once she broke up with DH, she’s out of the picture. But here, ajksjhjjjkkk
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