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  1. I may not have been active recently in posting but I'm completely calmer now in shipping PPC compared to when I first started -- especially now BINJIN admitted. I have to say, the reason why I believed BINJIN to be dating is the same crumbs and gestures PPC were showing haha. Anyway when I say I'm "calmer" I'm not that active as a shipper now because I believe they are dating and I have to stay chill and not get too excited (let go and manifest so they say hahaha). I know that day when they finally admit to the world will happen! Especially now more people are accepting of them as a couple....
  2. It's been a while...sorry it took me sometime to get back here. I missed everyone. It's great to see IG updates of PPC and they are looking better than before. Anyway, before 2020 ends I'd like to share the story Im working on. It was inspired by the Parks and was supposed to be a crossover fanfic of their works. However, things took a surprising turn as the story took a life of its own and I decided to just change names, some character background and even places (some that is). I once promised to share this last October but it got delayed due to some unexpected events. Anyway i ho
  3. Just got back online and I'm sooo happy to see those "coincidences" and SDU updates. Busy week ahead but will update all about the release of my not-so-fanfic-anymore-novel first chapter (inspired by the Parks).
  4. I have a twitter but I think that's not me except if it carries the same account name. There's also another a pps writer in twitter too haha I agree shipping should be fun and thank you Tink I hope the story I wrote sends sparks of love I'm also trying to conquer fear of being "out there".
  5. I'm nervous to be honest haha but I'll definitely share . I changed their names though and some parts when it started having it's own life. It's not yet done too except some chapters but I'll share even the poems i added at the beginning... I hope it will all give you a moment of healing too. This forum actually was used as a sign to push it after years of not writing a story.
  6. Keep safe too and healthy @Matilda_Anne. and happy too for the little one. We also hope she updates soon too. We miss her spark.
  7. I have been shared of what's up with this forum. To lighten everyone's mood I'd like to announce I've started a wattpad and will be posting a not-so-fanfic-anymore inspired by ppc. It was a fanfic before but while writing it started having a life of it's own. I hope i get to release it this october. First time on Wattpad haha
  8. @zashi23 reading this made my day. I miss reading this kind of updates... It seems many of us have been busy (and off the radar - me included). And now soompi has a new interface...
  9. Is that real? Because I saw a photo of PMY with livesmart too and it's edited hehe. Anyway I hope they get both of them. Since i noticed a lot of stan accounts with both binjin and ppc in it... If they do get ppc for Smart i hope they also improve their internet speed and services especially in provinces hehe. Badly needed.
  10. Firstly, I remember reading countless times how we should stop mentioning other ships to avoid misunderstanding. Maybe you can edit that part please. Secondly, many are posting about wwwsk already. Thirdly, weren't you this person last time? I thought you were returning to your original ship for PMY? Apologies, i'm just a bit cautious. Especially with the many attacks here. Also, i did notice too that a certain shipper (or maybe two) from another shipper group continuous to create fake accounts and attack even fans' accounts (including personal)
  11. Wwwsk at #2 today on Netflix Korea! That was fast! I honestly hope someone reports them directly. I personally think their fav star doesn't deserve such fans but yes it does make me think twice about her too. I'm not even sure if she's aware. It's also best to block them... Although they keep creating fake accounts to troll on pps and even fans of pps. I hope this ends soon. This has been toxic.
  12. Kudos though to the two pps accounts who were able to reason well their arguments. They didn't start it. They were even attacked several times..but yes they also know when to step back. They've been providing credible content too ... Its soo hard to move on from earlier...
  13. I have to admit though I saw what they did. They reposted pps posts and made fun of it while bashing and shaming Park Min Young. They even attacked pps accounts directly (that's why I also understand if there are pps fighting back) However since they (the attackers) went overboard and have incited hate and provoked it, plus the fact they went against Instagram Guidelines and the law and even spread malicious rumors against PSJ (yup not just Park Min Young), it's best to directly report them instead of bashing back. I hope we all learn from this. It's best to report than since that
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