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    After thinking about the series, storyline, forced script, mistakes (lack of logic and realism, unreal scenes and behavior of characters, disappearing and appearing characters and many more...) and strange solutions, I lost interest in this thread. I just feel bad thinking about the whole production and lost potential - this series could have been much better. Many things could have been shown with a much better way and the message would be similar - the way of returning the heroine to Joseon (american legation in Japan, DM, emperor delegation) is a terrible and forced and I could write a few pages about many things done badly in Mr Sunshine. The ending is not shocking, sad but spoiled by the use of the main characters in this way. Writers should satisfy both sides realists/pragmatists and those who are delighted with symbolism (unfortunately, exaggerated in MR Sunshine). 

    Despite the fictionality of Ae-Shin and Eugene and their love in the first half they were so credible by KES that it was not necessary to force what happened in the second half of the series. I have the impression that they wanted to attract/mislead viewers because they had the right to go to the US - their sad experience and accomplishments for RA and opportunities that they could had abroad for Joseon/RA.

    Ahn-Chang-Ho could spread the words about Joseon situation (political activist) and Japan wrongdoings then why force Ae-Shin and Eugene in this way... KES forced point of view on this period and the result. Short-sightedness or avoiding uncomfortable topics?

    It is interesting that KES chooses characters and hides the one who killed Ito Hirobumi in 1909. Read the biography of An Jung-geun a Korean nationalist. The character is quite interesting because he recognised, he accepted Japanese imperialism but he didn't like certain methods (which was understandable by the wrongdoings of the Japanese) and he fought actively with them and he had a different vision Pan-asianism. Ahn strongly believed in the union of the three great countries in East Asia, China, Korea, and Japan in order to counter and fight off the "White Peril", namely, the European countries engaged in colonialism, and restore peace to East Asia. He followed the progress of Japan during the Russo-Japanese War and claimed that he and his compatriots were delighted at hearing of the defeat of one of the agents of the White Peril, but were disappointed that the war ended before Russia was totally subjugated.

    Ahn felt that with the death of Ito, Japan and Korea could become friends because of the many traditions that they shared. He hoped that this friendship, along with China, would become a model for the world to follow. His thoughts on Pan-Asianism were stated in his essay, "On Peace in East Asia" that he worked on and left unfinished before his execution. In this work, Ahn recommends the organization of combined armed forces and the issue of joint banknotes among Korea, Japan, and China.


    Thank you all for your time, dialogue and making individual theories and thoughts about Mr Sunshine. 

    I need to look for something that will fix my crushed mind. As I mentioned, I want to forget about this series as soon as possible. It will take some time for me, but I've been going through it a few times with Kdramas.


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  2. My denial is justified because this exaggerated patriotism and symbolism (Aeshin/Eugene) does not work for me in Mr Sunshine.


    It seems to me that some people do not understand my point of view. I will try to show it on the example of few other productions. The difference between sacrifice in a place and time when the characters made a difficult choice or really didn't had choice or had reasons that worked and was understandable (my mind accepted them despite the sad ending). Events caused what happened to characters and why they did something not forced script or philosophy. The difference between good productions and much worse like Mr Sunshine and Siege in the Fog (Korean production is much better in quality but the end is hopeless and especially ending was badly made but I saw some good things. Plot: She loved the another: political visionary and partisan who abandoned her, she began to notice her husband feelings, protection and support after his sad confession. Her husband had many flaws which were caused by the lack of acceptance in the noble military family as a son of concubine and her coldness towards him which led to drunkenness and his ill-being but his love was sincere for woman he chose despite her low origin and when she finally accepted him he became better person).   

    Siege in the Fog: Confession of the main male character why he married her and important place where he did it, poisoned wine when they both were forced drink it and reason sending her away to safe place are 3 the best and great scenes of this series but lack of a child after 3 years of marriage spoiled the end of the series. 



    Tae Guk Gi - part of plot


    Civil War 1950-1953


    I speak from memory and I can say something wrong but the meaning will be similar. Two brothers (older and younger) very positive characters who were very attached to each other - they were mobilized in South Korea. At one point the propaganda office or political police arrested the fiancee of the older brother (a spy, a communist, she slept with North Korean officers). Often people are wrongly accused when the country loses the war or looking for traitors. The brothers stood up for her, but she was killed and they were arrested (I do not remember the whole incident - older brother argue with the political police and something went wrong - but later the younger of the brothers blames the older for the death of a woman and probably very liked her as close friend). The older brother was out of a prison (interrogation, the older brother was hero and earlier honored with a medal of honor, the former commander promised send younger brother to home but new commander refused). North Korea attacks the base. The older brother thinks that the younger one was killed in a burnt prison. After some time, we see that the younger of the brothers has survived and is still fighting on the side of South Korea. The younger of the brothers is summoned to the command and they show him a propaganda picture of his older brother in the uniform of a North Korean officer (a South Korean hero fights for the enemy).The younger one still blames his older brother for the death of a woman and abandoning him (he does not know that he was wrongly admitted deceased by an older brother) states that his brother must be a traitor and he does not care. The older of the brothers hates South Korea for the death of his fiancee and younger brother. The brothers meet during one of the battles and managed to reconcile but I do not remember how it happened. The battle is won by North Korea and the southerners are starting to run away. The older brother gets a machine gun and tries to stop the offensive and let younger brother run away. Fifty years pass (people are separated into two countries) and we see younger brother as an old man. During the exhumation of the battlefield, a skeleton with pen was discovered with his name (they thoughts he lying here but they discovered in documents he still alive and contacted him) and it turns out that he found his older brother after all these years. 


    Really the scene was so strong and sad that my tears fell. A sad ending but understandable. Realistic, logical and serious films are made in this way.



    71: Into the Fire


    Civil War 1950-1953


    The film is based on a true story of a group of 71 undertrained and underarmed, outgunned student-soldiers of South Korea during the Korean War, who were mostly killed on August 11, 1950, during the Battle of P'ohang-dong. For 11 hours, they defended the local P'ohang girls' middle school, a strategic point for safeguarding the struggling Nakdong River perimeter, from an attack by overwhelming North Korean forces, specifically the feared 766th Unit. 


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  3. Part 2


    My earlier statement was caused by anger and disappointment. When I woke up in the morning and some time passed, I do not feel better - nothing had changed. I did not want to complain about the series. I did not want to pay attention to the lack of logic in the story, but the writers set themselves on target. I wanted to be polite and avoid uncomfortable topics because of this period, but I can not do it anymore.


    I respect the sad and dark history of Korea from this period. However, I saw many series and films from many countries and the writers did something terrible at the end. I can even reconcile with bad endings but here it was done very badly.

    I had a great time with many scenes and sentences spoken by characters. However, the insertion of a certain behavior and philosophy into main characters caused that they became unnatural and unreal. 


    Ep 24 


    When AS revealed the base to her husband (he came with a journalist). I did not feel a bond between them (she said the sentence as if he was only a close friend whom she trusted). Their relationship between the noblewoman and the former slave was not even noticed. People should see their happiness seeing each other and love especially in this difficult situation. He is a stranger - Aeshin and Eunsan 3 years hide she married him (a real treasure, a guy who did everything for her, she often failed him) and his actions for country (good intentions even he didnt care). What?!


    They spent some time together, which was again misleading. As usual, she decided to abandon him. Seriously, her love looks terribly false. Her attitude simply pissed me off - exaggerated patriotism. Emperor and interpreter knew Eugene was in prison! (i forgot name, Eugene could had contact with emperor and why writers didnt use it to save Aeshin/Eugene characters?). Aeshin and Eunsan didnt know about this? What?!

    Her character and Eugene was totally spoiled. I'm not going to hide it. Hina, DM, HS, Eunsan become second characters. I felt a better bond with Eugene and Aeshin (writers went this way in many episodes). I do not like especially their ending by forced script - it was supposed to come out patriotically and it were poorly written and illogically because of their actions. 


    Second characters: Somehow I dealt with it


    I noticed Hina died because of wounds and was not treated (her role ended? She blow up hotel, daughter of traitor, we only know her mother hide and died in christian village). Eunsan died in ambush, HS actions was found and beaten to death by japanese, DM come back after 3 years to say goodbye (Manchuria - it was written badly) and was killed by ronins (this was hard for me because i really like logic/realism but somehow i accepted this because his role ended in the series).


    I have the biggest problem with Eugene and Aeshin.

    I stopped looking for hidden meanings and symbolism after they started to spoil the characters of Lord Go and Aeshin (half of the series). The wall of people in ep 24 did not impress me and why exactly people of Joseon needed her sacrifice (forced script and she should after Japan focus about private happines). I believe that the role of Eugene and Aeshin should ended in Japan (he killed Takashi Mori, she took a bank certificate and saved the adviser of the emperor). This is where their participation in RA should end. She was useless and wanted in Joseon (she hide half a year).

    Three last episodes was not needed for their story.


    When Eugene died I felt disbelief and anger at this stupid scene in train. If they wanted to use train, she should look like grandma (change the appearance - wig, aging make-up). She leaving Eugene (why again writers?) and her easy-to-detect clothing and appearance made her a fool (It is not even strange behavior anymore in previous episodes). Btw what happened to her passport? Why did she take it with her? Many times i saw her without a ring and they forgot about this too (needed for only few scenes).

    When Aeshin in Manchuria says, "Those were glorious days. Each of us was a flame, and all of us bloomed, were burnt and wilted vehemently. And once again, we wish to ignite the embers left by our comrades… Goodbye, my comrades. See you again when our country regains its independence." I did not feel anything good (they wanted make get her statement meaningful, patriotic and was very bad after how she treated Eugene and what happened to Eugene because of her stubborn behavior).  She did not lose him at all. If she made the right choice in Japan, he would not have died in such a stupid way. I stopped to like her character few episodes ago and after the last three episodes I do not feel any sympathy and only reluctance to her. I am disappointed with Eugene character (when he said she pay off debt... how, when?) and his unnecessary death. Making Eugene a hero who was not respected before his death is so cheap and hopeless story and I have impression that they buy good opinions about Mr Sunshine. He should have hit her on the head long time ago and take her to a safe place (Japan - Shimonoseki harbor before they was chased by ronins). You may not like my approach, but I would not let her be so free (immature woman who has crossed the line of tolerance, with her mind detached from reality and living in her own unreal world). In my country, they also make films and historical series that annoy me. When I want to be critical, I share my opinion.


    I would prefer if there were special episodes with different endings (I know this not happen :/). I do not like the current point of view of writers. Koreans should write a petitition for alternative ending because last three episodes was spoiled (really there is someone who like this forced ending? I do not belong to these people and Im dissapointed what i saw in few last epidodes and this terrible made ending). Eugene and Aeshin are not ordinary people but a bizarre philosophy by KES and their relationship and approach to life is so unnatural (writers exaggerated with this symbolism, patriotism and lack of realism/logic). The only thing that could save the last episodes made by writers (Eugene's death) is a child - proof of their love. That is why their relationship is bizarre and does not make sense. 

    Certain things are simply natural when you are married. Only if you write an unrealistic script there is a lot of nonsense. 


    I spent many hours watching this series and was disappointed with this bad written ending (the last impression matters, not a few things that they did well).

    I know this is fictional series (characters, events and they added few historical characters/events). I was hoping that they would put on some logic and realism since it is a historical series. When someone do bad work Im sincerely harsh. This is not a good series and writers have wasted all potential. Sometimes I return to movies and series (even those with sad ending) and writers have done something amazing - I do not like the two main characters who were supposed to be liked and positive in first half and made them fools and very irritating. I saw few months ago the Chinese "Siege in the fog" and did not expect anyone to approach this low level (irritating characters and terrible made ending). They made the same mistake in Siege in the fog - there was no child. Apparently, they chose a sad ending because they made a scene with the child but they cut out this scene from Siege in the fog. KES does not learn from the mistakes of others.

    I do not want to argue here. Soompi users have the right to their own opinion but my negative will not change. I probably will not see anything more written by these writers. I can not even turn on the good scenes from the first half of the series after what they did to Aeshin and Eugene characters. Writers disappointed me so much. I liked KES way of writing but this time she crossed the line of my patience by serious mistakes or her bizzare point of view. Series about which I want to forget as soon as possible. Reward for actors (stupid script is not their fault because they played the best they could), for music and clothes/scenery. Writers do not deserve but we know that they will get reward :/



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  4. What I just saw... raw version (no translation), no logic/realism. I know that Eugene said her something before his death, she also said something during the training of new RA members, but it will not be enough for me... I dont need to know the meaning because I feel disappointed with the development of events in Mr Sunshine. I saw many sad endings... but this was tragically made by writers.




    Very bad ending - script and many strange scenes (too many to mention). I don't understand the last episode - totally unpleasant and spoiling the impression Mr Sunshine (first half of the series was ok but later it was only worse, the last three episodes are totally mess). Hina once said that "a sad ending leaves a significant mark" or something similar but the writers only spoiled this ending.

    The writers point of view disappointed me. I will skip death of the rest of characters. It was sad (Hina, HS, DM, Eun-san, servants - palanquin) but I'm very annoyed and disappointed by something else in Mr Sunshine. I really liked the characters Eugene and Ae-Shin in many episodes... but what they did in the last three episodes is completely destroying of these characters (my support for them and their difficult/complicated love went to waste because of forced script and bizarre point of view KES). She began to behave strangely after the 16-17 episode (her disappearance for half a year was a big mistake and later an attempt to use Eugene, I wanted her senses to return after Japan and I thought that she was back on the right path but ending of series finish off my mind) and he began to follow her and stopped be smart, rational...


    Train: another suicide mission, she is one of the most wanted people in the country (a normal person would ask the Emperor for help and secretly leave the country because she ceased to be useful and she is married - this make sense, Eugene followed her and lost his life this time - WTF)


    Why didn't he order japanese soldiers drop their rifles (he is a former high-ranking American officer not moron!). Writers had to come up with something stupid and comical because it didn't make sense. 

    After his death, she still fights and can die every day - it's so stupid.  Why did he sacrifice his life?

    She trains next generations of RA like he did and I have to be satisfied with it? I don't buy it. As a viewer I am devastated by the solution of many scenes in episode 23-24 and previous ones.

    I have the impression that they killed all the people around Ae-Shin so that she would still fight (revenge, homeland, no one was left) and that's what I got out of the last episode - disappointment. We don't even know what happened to her. They quickly showed 1919 and Domi. What!?! They cut the scenes terribly... 


    If I was a Korean, I can understand Eun-san's/RA members death in an ambush, HS beaten to death (sense of pride present korean generation by their sacrifice), but Eugene's death was unnecessary and ruined the whole impression (DM's death also made no sense, he almost died in Japan and suddenly found himself in Manchuria in a hideout for drug addicts - unreal, the same meaning as Eugene in prison for 3 years - treason oO).  I don't want to be mean but from my perspective Ae-Shin led to his death. I understand his desire to save his wife but she could not at least be pregnant (I would reconcile Eugene's death, she survived and raising up their child)? A 44-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman (a married couple) never slept together... They are both too much unrealistic and at some point they both became tiring characters and I stopped understanding their decisions. The result disappointed me completely




    A former slave (sad youth), considered to be a stranger (still in the last episode oO), had to die for a weird reason (no sense to me) to be appreciated by the country and society. Of course he was loved by a noblewoman and he devoted everything for her. It is a pity that he suffered more often because of her than he was happy.

    Noblewoman (she lost parents, family, home) devoted private happiness to her homeland and loved the former slave (even married him). Of course, she had to devoted everything for the country and behave more and more strangely. 

    Typically for Korean series, several things have been either cut or forgotten (English school, emperor's adviser, uncle Ae-Shin and many more). Where is the logic here?

    I feel as if through lack of audience they ordered to shorten the series and flattened threads and killed almost all of the main characters. In the last episode, I also saw a lot of mistakes (implementation) which is terrible for the series created by the year. 


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  5. 59 minutes ago, blademan said:


    Damn, I don't like it. Deceiving or will it be a sad ending? :/



    Maybe the president of the US will appear with the delegation, Kyle will be the commander and see them and recognise them in the square (prisoners). Maybe he will ask for their amnesty (gift) as part of the Japanese-American friendship. I don't see any other powerful option if they end up in prison. Maybe Emperor of Joseon help them (but he is weak and powerless? the last gesture on his part that they should live) because i still remember AeShin western dress and they dont shown it yet. Releasing such an preview 2 weeks before the end of the series is suspicious....




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  6. 3 hours ago, 12blbl said:

    Anyway i'm confuse why EC sent to prison for 3 years and discharged just because he shot legation's window.


    Being an officer, he fired a shot at the US legation (breaking the law and attack on the country?). A soldier (corporal) was killed on duty. The incident could have caused political problems. For such a thing, you can get a reprimand or a suspended sentence? He was discharged and spent three years in prison.  Everything for the forced script in this topic (the same for DM)



    2 hours ago, mistergenie said:

    I rewatched E22 and that 3 yr time jump rankled me again. It feels like the writer was more keen on incorporating historical events at the expense of the personal stories/journeys of the main characters - read Eugene - why else would he get stuck like a  rock in prison cell for three years, doing nothing to contribute to the story? Don't forget Dong Mae too - lying like a wasteman in an opium den in Manchuria .UGH!!!! What a waste of these two characters!! . For fans who have been watching purely for a fictionalized/ loosely based story on real events of that time, I don't think that the time jump and the fridging of Eugene (and DM) for three years was any problem at all. But for me (and maybe some other fans like me) who was/were watching for the personal element/facet, it was quite jarring and disappointing.


    I hope Eugene put a ring again on her finger in the middle of the square or free space (reunion after 3 years when she regains consciousness and running to him). In front of many RA members and cadets who survived. Maybe the emperor (dethroned) will be there with delegation (disarming and massacre army of Joseon) and will be a witness their reunion? It's time to fight backwardness and old customs (his proof of love and she does not have to be ashamed or afraid of a Western marriage).

    I'd like Eugene to get and wear Colonel Joseon's uniform (for old merits and as part of trust). Now he looks like an ordinary partisan :)

    DM and Hina reunion, but what is their role in the RA? I have no idea.

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  7. 1 hour ago, lilyphenix said:


     What you say is likely, but we don't know for sure because... Hina asked her employee to make sure the Japanese officers got drunk. I was thinking she did this so they wouldn't notice suspicious activities, like maybe the waiters leaving the room and not coming back to serve them. She risked her life by shooting at Japanese soldiers in broad daylight when she was in the tramway earlier that day, and before she also saved the lives even of the Joseon people who betrayed her (one of her woman employees who ratted her out to her dad, for example). Because of instances like that it's hard for me to imagine her sacrificing the lives of innocent people.


    And AS worked with her on this. If workers died, I'd say that they volunteered their death, sacrificed themselves, but were not made to do it, duped, or willingly killed by the Righteous Army...


    For the innocent guests of the hotel I can't say for sure. I can see how Hina wouldn't risk arising suspicions by warning non-Japanese guests, but also... In the best possible scenario, after 3 years of claiming the Glory Hotel as their own (because they say Hina is a Japanese citizen), it is possible that all the rooms were entirely full of Japanese guests, maybe not just officers, but also the officers' guests (they could be innocents indeed)...


    They should show this better because sometimes we see unimportant scenes or nothing to add to the story. These understatements are more uncomfortable than comfortable in many episodes. They are often misleading because they did not want to add a few scenes to the episode and put the action in a more sensible way. When I am able to understand a weak attempt to deceive viewers that AS and Hina may die, this blowing up the hotel has been poorly implemented.

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    Righteous Army killed innocent guests, workers Glory Hotel and probably almost killed AS and Hina... How do you think EC/DM react? Who gave the order? It is obvious leader Eun San (RA not that much Righteous). 

    Hina (spy of the emperor, they destroyed so good place for get informations) and AS (defendor Joseon) almost die at the hands of their own companions. He will be angry that his wife is hiding a marriage (passport - AeShin Choi, ring) for 3 years (customs). Joseon has not changed at all and everyone wants to keep the status quo (RA?) or benefit like traitors. 

    She wanted to protect her companions when he wanted to convince her in Japan and they did something like that in the act of revenge.


    If I remember correctly in 1907 RA had alliance and they take over Hanseong and probably new leader (fictional) will be Eugene as military man. He killed Takashi Mori and didnt hurt his wife (he could right? kill the shield and Mori). Probably Eun San give Eugene the leadership after very big argue in base.



    "In 1907, the Righteous Army under the command of Yi-In Seong massed 10,000 troops to liberate Seoul and defeat the Japanese. The Army came within 12 km of Seoul but could not withstand the Japanese counter-offensive. The Righteous Army was no match for two infantry divisions of 20,000 Japanese soldiers backed by warships moored near Inchon."



    They will show one big victory and that's it?


    I wonder who survives and who will die.



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    Eugene is the current consul, so he should write/create a marriage certificate and arrange wedding rings (or they are only enaged?). This should look realistically shown, because they would let her out of the country like that? There are restrictions on taking a woman on board.



    RA must have prepared the way back from Japan to Joseon. Just how is Aeshin intends to go back when there are restrictions and Eugene will go further?

    1. It would be interesting if Eun San told her that she should go to US (order? her time is over?) or he started working with Eugene or take his side and send her to a safe place - US. Eun San give Eugene the missionary under care so the situation may look similar.

    2. Unless Eugene will be a deserter and come back to her and follow her to Joseon. They can die in Joseon or be saved by Americans chased by Musin Society or Japanese soldiers thanks to Kyle (he send telegram  to US and explain sytuation and they forgive Eugene for the former merit and Aeshin  officialy become American citizen and both must go US). Kyle save both of them in Japan and there must also be American soldiers - US legation.

    3. They can either die in Japan (together holding hands like heroes and lovers? such a romantic version) or go to US together (her decision after mission in Japan) .

    4. She die for country and he stay alone?


    Something else? More or less realistic


    The possibilities are so many and I wonder what writers will choose. I'm waiting now - the question is whether I will be satisfied or disappointed by the finale. I am losing certainty in writers (after ep 19-20 and synopsis ep 21) and this may be my last post :) maybe I will not have anything to comment on... maybe they'll fix something in episode 21-22 and the inspiration will come back.

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  10. time to change the subject - we will see soon what will happen between AS / EC





    Anyone something better than this? Hotaru crying and the sword in the hands of DM must means something? DM pulls out a sword in one of the scenes and in another Aeshin is attacked by few mens with (swords?)


    Hotaru was a spy (Musin leader), she sent a message about Aeshin's (whereabouts after DM/AS meeting) or even maybe she sent swordsmen who are not DM people? If Aeshin's dies, DM will stop risking (we all know how much she means to him). 
    Hotaru is not aware that she is risking her life if this is truth (It can be a sad ending to their relationship as a siblings) and DM probably will go to help Aeshin's and kill those who are chasing her (he protects - Lord Go) or he discovered after the fight that it was her job.  



    mixed scenes, blurred, not clear in this preview :/



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  11. 1 hour ago, mistergenie said:


    At this point, considering the direction of the drama, America ain't happening. It only ever was a futile hope.


    The bare optimism that I can scrounge at this point, is holding a teeny tiny bit of  hope for some kind of future for EC/AS in Shanghai. Otherwise, all available signs portend doom(for the character/s) and gloom (for us , the viewers).


    I said it in previous posts. Her behavior is detached from reality and she does not behave like a mature 30-year-old woman (now maybe she has a problem - PTSD, shock after losing home and family and we need some flashbacks? I hope that she will fix and stabilize the point of view in last 4 episodes - be together/spending some time with EC when he will follow her, help and protect). This relationship was not needed for anything as she is going to stupidly die, (uses him?) and leave Eugene in pain. Unless she brings them both to death... 

    The relationship is another chance (love, life) and many possibilities in a modern and strong country. There are many ways to help the occupied country.


    "Let the plot flies with the forced script... and suicide mission to Japan?

    Anyway, I'll see what they came up with in the last episodes. Im beginning to fear the end of the series."

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  12. @mistergenie



    I would like Aeshin to go to the US. It suits me more that from time to time she returns to the occupied country with money to support RA, she can kill some high-ranking officer and thanks to the American status, help refugees leave the country. She takes a little risk while being married to Eugene, but it's better than runs in the forest with a gun. At some point, the Japanese army had 2 million soldiers. Will she kill them all?

    She cant distinguish between being useful and vengeance.

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  13. @mistergenie @KDramaLogic @marfisa @linygirl1  


    If I haven't mentioned someone, excuse me...


    Lads: Sir, we saw Lee Wan Ik's obituary. It made us realise that LVI's isn't only enemy of Joseon in its present situation. Please accept us back, sir. We wish to plan a greater revenge for Joseon.  

    Eugene: Is everyone, including you lads, moving on to a greater world after the collapse of a smaller one? (he looks to the side and I have the impression that he is thinking about Aeshin)

    Lads: Please accept us back

    Eugene: All right, then.



    Do you remember the picture where one of them is in Japanese uniform? I have the impression that he is one of those who survived the massacre of cadets in the academy when Aeshin want entry on the train (we see only her in white western dress and maybe Eugene is close?) ... they will blow up a weapons warehouse or kill many Japanese soldiers? Long planned action in the act of revenge even though they give the impression that they went to the enemy side.

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  14. @marfisa


    Possibly PTSD but like @mistergenie said they should shown it better. 
    The symptoms are similar but also discrepant. She has her own version of PTSD because she should not avoid people who can help her like Eugene (according to the script, he is untouchable and only gets into trouble through his own actions). Instead of healing, she only worsened her condition. 

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  15. "...The war began on February 8, 1904, when the main Japanese fleet launched a surprise attack and siege on the Russian naval squadron at Port Arthur. In March the Japanese landed an army in Korea that quickly overran that country. In May another Japanese army landed on the Liaodong Peninsula, and on May 26 it cut off the Port Arthur garrison from the main body of Russian forces in Manchuria. The Japanese then pushed northward, and the Russian army fell back to Mukden (now Shenyang) after losing battles at Fu-hsien (now Wafangdian) (June 14) and Liaoyang (August 25), south of Mukden. In October the Russians went back on the offensive with the help of reinforcements received via the Trans-Siberian Railroad, but their attacks proved indecisive owing to poor military leadership..."


    I found information only in one site about the landing of the japanese military expedition in Joseon. Is this information included in Korean historical books or is it a mistake? I see more often information about landing in the Liaodong province and blockade Port Arthur in May.

    Anyone can help? Thanks for the clarification.  


    They sank Russian ships on February 8 (they changed history a bit because in series ships was in Jemulpo Bay, Port Arthur is in China) and maybe the Japanese army will soon land and take over Joseon in Mr Sunshine...



    in this situation, the Japanese parade can be held in Hanseong and hence so many their flags (preview: they both run away from someone holding hands, dressed in western clothes and in the background there is a familiar building from Hanseong, the country has become more dangerous and both are at risk)



    two armies in different places and various military tasks - strategically, this is a good move for Japan to win this war. 


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  16. Aeshin: There is always a way. 


    She somehow treats it selectively. When he said it, her hat fell into the river and he gave her own hat.




    Aeshin: I'm starting to have futile hopes

    Eugene: What do you mean?

    AS: This is the 1st time I'he travelled this far out. Next time, I wish to travel even further I could even get another chance after that. That kind of hope. 

    EC: Where will you go? Am I there with you? 

    AS: You are. It is what I wish. 



    Aeshin disappears for 2 months after destroying her family. Eugene thoughts what hunter Hong said him in his room. 

    Hong: She says you are further away than the sea. She insists on making her way to you. If she must go through wherever that may be, I hope you will be there for her. 


    Aeshin show up after his request and they have arguing. She wants part ways and her companions are waiting for her. He's putting a firm attitude and asking her what about him? His desires dont matter to her? He says he will wait for her, which he does for the next six months. 



    They meet after six months. She knows that he is leaving thanks to her master. I think he did him a favor and put her in a situation where she must make a choice. Eugene forced the Japanese to cut off Hong wife body, help him bury her and get revenge (colonel and japanese soldiers). He was even shot in arm during an argument with Takashi Mori. He warned the potter and Hongpa. She stay and was killed by Mori (she made a risky decision).

    AeShin must be aware that he was waiting for her. I'm curious if she keep her promise after completing the mission and go with him to US.  It seems that she missed him because she has tears in her eyes and noticed he doesn't look happy seeing her. Another thing to think about it and make a decision - fighter or love.

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    (On backstreet, at night, still in Japan) Aeshin sees someone with umbrella coming to her. The man  has his shirt sleeves folded up. Aeshin seems to carry a rifle.

    Not sure next scene is connected, but Aeshin seems surprised.


    The man with an umbrella is probably Eugene.  Aeshin dressed in a suit and took a gun to start a planned mission in Japan. Eugene probably guessed that she have some hidden mission and I wonder what the outcome of this conversation will be. He will let her go and she promises to come back to him? It seems that they are now married because it is her only way to get to Japan and she has some duties towards her husband - she will try stay alive and back to him? He take her to Japan so this should be mutual trust, love and fulfillment of promises, acceptance  points of view as true couple.





    (Japanese military are attacking from all sides, Korean military school students and killing them, some students trying to escape, and our 3 younglings trying to get to weapon storage)

    Eugene: Courage leads the history. so become a lion.



    Thoughts - it is not easy to predict this scene


    First version?

    It seems that we have timeskip. Uniforms of Japanese soldiers have changed. Eugene could only take a vacation and after all actions in Japan, force his wife to get on the ship and send her to US. Kyle could already be sent to Japan and help him with the ticket. Someone will take care of her in a foreign country (telegram) - he wants to ensure her safety. He can punish her for leaving him for half year and hiding some things from him why she wanted go to Japan (he can also be a bit cruel and have some right in this matter). He will return to US after a few months? I'm curious about her reaction if it happens. He stayed alone in her homeland and did as much as he could and had to return (deployment). He did more for her than he had to do so she should forgive and thank him. This time she should accept his attitude and show her understanding as a wife. She lack this at the moment in room (disappearance for 8 months and hidden mission in Japan).


    Second version

    It seems that we have timeskip. Probably the most likely version because the uniforms of Japanese soldiers have changed and this may be many months after they left the country. Eugene and Aeshin may already be in the US. Words he said remained in their memory "Courage makes history - be a lion" (a man whom they respected and was an example for them)

    Japanese soldiers have taken over the barracks and want to arrest the cadets. Some of them escape and some will die. 




    previevs must be watched several times to see something or try to understand... so writers will use second version or something similar?

    the first version also pleases me (this could fix a little plot about EC-AS relationship)

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  18. 17 hours ago, mistymorning said:

    Next week's episode preview


    (In train compartment, Eugene and Aeshin holding hand. Seems that Aeshin is doing something to Eugene's left hand. maybe....a ring?)

    Aeshin(with a single tear running): When Joseon is at peace, I'll come.

    Eugene looking at her(?) with sad/determined face.

    Aeshin in navy coat, red hat, running on street.


    Aeshin's only opportunity to go to Japan is marriage.

    Yes, they will get married (rings) for Aeshin's security. Probably after talking in a room in last episode, he'll go out and buy two rings, and it will annoy Mori when he sees her in the hotel "a woman who once was an noble will get hurt again". Mori cant touch her since she is the wife of an American citizen/soldier. 


    Aeshin running but it is train station in Japan? 

    Eugene probably killed Takashi Mori in Japan and all foreigners in the area are at risk as potential assasins (especially Aeshin as a Korean woman). She will probably be stopped by few Japanese soldiers but Eugene will appear in American uniform and take his wife to the train - protection.




    She running because she is chased by Musin Society members (i saw again preview)

    Eugene appear anyway because she is his wife (he is a loyal knight)


    my try to predict this few scenes in next episodes :)



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  19. @KDramaLogic



    it's more about my thoughts that complete your interesting post.


    I have a logical and pragmatic problem with AeShin and her actions over the last 8-6 months. We need her experiences and flashbacks and Eugene too. She now feel lost/torn between feelings for her homeland (falling country, lost home and crushed family, hostile attitude toward invader - Japan) or love for Eugene? Ok,  let it be that way. She is 30 years old woman and I cant treat her like a teenager. She has to deal with her problems, feelings and finally make a mature choice in final episodes. He said he would follow her, wherever she go but there must come a moment when she should do the same for him.  I've already talked about setting a line that I expect from her (fighter/love). She should finally go to the U.S. keeping her promise to Eugene and become more sensitive for his needs - he wants to keep her alive and be happy at last.

    He was also felt lost/torn between duty as a soldier and citizen of the US and he choose love for Aeshin and support for Joseon. He risked live, position and what he get in the US despite the lack of full acceptance. It seems that he will continue to do so in Japan. 


    He is angry now and has doubts about her intentions (he has the right now which is understandable and maybe he will see during the trip that she has an internal problem and try resolve things, maybe she will try to fix something but I dont believe too much in it because she's stubborn and seems a bit insensitive to Eugene's needs when she disappeared for 8 months) but he still wants to help her, which is a great act of sacrifice/devoting. Now his time is slowly coming to an end,  he has to leave Joseon - deployment order. Should he be a deserter and run with gun in the forest as RA member? It seems to me that he devoted a lot of things and spent enough time in Joseon.


    I agree, they both need seriusly to talk and find a compromise and show support and trust - I'm still on Eugene's side and he deserves more from her in future (fulfill her promise and pay off debt). Relationships are based on conversations, acceptances and compromises. Aeshin looks much worse in this field at the moment, unlike Eugene. They both have experienced a lot and she is not the only one who lost something. She should start moving forward, leave some things behind her and devoted something for Eugene (her old actions began to blur at her own request/wish). He will take her to Japan, help her and receive nothing in return? I think she will be in a place and time from which there is no return for her. I hope that she consciously expected it and she knew it when she came to his room (this change a bit my opinion about her if this is truth, she is more mature and knew that she has crossed a line and needs to fix it).  The price she will pay for his help and support. Leaving Joseon behind her. She will decide to stay by his side and perhaps she will come back when country will regain peace again (he will probably die of old age, but she is much younger). 

    Yes, Without such communication and connection, AS and EC will end up misunderstanding and distrusting each other and even start doubting their own willpower in making a difference in their future.


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  20. 1 hour ago, kansas424 said:


    Kill Takashi so that Japan has excuses to bring in more troops to Joseon? 

    Eugene couldn't kill him easily, he's affiliated to US marine troop. It's not as easy as that. 

    Not even Takashi dares to kill Eugene, because US would have excuse to atk Japan. 


    Time is running out and I have the feeling that Im beginning to watch the Chinese drama with many holes in the story - there is also lack of realism and logic. Let the plot flies with the forced script and suicide mission to Japan.


    time to change the subject :)


    Anyway, I'll see what they came up with in the last episodes. Im beginning to fear the end of the series.

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  21. 16 minutes ago, kansas424 said:


    Reveal to him wouldn't make him leave though. 




    So she should kill Takashi Mori to ensure Eugene's security. She did nothing and she assumed that nothing would happen for half a year? I'm surprised that Mori did not get rid of his old friend. Eugene did not kill him, though he probably had lots of opportunities. The plot started to be strange in episode 20 - it looks poor because it does not make sense :)

    Takashi Mori is madman/villain and kill cadet from Royal Military Academy, japanese major and two innocent soldiers, he kill Hongpa without hesitation and hanged her on the bridge for public view.

  22. 51 minutes ago, mistergenie said:

    IMO, you know what E20 really needed and ultimately lacked?  A montage from AS's POV. Yes, a montage of scenes from AS's POV when she disappeared for 6 months. The show stumbled here, IMHO -  they should have shown how she was coping, what she was doing, maybe a glimpse into her inner thoughts about her relationship with Eugene, maybe her inner struggle to forget him and move on, maybe even a reaction when she learned from the baker that Eugene was asking about her. Instead we got nothing and we were suddenly hit with her 'let's break up and go our separate ways' when she met with Eugene.


    Yes, the writers have spoiling this thread - her two disappearances and strange sentences. 

    Her transformation is so idiotic and childish that I try to look for meaningful solutions without material (life in the forest, thoughts, doubts, problems) which has been cut out. She began to behave oddly after escaping and hiding in the forest. 




    ok, it has some sense but instead of hiding it, she should reveal the truth to him. He could have died this year - murder/assasination. They both dislike each other after what happened

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