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  1. A movie about a Marvel’s comics character will be made, and on twitter people is suggesting to cast Lee Byung Hun for the part of Shang Chi...
  2. @rubie I really wonder how could he manage to do action shootings with such shoes! They look 2 sizes larger! Maybe Goo Hae Ra could make new shoes for poor Sun Woo... ;-)
  3. @kansas424 @rubie I see your points, still it gets on my nerves, especially because I sense it was done on purpose, and I am referring to the article. Anyway, I am happy they are getting a lot of support. When I first started reading about Korean entertainment industry, I came across the stories of Korean artists who took their life because of haters and I was really shocked. Still upsets my mind. It is something so much alien to my way of thinking, I could not believe it. And I confess I got worried for all this digging on old stories. But what you said gives me peace. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I am very pleased to see that the actors of Mr. Sunshine bagged so many awards, they deserved it! In the end, this makes justice of all the bad things that were said at the beginnig... sorry for ranting, still hurts. Only, I wished some prize for Byun Yo Han, because I think he deserves one as well.
  5. Nice reading about their married life but why is Soompi site so biased about LBH to the point to cut his wife interview so as he would look like a jerk who still eats without waiting for his wife? In the comments a lot of haters seems to be happy with this way of giving out information...
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