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  1. Agreed. At first I was disappointed because who doesnt want your favorite characters to live and have a happy or not so tragic ending? For me now that the inital shock and emotions of watching the last few episodes are wearing off. I can appreciate why the story ended as it did. Each character had power in their deaths by choosing the exact moment that it would be the most benficial to Joseon and to Aeshin. Once I go back and rewatch it I will have deeper thoughts but for now my impression is that it ended the only way it could...in agonizing heartbreak :-( <3
  2. I actually dont mind a super tragic ending and I was mostly prepared for one, however, I was a little disappointed that all the death and sacrifice seemed to be for too little reward. WHY would Ms Haram and Mr H volunteer for that duty and why wasnt Aeshin sharp shooting? They could have made it out of there. Needless. Hui-song's death felt meaningless as well. Dont get me started on Eugene. He had been in tighter spots then that train ride before. Also, there were a few RA members who where armed. They could have helped out a little at least!! It felt a little tragic for tragedy's sake. I dont care that there was too little physical romance with AS and EC but for gods sake the kid at the grave should have been their child! The love-making could be off screen but give us a little hope that they enjoyed one another at least once!!! Vent and rant over. Once the emotions wear off, I'm sure I will see some of the reasoning behind such a traumatic ending
  3. Does anyone think there is more to why EVERYONE wants Ashin to survive? EC, DM and HS love her, KH is taking orders from the palace, the RA feels they owe her but there must be another reason. I have a far fetched idea. Could she have ties to the throne we dont know about yet? Yes, her family is important to the King but why her specifically? The whole of Joeson seems to be vested in her survival... She is our stories heroine and that should be enough but I have a feeling there may be a deeper motivation to the conspiracy of her survival.
  4. is there a 2 week wait for the last 2 episodes??? Netflix in US hasn't posted the 23 &24 yet.... OMG. I think i will need the 2 weeks to recover from this weekend's episodes! I was totally heartbroken when DM fell into the water and really thought he was a goner! So happy that he back. I got a little whiplash from the time jump. I would have preferred if they took a two minute montage to show some time lapse with EC in prison, his journey to NYC and AS living rough and going on missions, etc. Cried again when Gunner Jung finally fulfilled his destiny as a rebel and the comparison with the 1871 incident. Brilliant! I'm not sure I like the 'new' EC with his new calm attitude about all that's happened to him. He seems so broken and what is with the sloppy clothes? I get it in the scenes when he sees the RA Columbia student, he is fresh out of prison but the casual clothes and hair when he meets with Kyle seem out of character or too hard a push to show he inner changes...glad to see he perked up a bit for Kyle. However, the episode was jammed with actions and turning points and did not disappoint on the whole. Loved seeing HK shooting at the Japanese and visiting DM house and buying it. I think its a perfect set-up for a romantic coming together for those two (Out with Hiratu and in with HK!!) ...and if EC doesn't lay a huge wet kiss on AS when he sees her I give up!!
  5. @ Rubie I like your assessment of their relationship. I think i understand why AS 'dumps' EC after all of the love talk to this point. DM was right in some respects that she is a spoiled noble with no clue. AS could never have imagined that her family would be the target of the Japanese. She was naive that the fight was for a broader Joseon but when it hit so close to home, literally, her world was distroyed. When the fight came to her door and her family viciously attacked specifically to capture HER, she finally grew up. She knew that if she went to EC he would follow her and it would put him in danger. She is protecting him. When she did visit to EC he didnt have previous information about her and therefor he was safer in her eyes. Also, it gave me chills when Takeshi added EC to the RA/hit list! Maybe AS has a point about staying clear of EC. As for others stating that we dont get AS's POV, I think that will come in the next episodes just as we were given glimpses of the trip to the beach over several episodes. I think the next one or two will be more AS focused and hopefully we see what she's been up to these past six months!
  6. First, hello and thanks for having me! I am new to the board and totally obsessed with the show. Here's to lively discussions! I have a theory about the haircut: DM had finally chosen a side and wants to join the RA by any means necessary. I think EC had TONS to do with this but that is a topic for another post. He confronts AS and tells her flat out "I want to be of use to you (either in RA or not) even if you hate me" (queue the haircut). He knows, that she knows, of his feelings for her. Cutting her hair was sort of selfless. He knew she would hate him for it and he was willing to give up his personal agenda to join the RA and protect her and Joseon. I agree that the haircut is also symbolic and may signal a change in her status. She is officially a spinster and her family is in peril. It liberates her and signals a 'coming of age' and frees her up to follow her heart and mission with RA (and hopefully a future with EC!).
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