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  1. Thank you @UnniSarah Huh I don't have time, and have to hiatus next week. I guess I'll catch up in new year holiday. So far I have no single complain, everything is freaking amazing, top notch high quality of literally everything and I love variety of actors, from some old veterans who are masters of acting to some new faces who are really great. And, I found out the director & the screenwriter is a woman! Kudos to the amazing womans
  2. WOW This is a hidden gem! So many feelings! I love very minute of this drama! I really hope many people would appreciate this! For me, it's the best historical fantasy cdrama of the season at least.. It blew me away from the first episode, all the work they have put into it it shows! Not only the cinematography, amazing CGI and fighting but also the story! And the casting!! #evernight I am waiting for more eps to be subbed and to get past a certain point in the story before I continue watching.
  3. I have not watch yet. But surprised with the low rating, the first 2 ep TV Rating 0.666% on Dragon TV and 0.591% on Zhejiang TV http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/11/our-glamorous-time-premiere-ratings.html
  4. https://www.jaynestars.com/news/the-rumors-are-back-zanilia-zhao-looks-pregnant-in-winter-coat https://onehallyu.com/topic/736669-zhao-liying-spotted-with-possible-baby-bump https://entertainment.toggle.sg/en/entertainment/asianbuzz/article/is-zanilia-zhao-expecting-twins Is she or is she not preggo? If she not I think she should end this all, and came out to prove it herself.. clear it out with a sexy dress! Make a firm statement. ZLY should stop this, bcoz most of the comments about the preggo saga was not good. People even think she's a liar. This started to affect her image If true, I also don't understand why she tried so hard to deny she was pregnant?
  5. FSF & ZLY known each other for 10 years. Worked on 6 projects together. They used to be during the same mngt company in Huayi Brother. They've known each other a long time, so let's credit them both with good sense in choosing each other
  6. You are thinking too much. Of course she called him Shao Feng ge (ge = older brother), FSF is much older than her. There are more about personality, rather than just his love life. I see, for you age is a big deal. But for others age is just a number. Do you think the love story between BZH & XG was creepy because their huge age gap? But, Xiao Gui's love for her teacher have touched many audience (or novel reader) of Journey of Flower. I give you a 'real life' true love. What do you think of French President Emmanuel Macron love for his wife Brigitte, who is 24 years his senior? If anyone think its iffy how his wife who also his teacher for dating a young student? Well I think its none of our business. What the most important is both are happy and genuine. Another May-December love is Nicky Wu & Liu Shi Shi, with the age gap 17 years. For me, NW & LSS make very sweet couple! They are one of my fav couple of C-Ent! We've revealed the truth. You too much reading rumours. You still do not want to differentiate gossips and facts. Btw, I don't like you dragging Yang Mi or the other actors/actresses here. What Yang Mi have to do with this? You never look good trying to make someone else look bad. Sorry but I'm not comfortable I don't like how this thread started to fill with so much negativity. I come here to have fun and get the love of the happy couple. Marriage is a happy things. And I believe FSF & ZLY is a good persons who optimistic with their love.
  7. Who do you accused and bashing? FSF has a good reputation and a good respectable actor. You're bitter when ZLY prefers someone else (Before with ZLY) FSF only has 2 gf. No one cheating. I'm tired keep repeating about the false/fabricated news, we have provided the facts straight to you! But, Haters gonna be hate! Why are you trolling here? No one forced you to like FSF. But obviously ZLY is in love with him If you don't like the couple.. simple, just don't come to this thread. Please don't ruin the couple and our happiness.
  8. Yay! Can't wait for 11/11.. finally Yingbao drama coming Check this out while waiting : A quick intro of #OurGlamorousTime, a Chinese drama starring #ZhaoLiying and #JinHan. http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/10/our-glamorous-time-2018.html?m=1 OGT Trailer!
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