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  1. I disagree. I think Feng Shao Feng is an excellent actor and he has portrayed an excellent GTY. What you have said is very offensive to his fans here. FSF has won mainstream acting awards. Daylight is known for casting good actors and focusing on the production. I don’t think daylight will cast him if he’s as bad as what you said.
  2. With all due respect, I beg to differ with you on this. QH is certainly a clown in this case. A man man that understand the value and honour of being a gentlemen will certainly not allow himself to raise above the ranks through the blatant favourtism of the Empress Dowager. He accepted the rank even without the approval of the emperor. Why would someone with honor does that. The empress dowager had insisted on hearing the matters of the court and had overstayed her welcome. The new emperor is neither a lousy Nor weak one in addition to him Saving the lives of the former emperor and the emperor dowager. The emperor had wanted reforms to improve the lives of the people especially when it is highlighted that the former emperor benevolent policies had brought on sufferings to the people. The ED had insisted on continuation of the existing policies, how is she a capable person politically. There is no reason and it is not right for the ED to be in court at that period. Where’s QH doing his job. No; he kept quiet because he had allied himself with the ED. Where’s the value and honor of a gentlemen there where they are supposed to be loyal to the emperor and the country. Besides QH had criticised the emperor disregarding the law. The ED also disregarded the law by holding on to the seal previously until GTY hatched the plan to get it back. Where’s QH in that case. Why practice blatant double standards towards the ED and the emperor. QH is certainly no gentlemen. All I see is a double standard clown who needs his Father in law to rescue his career, and whose Daughter he had disregarded by telling ML he missed her day and night. I am not trying to be harsh here. QH has his merits but being a gentlemen, I can’t convince myself to think he’s one.
  3. Can't agree with you more. QH is downright selfish in his actions. He could have made ML's life potentially very difficult by pitting against GTY in the court especially at that era where women have very very limited social position. It didn't even occurred to him that ML had moved on and that the world does not revolve around him. It's probably due to his growing up condition where what QH wants, QH gets. So possibly one of the reason why he couldn't move on from ML is because he couldn't have ML. It's so childish like a child who consistently whine when he could not have something he wants. I find it absolutely disgusting when QH told ML that he pines after her day and night. The underlying context, I don't want to elaborate.. He's married for god sake and for 2 times! It is really unfair to his current wife, especially when the marriage was not forced. He's getting very annoying as a character. I hope he grows up and move on.
  4. Lol. I think the plan was GTY trying to get ML to marry him. In love, I don’t think there was ever such a thing call fairness. GTY schemed and he eventually got the woman he loves. I think you are putting all the characters on a very high morale pedestal. This is a show which reflects reality of the world and like the real world, humans are inveitably flawed. That is why this show portrays character growth in GTY and also in QH. I don’t deny that the method he employed was flawed but at least he did it in a way that protects ML and he has calculated to Ensure no damage was done. When it comes to ML, he always sought to protect her and her reputation. Thus I honestly don’t think he would have forced ML to marry him if she’s was determined not to marry him.
  5. I have watched ep 28 and I think there is simply no more options for QH family. QH just have no options left. I felt that if we view the matter from a political perspective, QH family was simply too weak to fight against the other party. Like what QH's mother said, other than their family, the entire Qi family was in ruins. QH father did not hold any actual position for power. QH family may seemed as prosperous with close links to the Emperor, but I think their family in actual had no real power in the political landscape. I actually sympathized with Qh's mother , doing all she could to sustain and keep her family intact. QH had failed to see the harsh reality that his family was in. Besides I think GTY made the right comparison that QH was Ming Huang. I do not believe that QH will actually sacrifice his family honor for ML. In addition, Yong Wang is seemed as the prospective Emperor, and if QH had refused to marry the princess, it would deemed as undermining the power of prospective emperor and I believed they would go all out to harm QH father for the sake of optics. Especially when the backdrop of the situation was that the current emperor have no direct heirs and he's selecting the heir. All the more his Yong wang will ensure that the princess gets to marry QH. It is actually a show of his actual power. By marrying Qh whom's family appeared to be close to the current emperor, all the more Yong Wang is showing to the whole country that he is the heir apparent to the throne. To conclude, the princess, ML, QH are all sacrificial items in this political fight. It is a tragedy for QH and I guess a call for him to look at the harsh reality for he has been sheltered all his life.
  6. The title is extracted from a verse of a poem 如梦令 written by a very popular poem writer - Li Qingzhao from the Song dynasty. The words are ancient Chinese and thus I am not very sure of the meaning.. One snippet of information is the entire poem has been used as lyrics for the theme song sang!
  7. It’s a choice made by the person. It’s not required for Christian to wear their rings. For example Prince William chose not to wear but prince harry wore it. I agree with what you said on a professional choice. Especially today is one of the major award ceremony in China entertainment industry.
  8. I am being probably a wet blanket here, but I noticed that this thread has quite a substantial number of users reading and this could potentially affect their reputation or image to users reading the thread. Can we please refrain from over speculation of their relationship like for example who’s the boss at home or why is FSF not wearing a wedding ring. It’s quite pointless. Let’s ship responsibly and happily
  9. @ElleWoodsen I don’t think there’s actually a boss at home. Lol, he was probably taken aback when he was faced with the question and he wanted to keep a professional relationship with especially when it comes to work.
  10. Okay, I understand there is a lot of grievances to which FSF is being misunderstood. You guys are always free to open a thread under global celebrities. Can we please reserve this place for shipping. This thread is really getting very toxic.
  11. Goodness. I don’t care about other threads unless it’s dissing ZLY. It’s their thread, their business. Freedom of speech. Period. In this thread, we have always tried to protect both of them and make clarification. Please read the earlier pages. It’s just very unfortunate that we have one very silly person that keep posting rumours. There is no such thing as one who is more decent in a relationship. If ZLY is not decent, what do you make of FSF who decides to marry her. Vice versa. FYI, ZLY never deny her relationship with FSF. Yes, her management studio had denied news of pregnancy but they were silent on news of relationship with FSF. You have to understand that announcement of romantic relationship in Chinese entertainment equates to a PR EXERCISE and both studios have to factor in many considerations eg. their commercial endorsements and make preparations before they announce the news. If not it will result in a PR disaster for both parties. As for her pregnancy, she did not give a straight denial except for the dog and the spilt. But at the point of time, her relationship with FSF was not announced. How do you expect her to admit anything. It won’t be gossip, it will be a scandal if she ever admit it at that point of time. A straight denial would be like Xie Na. She even issued a legal letter for then rumours. Lol. As for the baby, I won’t speculate on it. But please be aware that Chinese celebrities are known for denying their pregnancy news. Most of them only make known to public when they give birth or when it’s many months down the road. It’s a customary for Chinese to never announce pregnancy news until its 3 Months or more.
  12. Can we stop dissing both parties in this thread. I think some of comments have been overboard already. Take the bashing to another thread and move on from whatever rubbish that was posted yesterday. Just ignore whatever rubbish that was said and enjoy shipping
  13. @ElleWoodsen I am so sick and tired of trying to clarify facts with you. The topic of his ex has Been mentioned a few pages ago and I thought we have moved on from this topic. I am puzzled by your attitude. You seemed so precarious.. One day you can be praising him, the other day you are bashing him. If you distrust him so much, I suggest you move on from this thread. What’s the point of shipping ZLY with someone you distrust so much. You have been creating a lot of negativity in this thread!! I come to this thread to have fun and enjoy shipping, not to see someone constantly putting down the choice of my idol’s Husband.
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