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  1. Thank you @UnniSarah Huh I don't have time, and have to hiatus next week. I guess I'll catch up in new year holiday. So far I have no single complain, everything is freaking amazing, top notch high quality of literally everything and I love variety of actors, from some old veterans who are masters of acting to some new faces who are really great. And, I found out the director & the screenwriter is a woman! Kudos to the amazing womans
  2. WOW This is a hidden gem! So many feelings! I love very minute of this drama! I really hope many people would appreciate this! For me, it's the best historical fantasy cdrama of the season at least.. It blew me away from the first episode, all the work they have put into it it shows! Not only the cinematography, amazing CGI and fighting but also the story! And the casting!! #evernight I am waiting for more eps to be subbed and to get past a certain point in the story before I continue watching.
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