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  1. Oh okayy I see. That makes more sense now. Thank you much.
  2. Yea its good that she turned out to be decent. On the opening song (if not then ending song) if im not wrong there was a scene of Li Zi Fan handing a red bouquet to her, something like that. I don't know about the novel so I can't say much. I know that I enjoy the drama and I like it. This ends so fast, its literally ending tomorrow and I don't want to spoil myself with the last two episodes. I hope that I can wait for English sub
  3. oh I see. That's why you understand the drama so fast. This is not really a spoiler or anything but I think I will mark it as just cus I am asking about it and just in case ...
  4. I'm glad that you find the drama enjoyable as well. Liu Xueyi is a good actor, it's a shame that he's barely known and just started to get lead roles now. I wish him and Wang Zi Wei good luck for their future works. You made me curious so yes tell me all about it. By the way, do you understand chinese? How do you feel about him losing his memories ? Honestly, I don't like how they did that but I guess it's fine with me as long as it does not drag on until the end for him to regain his memories.
  5. I would love to join in. I am waiting for english subtitles so I am only on epsiode 5 atm and trying my best not to watch any further eps raw. The drama is not the best but I really like it. I like how easy and light it is. Some scenes are cringe but what cdrama doesnt have cringe sense hahaaha. The drama is only getting better and better for me. What are your thoughts on this drama? Also, can you please explain the jade pieces to me. I have not watch any further episode so I am not sure on what you mean to why it gave it away. I don't mind spoilers.
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