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  1. Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Wishing everyone good health Wishing my Shaofeng and Liying endlessly happiness and love
  2. Thank you Thank you i actually havent keep with with the recent eps and recent previous, i only see the previous and spoliers from here. Im catching up soon. Thanks for the info. And Happy Chinese New Years guyss. Wish everyone good health
  3. @GoldenFlower yeh he may have gotten casted cus he was zly's bf but im sure the director didnt pick him because of that only. Im sure they know he's an experienced actor, acts well, and talented so they casted him. Anyways wont write much about him since this is for the drama talk only.
  4. I like it on viki better. No watermark even tho the watermark is just a writing on the right corner and i go to viki for the timed comments. I go to youtube for better quailty when i want to rewatch some scenes tho.
  5. I checked a while ago and it seems that in viki eps are already up to date with the tv version when ep 60 comes out later. I might be wrong, correct me or so
  6. So in viki its takes only to ep 60 to catch up with the eps thats airing in china (tv version?) but the tv version is already at ep 66. Im quite confused, i saw people say viki is airing uncut, but does it still ends at ep 79?
  7. He is not just a lucky guy like u said. He worked hard to be getting main roles and to be where he is today. Most actors and actress work hard to be where they are. So you saying he's just lucky is discrediting his hard work. You're canceled.
  8. Sorry cut your post. Since you talk about fsf i just want to reply. Yes thats the drama his hair is long and braids and yes it was very good. Honstely its one of his popular drama and he was younger there. I like that drama and The Starry Night The Starry Sea the most but TSNTSS might not be your taste. I think Prince of LanLing would be more of your type. That drama his voice dubbed is very very different from his real voice. But you'll get use to it if you decide to watch that drama someday
  9. To me Feng Shaofeng is handsome. I know that his look may not attractive younger people since most younger people now days like this kinda pretty boy look. FSF is just my type, manly and gentle. Of course i love his acting also. Yea im his fan so yeh. Minglan's maid XioaTou was in one of FSF drama The Starry Night The Starry Sea she only appeared for 3-4 eps tho but i find it kinda funny cus in that drama XioaTou play as the girl who tried to get in between him and the lead actress lmfao and her name was Michelle lololol Sorry so out of topic. I thought it was kinda funny sooo.. Hahaha
  10. You're not the only one. I'm with you. Whenever i read your posts, i pretty much agree with all you say because u wrote what i couldn't and you spoke my mind.
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