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  1. VERY WELL SAID@twoparkcouple..Did you get it @PMY Beans? ... you have the guts to target a very person who is very reliable.. For Crying out loud!!! Dont create a new account and enter this forum pretending to be a solid PMY fan and feeling like you are close to PMY.. tsk tsk tsk.. . you are busted.. go back to your ship that doesnt even sail smoothly coz it is full of fake delulus.. PPC IS REAL.. Intiendes @PMY Beans
  2. Pls stay safe and healthy.. wear mask everytime you go out... as a frontliner we still are battling the Covid19 although cases are slowly going down but with businesses starting to open... what scares us is the second wave of this coronavirus and still no vaccines... anyway it’s 2:34am here and awaiting for the Baeksang awards and praying hard for PSJ to win..
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