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  1. Yeah, really suspicious, so that’s one of the reasons why i believe in the three-year rumor news. (of coz there are many other clues)
  2. “Isn’t it comfortable to be pretty and handsome? I want to change my face for only one week (is enough). “
  3. @twoparkcouple what did pmy say in making 6 (36:00), and why did she hit psj after? or anyone else know? Thank you very much
  4. Hopefully the makings in Japanese version will be different from Korean ver, at least not completely the same
  5. 1. making 4, 39:44-39:49 2. making 7, 21:06(what did psj say) 3. group commentary 8:28-8:33(what did Bora say,i just can understand the word “kiss”) 4. group commentary, about 2:15:58 (what did psj say) sorry seems there’re lots of questions thanks very much and sorry guys I don’t know why the font size is so big
  6. I’ve bought DVD, but I can’t understand some parts of the contents cuz i’m still learning Korean and I really want to know what they were talking about. So may I ask you some parts of it in DM? @twoparkcouple
  7. No wonder I felt like it’s just PSJ’s smile rather than LYJ’s smile when I watched the drunk scene( the part they run back and forth) it’s reaaallllllllyy cute.
  8. For this part, what did pmy say in the beginning? I just can understand something like “there’s lots of cream”? And what did psj say after he put the sauce? I cannot really hear it clearly. thanks in advance
  9. For overseas, we can’t see the record that is more than 4 months ago. I think yes24 will send email to us once the item starts shipping, so don’t worry.
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