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  1. 3 hours ago, thistle said:


    The Bad Guy did not have the aerosol bottle in his hand luggage;  he got it from a cabinet under the sink in the airplane lavatory.  That made me think that he was not working alone because an accomplice must have planted it there for him to find. 


    He must have had a parachute.  It seemed like he was waiting in a specific place before the aerosol caused the oxygen tanks to blow a hole in the plane, so maybe he knew he could be able to jump out from there?  Realistically this seems impossible but this is a drama, so I guess we have to accept anyway.


    To be honest, I found the plane scene horrifying because it showed how people died from the lack of oxygen and that made me think of 

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    the news reports about that lost flight from Malaysia a couple of years ago.  The news said that the people in the plane all likely died due to lack of oxygen.  :tears:  When I saw this in Vagabond, it made me think how easily this could have happened.  That is both sad and very frightening.


    I think, it's the (co)pilot who left the aerosol there. He was the person in the lavatory before the bad guy enter it. Why I am thinking like this, because the phone call he got before take off in which he spoke in Spain. He mention something like 'he (another pilot) doesn't understand what I am saying". But I don't know what's the deal behind that since he also died in the crash.

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  2. Congratulation My Ahjussi! Best Drama and Best Script and also popularity award for IU. Thank you for being my muse more than 1 year. I still feel the warmth that left by My Ahjussi in my heart until now. Lastly, thank you all for your beautiful insights and discussion in this thread.


    PS: do you have any current drama reccomandation that has active soompi forum like my ahjussi? I find almost all drama only have page less than 50. Thank you.

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  3. I just found out about the nominations. I was like checking the wikipedia page of My Mister every 2 days to check the nominations. I'm sooo happy, I am crying now. Few minutes ago my heart was beating so fast because (anxiety of) my thesis  and now it is still beating at the same speed because happiness.  So sorry for being exaggerating, but I'm sure you know how I feel about this drama.

    I watch all nominees drama, and I know it's hard. But I hope all the best for uri My Ahjussi.

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  4. Finally, I signed up only for this thread. I've been a silent reader since the second episode and I'm so glad to find this thread. I read every post. I cannot express how grateful I am to read all your comments and deep analysis. Just like many people said before, watching MA makes other dramas seem so artificial. I've watched this drama 3 times :D. 10 mins working on my thesis, 30 mins for MA, soompi forum, and fanfic. Akhh.. how can I get out from this dark hole :lol:

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